BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-19-17-8A: A woman dumped her partner after finding out he was gold-digging on trip advisor.

Friday, May 19th

Facebook Drama. “D Picks” A woman tries to wish her man happy birthday on social media but her friends make fun of her. A man tries to tongue kill a rattle snake and gets bit.


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Her hotel manager fiance is cheap and honor and how. Through trip advisor reviews put in the hole and hotel. That's interesting so she's 41 name is Melanie she's from England I had to do. She went on vacation to Turkey back in May of 2014 and she met a three year old hotel measured and in the Pablo. So they hit it off. And they started gated on him gone back to Turkey to see him. And eventually he proposed to her but since she had a lot of money and he didn't she pay for her own engagement ring. She says she didn't care because there aren't all out. Then a few months ago issues reading trip advisor reviews of his hotel as she goes several women talking about how they got it on with the manager nominal. Is there only one manager. That's problem. She's and other people's and other builder villas where we hate that hotel because well the managers too busy hooking up. Pablo is a dirty dogs so she tracked some of those went down on FaceBook. And the I'll confirm the hotel manager they had sex with was indeed pop blow cash so Melanie just dumped him. All old Pablo had a good. As she says quote I never thought trip advisor would be where I'd go to find out if my partner was being unfaithful. But I'm for ever glad that I did. He just wanna be for my money. Well you may want you for your money and you may have been like a hot chick that he when he was like capital brand and pretty if you're a guy that wants the bank a lot of chicks then you're one of the chicks who wanted to bank. What a great spot to work if you're a dude it's got game which sounds like problem I avenue eighth it was quite so that's one of by their own engagement ring that's it that's a feat in itself. But I mean. You're you're you're hollering at these girls and all man if only we had a place that we can go to take care of business oh there's a bunch empty room. Yeah look at me I have my own hotel aren't quite the Mac daddy from Pablo. That's awesome. It's also that he's able to look at a hotels it's such that he proposed there and I I think she's right it was for the money because he lights random strain so was like he he want is that all I met the right girl. The money was the reason he was gonna say whether. As arson attack how she busted him his reading the reviews and almost instant thinking what we've minute. As a manager yeah. If you like yourself your own engagement ring. Chances are you're not really mattered that to you that yeah. Why is that. Because the fact that the not a guy the guy had no money couldn't get to arrange and we can't a woman that has that money. Front the cost of being Gatorade if they've if I let's acidic as if I'd I wanted to get you throw at him if she said I want a proposed fueled by you engagement ring and he accepts. That's a different story to me because that does like all right I don't have a problem that but if a guy poses to you and then he says but I don't have any money I can't give your radio they are out yeah why he proposes the got a good jewelry store gets down and NBC says yes she starts crying he opens at the box it and do you think well pick what you want to live and give me your credit card out. Yeah I'd I think there's something fishy that that's all sent. If I yes I hope that the stations understood my sources said Pablo just pop blue. And Tug of assumptions of who talk a little bit about FaceBook here yet still this is weird how I I think FaceBook is is in my life. And I don't I don't like it will happen now so. I saw that pokes donated one a poke yeah I eyesight I saw an ad. And I'll show you the ad. And stock still sits OC that's a wine okay that's a deal that's is this the deal. I just bought this wind yesterday. Did you buy it on mine could I see that happened while it might FaceBook know. Dude this is creepy this wind it's the same. So they cut me so they don't why I just bought it yesterday at the supermarket. And Ted today was Mark Zuckerberg behind you when you darn it I know this is Trippi. This is a place our regular supermarket matter fact this supermarket now they know what this is a different kind of Smart about it and I think it's the only one in town they're gonna have more. There and Oregon based supermarket. So that's what got me wondering now I've worked on pickles wind. Jeff Parker pickles that's what it is now I use my apple pay a hock to pay for this wind has been. But the thing is is dead. The only way this why they knew that I bought their wine is that it had to go through the supermarket systems and all of a sudden FaceBook says hey. You should buy this wine is a hot. It it's never show me an ad for this kind of wind before and I'm buying wine for somebody up when buying it for myself you on time either tap into our frozen foods that's that's wrong. Yeah now that his rally that is really wrong I go to the supermarket I may. A purchase and FaceBook shows me the same purchase I just made like you should buy this as a bridge Vegas speculate you know we've we've heard that they. Did through your microphone on your phone did not personally other I'm listening but like big voice recognition Breyer were always on but that doesn't have a quick disconnect out when you're body you're like hi I'm buying Johnny's Portland why. You've probably never said the name of the wine out but I am using apple pay which on these are going through the song they've got to be in cahoots all he god dude it's got to mean that is really bizarre Alex Steve Jobs dad I think he's hanging out Zuckerberg. I'll I'll I'll I'll like that. No I'll like dead at all at the way how dumb is it. How dumb is it to show me an ad for something I just frayed in box yet that doesn't make sense you birdied body so well I would even make all meant great all read by it all Bayreuth your people who sent me this ad on FaceBook. It's mark whatever it gets forty dollars more expensive divided the site you told to divide that is opposed the place I just bought it which I again this kind of advertising to me is dumb I never understood that they say this kind of advertising is amazing. I look at this FaceBook advertising and I just feel like it is so ineffective because they first Tommy to buy something I just spot and they advertise it and much more expensive price in the place like god damn body that. As there with FaceBook. Solely by all gone beyond web sites they obviously have some kind of a program where ads are cater to you whatever website that you might be on but I agree I. I keep getting ads for shoes that I just bought is that this is not helping meg. You're not you're nice you know it shows me you're being creepy and invasive as what it shows me right now they're trying to sell me on some awesome custom poker chips isn't going to Vegas. She's us do and I'm telling them about the save what about me and poker besides poke her three yes hey. Do you think I'd want poker chips but this is C this is creepy and wrong it's it's eight from Baghdad marked box. That just popped out well not today don't you go to Vegas and trying to have sex what. It stretched I appreciated thank you. Yeah I do this is Ron Joyce that FaceBook I don't like it I I I feel I I feel like what they believe was targeted advertising. Is irritating to the customer I almost want I look at these ads I go I will never buy anything from you because first of all your completely stupid with your advertising because I'm not paying forty dollars more. And how did you F and find out that I bought to us are saying repeated because of your apple pay it sucks but that's why we use cash only met a person says yet it picks gene advertisers in your money source. Everything is connected you are not every. So that's in that's what you know what. I don't mind that because that's the price of doing business I guess apple pay you an itemized list of what you bought it's actually apple pay Mr. T nine. And an apple and then apple goes and cells that to somebody else already read that back quickly yeah. Wow. Well. I'll get back is using cash I got news for you I don't have a problem it is far as like you feel free duke I'm telling you you're doing a disservice to your advertiser whoever advertised that would that companies advertise that wind. I hate them. Because it's invasive. And I don't I don't like it I just I I and and Ellis also much more expensive so congratulations is ever do this is what apple on that respect it's not working on main talks on the there are much more effective ways to advertised and I don't think that's it I really really don't I fight and now maybe might maybe Vicki generational Democrat ever why would you want to have someone advertising and him pushing a product and you that you just bot I still not buying it again for a little while they call that targeted advertising they tell us that that's a valuable way to advertise and. I disagree I'm of the stats from imam got Rogaine ads unfaithful when searching for ways when she lost her hair to chemo. Seattle past yes he I think that's stupid. I like Christian dating sites on mine I have no idea I'm just saying no that's right that's us we wish we think you need some Christian who hasn't been. And I think bitterness is looking. It's just old. News starred in some farmers. And some Christians yeah Christian farmer that's what today Goodell blood what are annual Christian farmer at their. The scrutiny that's a grain and I think really you know like a superhero bulk treat them cause uniform are also known as ax man. Does he gives Vicki DX. A. I'll. So Hayes both titles sex in the rock will be saying oh okay yeah Iraq rolled me because I'm actually bringing this topic up I'll find out. I wish I could you can't rock roaming. Everybody remembers their first time and the rocks first time was interrupted by the Pope told the cops actually. And about that percent is trying to get it get busy at the cops and interrupt him with I would imagine you're cutting public sex. Yeah I was in the park facts he's in the parties is also the big spotlight came on us then. And that because he was doing it you know the cop rolled out the window let's say ma'am are you okay will you come to the car she gets dressed comes to the car. And city's aster she was being attached is is no that's my boyfriend. What kind of an athlete has gone on where they were war I mean he is Iraq. A cozy drop in the people's mobile honor yeah I think that's it was going to die. The friend that had a bit of aggressive mommy mommy first time maybe you know what was going on diseases like the more primal. Is she OK. She's OK. I know you're all in hell did you Brody yeah. So that's that's the story of the Iraq. Six in the park with the rock. Net revenue in time though are USS of the rock and yes he relied too aggressive with you as well they are you and how it's like. On no. It is that we were as a girl and we got pulled over or like we're in. State park and the cop came up and he was making sure she was OK like making sure that I was doing anything interesting against and then that made the same question was. Yet any alcohol as an underage. Now our top fun and left but it's an accomplice is like beyond your merry way and I can do you have an across. While that's interest and I must add better things to worry about it's a state park maybe the state park cops are little different. Yeah yeah or maybe saw what he needed to see India is done he's automation are doing in its bylaws state parks man in they're just you know of that nature happened I don't happen to state park's nature happens so lot lot of animals are doing that white identity geysers on you know yeah. All faithful. All right. I have a question for you what happens when someone. It's called out for her boyfriend sending other girls' pictures of his John know your home via adds another edition of FaceBook drama you're gonna hear it. 817. On Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW. Like I say I have. Iraq. Seattle all. Yeah. And based pajamas rusty by heritage distilling companies brown sugar Burberry and BJ here's our chance to point out the dummies that are on FaceBook. Is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfold because of it. We've changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid. This time around we do you will be the original poster you will be Alice ice I'll play the role of grace and read you will be dance we are right so Allison the original poster. The fun one so Vijay please take it away. I. You wanted this thing is happy to be right this right. At. Al what she did not let let let let let let let let let. Yeah. Me you weren't just over my house last night sobbing because you because he was not think it bags checked every one right. Understand it. All you add that makes total sense isn't Weiner just happen I'll follow out of it adds. And his father must have accidentally took a pic of it. And sent it to everybody including. Me. You are right that happens all the time. Well I'll bet I'm so glad other fuel we would it is happens to. Haywood but will do both debt jet picture of the bike do you evicted Ridley desserts that they could to people. I think that you do update my. Boot. Yeah owners who. Don't use. It to its. Girl you. I'll boo well I can't help I'm being your business when I've seen remarks teeny weeny bill will you meet all he has attached tag not impressed. OK fine but don't come crying to me what is wind picks accidentally gets sent to everyone again. Hash tag really done. I have the same problem in my you teeny weeny. I have watched it and a better. He didn't and we are sad you're softball and I was more of a beach ball as Chile was to have you must not be any any must be thinking about maybe going to Vegas later on after the show it's so funny first I just talked texas' do you have fun and biggest dodge from T town and a and an ex Texas Steve that is awesome you're going to see Beatles love the circus away. I seen it seven times I go every time law or rule that dances and that's got that that's got to be it's a good show seventh and I saw a couple people of Texas that apparently they'd change it up The Beatles love what other cool yourself you do love it. When I don't win The Beatles love it. You've Beatles love it apparently changes up so this will be our first time checking out Beatles love well you know I hope you and your life you teeny weeny have a good time in Vegas thank you thank you wealth and business. There will be awesome. Amp. Here's a lovely story about a rattlesnake by any guy who tries to time to sit and not say. You know is that a FaceBook job in May giving it about stupid people in the world this also is out there. Hey guess where it happened in the great state of Florida go Ronnie. Had to be lifted to a hospital on Tuesday because well he was trying to kiss a rattlesnake is that we go to Iraq SHI giving kids. Please don't use at least try to do for next match there are some stupid and I know your every idea. I I'm more willing to put up with idiots if there at least. A motive behind very theocracy well he was drank it all I I didn't expect that suit at that point you know all bets are off on people who drink images geniuses. Damn thing bit him on the tongue easy is who's trying to tongue kiss that. I did they thought any thought I'm regular snakes saints come. So he made his move and it was like. OK and you know what I do for a living around a goddamn sank. And resuming. Any Zach currently in critical condition by the way and why it yeah until ringer puts a straight. Critical condition but he's gonna survive the big east it was from kiss him sneaks. Stay away from the team win he's the one night except in the of course. And I put advocates Omar Ibn yeah. Today they're they've had a rough life. That's why the airline. Now they tell of how and why do their hostile wiry were in critical condition because I try to kiss around as a mom moron yeah. Of course again you know to see did I usually under the influence of something is that it is really responsive. That is really the reason for everything that is just dumb or bad is somebody was doing too much something. I feel that we make our best decision for her views under the influence which are due. Our Steve Jobs I am not surprised because I'm sure you do pose new study says believe it or not we can all speak dog. Oh yeah I think I speak it fluently I don't lose talking about all the while we had to sing at least you can understand Aussie you really think you got to stand around. OK so I know what you really need to go to after OK as I could just take a dump on the floor well that's no I also know when she's taken a dump on the floor anchors. She is the worst wire Lulu has. Are they cheered as she honest to a fault that sometimes. So couple couple deuce he's yet right. And Stewart I typically for some reason on Hawaii and I try to meet her catch her before hearing getter outside of my wife gets home ghosting in mid afternoon gym and takes a shower. We will go like upstairs and then just drop produce and then. Foods from lying on the steps right inaccurate and boom. And it should like jumps right out I hope paws on the constitutional sent me invites she's just shaking. And it's basically her but I just took a whooping house. And it's like to me it makes no sense because like if you know that you were doing something wrong why and you talk to me first on that you outside CI. I you know I can you think you know what's up everything you know I'm sure that animal experts dog experts there's some out there will tells what's really going on she's telling me she didn't everybody caught or whenever she. Acts that way I go upstairs on there's a couple turtles on the ground yeah. But I wonder why I mean I don't know what that's supposed to mean is they. It's like. Is she whining UD is is there a danger is that way ever say this danger and she wants to show you there's danger I feel like you're reading way too and I really think she's coming up to me saying look. Add. Did it again but she runs upstairs and go to the bathroom winning it would you like why run upstairs or go to the bathroom if she's gonna drop a couple was generally brought she runs upstairs is to hang out with mob. And then mom she sees in Jesus associated drop reduce I don't know it is about my wife taking a shower that if you don't I don't know while Mark Fuhrman as of this drops yes see that's the thing I haven't figured out that's what I'm trying to figure out this guy is gonna tell you something. I she's trying to tell you that she did some B Riley she's trying to say look there's problems in the house and has problems maybe your wife taking a shower she's that I can now don't like it. Look like this wife show our business has to stop. But it's a problem does make you think she's being attacked by water yeah we've got the crap out of me that it could be what is maybe she does she know what dogs don't like water. So docile like it in the water spread all right so maybe that's why she's drop a deuce like she really just loses are blank because mommy getting attacked by the water she hates so much maybe we figured. The reason why did you talk to Steve auto maybe because you are dogging can't talk our the other is that the F. Calgary criteria it. I'm telling you she is the most honest. Dog he'll I'm sure that's of researchers and hungry found that people actually have remarkable ability to figure out what their dog's different growls mean. So our people listen to audio recordings of dogs growling. And barking while they played guarded their food or face disfigured they thought was threatening. And people were actually able to correctly identify with the dog growling was about 62% of the time. Which is higher the level of random chance. Not a whole lot higher but does at least it's higher. And researchers also found that women were actually better at speaking dog than men. It so laying on my wife knows without right BSE wife knows why she's taken a dump up there your wife is probably telling the your dog to take a dump up their initial site. Come on the Coast Guard dude I'm but it don't anatomy but she keeps coming to. And I'm nervous about it because I should play me against him. She's big star what are you know our dogs bit. And he should walk your dog Marley that's who she's telling others that do you trust me it's. That dog. I think it's just keeps like. Turtles and in that system to our reserve. Like whenever we dropped you off to my in laws to watch her when we go out you know for going out for the night and whatever it may be right up salesman by. We rule of law school make sure it like she's cleaned out the entire system number one and number two good we're good to go bring it to douse. In twenty minutes it's been since you marking your territory. Exists at some point to Paris watch the most on and on. I'm here in this is my home could be my guess my house warming. Yeah I think that's that that's why don't want to bring their dogs in my house 'cause that always happens on the economy here in our opinion idea you're dead because people always say can we bring the dollar now. Why because it's gonna take a dump in my house that's what dogs do bigger mistake got a territory they'll take a leak and take a dump. That's what they do the leak is the market territory I think dump the supposed to ward off people like it causes it was the believer Malone does I mean I know that I don't mean your home but leave me alone they did a study about gas like human gas in the supposed to repel people for safety relate you know for protection reasons so the marking it's territory dispose of it all up you know but I this is not Ross posts ago. And then the other one. It's it's like okay administration area I got to figure this out ideas put a force field up a put the dump force field up right now who don't feel yeah. That's I'm thinking I know it but you know what I know as much as you do I will say that which is not like or Texas for grocers listeners and Lutheran house like he guided topic and guided the something else all right how about Steve Harvey's ex wife what happened she is suing him. Now Steve Harvey as you know man I just had trouble as people lit announcing at the no go until dark we don't look at me through it how I feel like that hole. That Miss America. Mobbed really sent him down a spiral yes because before that ever or some Steve Harvey and his these inspirational speech to the audience of just jump in take a chance at any predators now these are wickedly busy schedule and I think that you know stress just. I you can only be so busy in my I don't care who you war. Like I think we're gonna have a meltdown from Ryan Seacrest him because he's just way too much yeah you know I think we're gonna see some guy you know that right secrets Manny threw me off an elevator you late that's gonna happen probably know him at Buick weariness and Michael Strahan at home I don't we not a guy that's Michael Strahan sensibly called. That's right. So Steve Harvey's ex wife his second wife Mary Shackelford. They are divorced back in 05 after nine years and she says she still struggles parting with other people here. So this is that this has been nine years ago is doing a lot of their I don't know if he's still doing his radio now but he was doing radio then yeah. And she still struggling with the aftermath twelve years later. She's suing him for sixteen million dollars. Claiming a long list of offenses of president DT on merit this child endangerment these torture. Conspiracy against rights intentional infliction of emotional stress distress breach of contract and soul murder. Am I never heard of anybody referring to us solar. That's hard core lawsuit states quote soul murder is achieved by a combination of torture deprivation and brain washing is an actual definition I know I learned know that there was determined never heard of the I don't know was free Steve Ward -- ten years and human soul murdering me I guess sixty million I think the yeah yeah I mean I've deprive me of torture me to brainwash me trying to make me think the right here's a good. And they're stupid. Fool murder now they're divorced very nasty and she spoken up before claiming that Steve had many mistresses during their marriage including his current wife Marjorie. And six years ago a judge reprimanded her for making false accusations about him Steve of course has learned he's not send a damn thing about this because his sixty million dollars. It is this a money grab a candidate it's been what nine years and she still. Yeah a twelve I should say twelve years it's been since they've been married and here it is twelve years later she's still trying to get money from again. He. You moved on seriously and sixty million dollar I don't think anybody's or sixty million dollars for anything. Because normally in life when you have a bad marriage you know why you don't have a lot of money that's just how regular people are so why should she get more. Innocent event at her credibility good he has shot a because she's using the term soul murder but also she claimed that he left her destitute. But according to some reports are saying. She was awarded three homes in the property settlement and also received 40000 dollars per month from all the way through march 2009. And an additional one point five million dollars. He's that's pretty damned good you should be able have a nice life with that value pixel murder me every morning that's right. You know obviously sickness I'll put up with a sold out when it's always like what's weird the truth in this Jerry 69 usually that's the truth she wants sixty million dollars. As she wants to get a settlement which recently she's hoping he'll settle out of court to give her a million ourselves really she's open for. Our wives their boys Steve. I'm sorry but he just didn't get this one around who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. Cesar now. ITunes. Not that person now and July if no although I have times now there Martin Zeno I didn't know the Goliath you know who decide terrorizing Davey. Actually was I was a writer I have no idea. Now the guy only run it was you know parts father homer for you refer them. You are shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock rocket 7625. We're playing deep megs at 847. On Iraq. 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