BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-19-17-7A: – Who do you think is the most iconic TV character of all time?

Friday, May 19th

Beat Migs. Bryan Cranston was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about messing with his fans. Luke warm topic.


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I'm local families the variety hour you want more info what their plan. How you get your CD is simple. The PGA may major KI SW dot com and they're celebrating its ten year anniversary of the end. Records of the motive Dickinson. From Tacoma to five million represent the variety hour pretty awesome stuff and on Sunday nights at 10 o'clock. Is what you get here two hours Soledad great local music lot of local every tonight at 10 o'clock. Great music from the northwest flight for a variety hour. Mean. Games I mean name as the domain name is high today. Yeah maybe it's also different got to Friday isn't as the. And absent Sorenson did did battle that saw your face is so rhetoric I got a little eye on her forehead like I normally get and I'm kind of getting out all right I. I'm not on Friday and I don't know since he kinda get over here already. Well I know that Steve has called for the weekend and use those don't go to Vegas and every massively big daddy got played Pete makes and we got to get to Aaron in Olympia area and yet they're so there. We're actually what is he playing boarded a Steve I think it's sort of the mark down I won fifty shoot out on Saturday may 27 at the evergreen speedway go to KI SW dot com for all the details gonna take up the mark Galloway went fifty shoot out you can get you tickets at the evergreen speedway dot com all right Steve gave. Year. For those playing at home Aron will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions air and you can't ask all you want. But you'll only three guesses per question are you ready. And where what he bangers in the traditional bangers and mash. Ashe day out. Of that adds these temptations had to hit it all thought was they would why act. More balanced as gold dangerous sob are both types of which proved. I don't know exact. The Hunt for Red October was eight movie that took place on what kind of military vessel. Are boring ads what movie star Johnny Depp is absolutely want count. Williams walked back out. We'll talk Baxter now expect. Oh blues past. How many Mattel is our in the average human body. Asked seat table and Himalayan are all varieties of what substance. Ball adds to what company owns these hot wheels brain aren't. The bell ads what is the state. Couple of you and your marked. New York now. Q well we're down 23 year 456. Corrects. Now let's itself America's C will get capital New York give them their guests and outline he seems to be totally opposite game right now it's. Our presiding here yeah sound as always he is Jack down he's done gas Steve's and I've been done for this morning where eight note will not yet in the display. All right let's get ready let's stay. Right a lot of sexism taxi and about how they love the new Friday song now faces you and Leo that doesn't a bunch of great metal covers on FaceBook user I mean on YouTube is a dubbed Leo. Covering Friday you'll find it yet and it's amazing dad keeps you pumped up for the match so much RC are you ready. I'm dreading that as yet here what they bangers and a traditional bangers and mash did. She don't expect. French Fries note to potatoes now Carolina. And our craft that are either presentations at eight it would topple was a Y Rolling Stones act as gold thing parents on the hour both types of what fruit. I'm goldfish now. Fans know. Apple's. And broken now. The red October with these movies that took place on what kind of military vessel. Submarine as. What we starred choppy out ms. Willy Wonka. Charlie and the chocolate factory yeah as ice time and tellers are in the average human body to guest seat table and Himalayan are. Our alt yet as to what company owns the hot wheels brands Mattel adds to what is the state capital of New York Albany asked eight therapeutic popular nineties shears honesty you believe that life after blacked out now. Dreams now. Your brother do we. And not yet my error eight times a year and started. What do 34567. You don't suck so much you win seven kids and. Yeah it's. Sorry about that place. He goes down. He drives yeah. Drive and he hadn't. Think that yeah he couldn't. Figured it was entirely in the south factories have feathers guilt Willy Wonka one spoken within that one right. But we got through it. He did lose unfortunately he knew that the bangers and dangers in match dish were sausages and sausages the city is yet. On the way back in for them at a and they go figure and Sabah are both types of which fruit neither I got it. I don't know either bananas I'll go for your bananas and samba bands. I don't think I knew that I letters of bananas bananas I kind of thought that as well but there are different varieties I thought it was bananas in pajamas. No the bananas in pajamas. As Steve what he notes on them because. It's Friday. And I. Boca graduates of the UN is that incorrect. Callers. College seven year get those mark Kelly won fifty shoot out tickets. Caller seven a 206421 rock rock is 7625. Don't forget we'll do it again on Monday morning at this time. As well as later on this memorial 847 Pete makes and you know what twice each weekday we do it don't forget the on line on demand version. He's going to be Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com. Some people are asking who does that metal cover of the Friday song that is bad ass. If it if you look up frog they won't person thank you say yes frog leap studios on YouTube you can find all this guy Leo he does different covers of of pop songs. But he turns it into metal jams and they're pretty amazing. Back when gas is my name is Olympic guy. Who I'm the guy who let you know about the Friday somebody Leo I'm gonna let everybody know about that yes probably studios I'm just search that on YouTube it is amazing and that never read Rebecca black song is never sounded so good it doesn't Adele cover of rolling in the deep that is just for an awesome a total pilot's version of heat in which is great and he plays all the instruments and in any films are so. He edits it altogether so just looks like like four different Leo is playing in the band that's awesome yet he is a great job to do super talented and plus now not sick of Friday's. Good for you buddy. I its early this morning our boys Steve he says something that actually got me thinking what did he say. All and not try to believe that the system as we scratch my head I'm a proud speaker that I'll tell you at 717. On the Iraq. Bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess tell you. Point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. If you miss it this morning we had audiobook great source Bryan Cranston. Of course it was a breaking bad Malcolm in the Middle he was on Kimmel talking about how in love. The mess of his fans people are recognizing me people I see your face on people's shirts all the time Ehrlich drawing of it are your face from breaking bad I will see a Walter White shirt on some guy. And I will sneak up to him and saddle up next two men Disco. I like Fisher to the what's that any looks at me go up and and I leave and buy time but when I turn the corner I start running ahead. In my head I have this magic thing like noise sort of god he's right. Yeah it's also noticed. Love how fan friendly that guy is it's he's enjoying every moment of being an iconic character yeah. And it's funny you talk bring up the idea of iconic character because you made a pretty bold statement about the walls are white character who did what Walter White is a top five character of all time. Pool. I would I don't know if Walter why would be on the list the Heisenberg led to the feeling is. My legs he becomes. Heisenberg he becomes lessened that once I felt like he grows his hair when he's not Eisenberg you've always done is he's Eisenberg is Walter White there does seem there is solid market and Superman he's deadly in the top ten I'll put him in the top ten okay top five I don't know I'd I need time to think about that that's tough for a top five top ten yeah. He I would say behind Fred Flintstones he's number two OK I had. I have to go yeah we have a girl Madeleine. They reject it out that I got to go. I am topic. But it surely brings up a great debate and that is okay who do you think. Is the most iconic TV character of all time Steve's got Walter White up there yet so far no we got Fred Flintstones and Walter White. Well I to some of you talk to an end. 206421. Rock rockets haven't 65. It's something Fred is in the top five help militants who Cruz who do you think is the most iconic TV character of all time. 206421 Iraq. Rocky 7625. Texas 77999. Because Sachs and Jean are. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings. On the rock. Now nine point nine KI DS tells you. I point out hey I ask you the rock of Seattle. All right so. Steamroller here says that Walter White is one of the most iconic TV Carrick is all time behind only hoped that would be Fred Flintstones yeah. And I'm looking at attacks are not a single person has disagreed. Well the techsters you know I don't know they haven't said they've agreed today of us ought to have a disagreement okay. Very bureaus and me. They're perfect. A single person isn't anything about Fred Flintstones not being number yeah I'm afraid Fred just doesn't. He doesn't book. Summon top ten. Now. Now Ruffin for influence on top ten. Czar body. Joseph 6421 rock rockets have a 65 Texas 77999. Get a better return that box in the Flintstones is gonna get you for trivia he oughta burn it like a return to. According to thank you can't turn it through eighth return to burn and burn it return. What do you think is the most iconic TV carriage of all time must go to march in W mark you are on the Iraq. Good morning and you know somebody so what do you think man. Okay. Not Walter why not Fred Flintstones and a whole bunch. Yes. I did to Al Bundy deathly memorable character don't know if I'd put him in the top fives I'm fully supported that one man yeah. I think I don't any. Go ahead symbol you know they were young you know I need to be a patriarch of that very struggling family you know. In the old daughter and it's gonna try to score a quiet they'll want on bought you know okay university in the top Biden no doubt I. Had an awesome god and he also inspired many men to keep their handed their parents really watch television Alia. That's right call march chicken many. The IOC you know I've I think they're innocent you know Hillary if we if we if we do a top twenty. I think Al Bundy to finish the top two money I think that's OK that being said yeah well Fred Flintstones being your top one now. I'm not putting pressure on some thoughts on it I just gotta do it's there's going to be twenty better than Fred Flintstones now. You find those because credit let's also rip off of basically Ralph crammed and so that's the that's my thing I don't they coming give a cartoon. Something higher than the guy he was based on which is Ralph cram from honeybees sometimes you take something in your make it better. I wasn't the first phone that never came out lousy you listen I you know your goddamn troll or not having this conversation is is not happening and we got to only Bremerton. And that's great just in Bremerton you are on the Iraq. Yeah Margo Panetta patriot air in your back you know and any Olympic art here here what about Robert and random dot I agreed a lot of taxes are saying homer I was gonna say Bart Simpson RT a hole. I still like man is all about him Bart first couple years I would agree with you you're doing this topic back in the eighties and nineties before I was born yes. But nowadays homers win more iconic embark. I got out about her memory and you could that be anybody like Iran or not I think his point because Vicky it would at a bar was the god god Vickie and her generation Indian that was with the Simpsons was about my -- and a barred all of the kid that I care around everywhere shirt. I love Bart but Bart don't want that cooler honestly like homer homer space looks like a whole lot. Never noticed it below. Here and let's go to some fat chubby guy it's like well do you man I don't. OK perfect I racism going on who hung outside just I look I I rules I would put homer on the list because the fact that that show. Is a fantastic show well written well done it's still on the air still people watch it the Flintstones. Eight you know granted there they're an iconic show there away but think. They just don't hold up. They don't hold on to yeah they don't hold on to that. I used to show vindicated pitcher the tattoo and the girl and a homer and how it looks just like idea whose lives his. Now is homer bettered embarked why never the Pentagon benefit a yeah homer if you if you tilt head if you veto powers head sideways. Well yeah. And area. It moments I appreciate the call let's go to Beverly and too well Beverly you are on the rock. Hey guys return Colin Levy and hey Charlie you're listening my kids listen to yell at hey Charlie was somebody told UK. You are going to be pretty good year to hand Charlie. I'm Donald W 32 you pick the right. Well I have ever not very young and she's out of when he was 32 and he's thirty or 62 it didn't come our way out yeah I had the -- because they would have when you're fine yeah that I don't know adult. As he thought distracted by the homer. Archie drawings. You are right I gave out I think homered tube but that was a moderate. Oh okay. I need a block from I loved. He. He inspired black comedians I think I wasn't afraid to get like you know physical comedy and you don't make me laugh when I like those old reruns so that's why pick her. I think she should be penniless BJ can she was responsible for having start trickle on air in the first place. Out of our house yeah her yeah there's you lose studios yeah they put on the show she can gather yeah I don't know that either yeah the ones that we had a good chance honest I'm content I mean at Lucille ball's gotta be the greatest female. Character actress of all time when you put that as thick as time goes by. As time goes by I think that's gonna change and it's not anything against her. See it and well I know you don't just got done I don't you don't agree with me but I think they would and we said we we see the end of millennium you know most impressive career our Tony I gotta tell you know no we see the animals McCarthy's correct it will put her up there with Lucille Ball that's how good number that's how good Melissa's to do you think Melissa McCarthy got a similar with Lucille Ball. I got a yes yes sorry sir are you ever went right. Think as a currency got a long way to garner career out. You can act plot arc in your encouragement and yeah this is yet Melissa good hand but I. Beverly you're right right now I mean Carol Burnett was amazing his elbow I think Lucille Ball still if you put a mile above one another you gotta put Lucy about Carol Burnett but. Carol Burnett was fantastic to us but talk of balls and amount video's pretty yeah and an annual and to speak to your point Beverly iconic character we're watching a show called American gods and Gillian Anderson is and and and basically she's playing Lucy Lucy in them in the show so Lucy still has reference out there she still out there's so. Yeah I I think he got f.s. Leo put the top five until someone can knock her off there which is I think Lucie Blum blondes the top five times Texas and Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang theory. He's on he's on his way yet he deftly deserves to be in the top twenty. You know and it in the longer the show's days on the air the more Sheldon that character's definitely. Super super iconic no doubt about it. Part if you haven't seen the ending of the the most all you but if I up. I came home for next season the seed they did the dynamic of of him possibly getting married yeah I can only imagine that the wedding planning which Sheldon is going to be epic they've done a great job with the story arc all rely on and really were let out this season was great because if you watched that if you go back and watch the first episodes of big bags theory it -- to believe that Sheldon that they would ever marry that territory to anybody or give him a girlfriend is just as it is just like unbelievable but they've done a great job being able to make that happen. A few people of Texas and their people after my own heart where you keep your casserole discs why the chapel sit in the toaster. OK so I'm gonna go talk to somebody else I'm really. Good Donna Duvol Don you are on the rock sale please. Archer barker. Yeah he's another one it's up there with Lucille Ball you know iconic because the fact of what he did it. In a time of in a racial tension the crap that was going on in the sixties and seventies and then here comes Archie Bunker who. Who was able to get people to laugh at a very serious subject because of what do before he was and I Carroll O'Connor did such a great job. I just don't know if anybody who's young even knows who the Eliezer Vicky. Sarah Danny they don't have a clue who Archie Bunker is on around you should go back and I do it. Great are there and are we broke the mold for. What a lot of TV shows it's an. You know yes it's tough when done that's why would Lucille Ball as time goes by a it's gonna be tough third fruit for folks to even care unless you unless she's continued be brought back in the lexicon if you will. We're Archie bunkers not brought back we haven't heard much of that character or even debate up but he ratchet years and the way people are these if you can get away with that character yeah. And but he was really powerful it was it was so it was so well done and also created somebody great sitcom is beyond that Jefferson Sony spin off side the other Jefferson's mod it. You know on the Bob Bea Arthur and and then as Molly. All right I'm saying is that helping that's another thing about good college on I think that. I think he deserves to be. In the top twenty I just don't know if you put on the top five anymore because again the young people don't even know who he is anymore like this texture is Cassandra you idiots. George the CBC I would say I would argue Cramer over to stanza. I think people much more prefer Kramer is an iconic character over Georgia look Georgia's great to Kramer. He's more memorable because he had that I don't walk but yet Fords brought more to the table. RIR George's character I don't mean to hold the things I mean really revolved around George and I mean I know Jerry was a good start but. George was like that that the it's like all the great comedy hat because of Georgia. Good Dylan Dylan and gurian your on the Iraq. So until when he got. You know I dreamt about getting you know it yet here he deserves our affiliate the good party I date greater credit. Who is in this town and year out you know I I agree with you till I think that it's great that that character was was was able to carry his own show when does that ever happen. Because he was a supporting character in cheers and even a major supporting our Internet users can write a sidebar and yet they were able to make him. A great great character it's kind of sad what they've done with Saul for better call saw mean you'll Saul was a comedic character on why you know breaking bad and yet his show is really it's it's really good showing in their third season fourth season premiere but. Still a good call I. Save that. Depending on who well she got I'd like kicked out of the top Tony I'd say you know Frazier deathly deserves to be the top fifty and in very well could be in the top twenty could gondola I like John fund I mission daughters program. A sexist when you get a young person millennial all find out who they believe is iconic television. It's either going to be Jefferson survivor wanted to card machines on the not panic than I do like both answered but I actually go and super old school the big purple dinosaur. Are me. Unlike. Solid OPEC think you know I kind of an annoying. I loved him I was sad isn't it manned by US sheets and clothes and all I would why she was seeing Moussaoui and if I got to find that's on can she sang to me want to be amusing it's you know on the that's. And I am you. And love me. Where am. Yeah I'll be great wireless all together and doesn't that I don't matter. Yeah she saying that if she was four when we went through we we I put her on the revealed she loved Barney's much dismissing leasing and all the time. Oh yeah all of our idea and I may even enjoy d.s was like what is this it was because vibrant it was beyond him. Johannes was like tormented by it that's on five or do advocate I gotta think about that theme songs shows it watches and and I kind of blocked issues and heaven doing the lowliest it was a Barney song with Joey we had his own song because right arrive I don't know who was lets me put out a bunch of cassettes. That word is two sets for kids that with their own songs so I was brought them at a jury were singing songs by eazy. And that was we had oh okay terrorists. Oh is wrong with you. So much good this curse somebody's in Vegas with his wife having a great time and not on the show how we start at eight I meant this Allison and I are. I'm sorry. Bless the USA well that was clinic that while you Internet folks good job men you know it. It now it echo that yet that the song hey I just turned pro yeah. Eucharist the job body bags out yeah. Well for dumping good job getting. Well anyway I think it's time to change subjects because first of all Fred Flintstones curse boil over here I think he's done beat him up my game and you don't. We respect Fred I go respect Fred Ralf trend and by the way it should be unless they would say that you gotta give us nobody mentioned Tony Soprano. Nobody mentioned captain Kirk of course it's hurt you gotta put captain Kirk on there I mean I mean you know even though the shoulder lasted three years they all those movies and captain Kirk is still known today everybody knows captain Kirk. Yeah that's part of being an iconic TV character is everybody know Shatner I mean the Shatner captain Kirk is just iconic. And you know you got it that's what it's all about the music you talk about an icon pressing the best we're talking iconic. Permanent he's got a accident. Yachts hard it's hard it's agree with that I mean everybody knows Carmen don't think sponge Bob and me for tiger and I agree your daughter yeah see again if you talk iconic. Definitely a top fifty all those guys I don't know if sponge Bob makes the top 28. Or Hartman added I think about I think the two of them battle it out. But what Bugs Bunny can we can we agree about responding well let you know here's let's pass a lot of texts are coming let's ask the big keys in the Danny's of the world if that's true I wants to crap to Arlington where a kid but I feel like the kids after us maybe not so much. Now and it's tough on your right Steve Boggs I mean you know you take a look at like Mickey Mouse Bugs Bunny all those guys because of Disney. Mickey stays in the picture. That's that's the big help for me awesome Donald Duck and all those guys all because of just the world of Disney but Warner Bros. he Landis rode your idea Warner Bros. which is who owns the Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and all that they're not doing a whole lot that I know of that keeps it in the in the lexicon of the young people whose Danny's. Danny Harris and Bob okay yeah I can't argue that net. Parties and we haven't forgot already art art did not Barnett as I was totally thinking like I've really gotten ouster ranging from deadwood it. It was weird. Yeah. It. Bad ass than you that's not really quit doing a Shakespearean monologue while eating does not negotiate now touting that they get pretty. On dude I and I will say that's not iconic head icons and that a lot it's not iconic needs everybody knows. Everyone should know what if you don't know your daughters see this is the problem comes is missing almost he's not mass appeal rather be a good meal that's a bit don't have to be your god now you get that your thought mass appeal I'd look arrogant ass appeal a good. Argue with you like all of us are the elsewhere to characters great character so I'm not -- argue with you over that I agree with you he's in exchange amazing and it's a fantastic character. Not everybody watched deadwood that's prosecuted well I won't argue that there may it's great it's a great show. On HBO watch it after the wire because we don't what's the wire people's commute for that yet to watch the wire for Crist. I can clearly establish security embryo of a lot you're not saying Doctor Who. Yeah that's true doctor who's a very iconic character you're absolutely right and Judea and and generations are knowing that you're actually right he might be polite doctor who'll. Might be one of them all and he I think you gotta put him in the top ten because of the fact that Dick he's generations airs generation. They know him and Eagles all the way back to 1963. And it's it's not just years. Across the whole army ER it it got bigger than just cot he carried out in America because of that on your watch is sharp reminders on this one you know something because of that he might be in the top five. The Doctor Who care to maybe the top five because of the world wide known because of it like you said because the worldwide popularity Steve. I think you gotta put Doctor Who in the top five because of that not just America I think Fred Flintstones productive group. Noriega bumpy got a few with ruthless and as little blue box he's just gusty he Keith. And don't don't bring Wellman and this. I could he. Hope book and found out that her husband was cheating on her thanks to trip advisor. A thought it would happen at 747. On Iraq. 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