BJ & MIGS Podcast 07-14-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, July 14th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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The only mom brought you wanna find out more info when you're playing how you get their CD's. You guys live before how you. All the other greats they put on a great night showed if you wanna see a live tomorrow night. All right jazz don't define what a bunch of great day. Anti hero and our boys in windows me. Yeah. While vehicle while mom brought my Fleischer from the beginning to KI SW dot com don't forget Sunday nights at 10 PM it's loud local. Two solid hours of great music from the Pacific northwest great bands like. Mean okay. I. Teams and need a learning as we manage the high today. Yes I think it's gonna be you. You are semi awesome this is the Seattle Summers we love not too hot sunshine out there it's how you can't be the man exactly. In another person that sometimes can't be beat. Well let's feet forget him back to Canada and I when I say forget him over dubbed me the reverse way a bad word in there now that's just yeah. Let's get to our contestants see if he can beat Steve we've got game minutes and I know Damon are your bears where. Sure yeah yeah buddy Andy yeah I let you play boarded. It's the biggest check up Elaine Staley tributes and it's going to be happening at the more theater on Saturday August 19 that is courtesy of STG presents. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details if you rented a Elaine steely tribute show. Do you tickets now Ticketmaster dot com right Steve yeah. Those playing and don't David we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions gaming you can't pass all you want. But you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. Yeah duke which notable inventor was known as the wizard of Menlo Park act. But now it. It. Will. It's our home got Richard Bachman was the pseudonym which famous author. Do they get it as a what does these washed usually words them about a meeting in English first. Ryan asked what is the capital of Denmark. Don't expect. I'm South Africa has water access to bitch to oceans. Asked what was her school's first name on it badly matters. See you as it would stick gate did Porsche introduced the 9/11 on adult. Now sixty ads in these songs at least twelve days of Christmas drummers drumming. To. They are out. Now. Are now are. These courts I correct since twelve you ask god Matt Damon you at the wrong way David. Yeah I'm here comes Steve it and about it mab is glad. Or maybe you'll get a lot of the other one on. It's. I think we maybe go into the back to the streak of wins might actually knows Steve does not a lot of stupid stuff Feyerick aren't quite there. They mentally you're right about that because I have a sonnet needs to be played as he does it to you those though Steve are you ready. Which notable inventor was known as the wizard of Menlo Park. Wild left office. I'd sign not Thomas Edison asked Richard Bachman was the suit coat and above which famous author poet Stephen King yes what does the swat team these words and Bowden mean in English. Client asked what is the capital of debt marked. Amsterdam out Denmark cities now they adapt them to be viewed. Deuce eight South Africa as water access to which two oceans. On the Indians and the Atlantic yes. As what was her uncle's first name on family matters. Idea that these kids. It was decades these Porsche introduced the 9/11 model seventies no eighty stoked. Sixty's yeah act in the song the twelve days of Christmas. Drivers are drumming twelve drummers drumming asks what fifty. What does safety at our order at a hospital stay at port act doctors and rockers snow talked. A problem. Gaunt and thin roof. You know. Wow what 234567. And seven. Serie a game and so everybody I'm I'm sorry that was right about this here. I've taken his body against them. That's right providers once again tonight at the Paramount for an extended wrestle an advance. The only reason why I don't mind this. The greatest song ever GAAP. Great song I just take a recent playing he Anderson definitely. You know it makes more I had to make a good song. It just makes it worse because of why we put into but just slap in the face to BJ as surely as that's. I think that is in play other songs that I like is and I won't like him anymore or. You know get a final defunct a differently than what people thought I don't want to ever thought about he being awesome. I know you're not a third record yeah I don't because well pacing about reality. Yeah. Yeah it's the capital of Denmark anybody is at home you know I think that the whole country. Oh yeah. I don't know if Copenhagen follow from Megan yes I had a bad at geography and then the DNR order what is that in our stand for not necessitate. Bitch. Well there's no it but the and all it. IB CD and think about when I'm not here anymore. Or Vermont a pipe with you know out on pipe. Well that's the other they hooked up to a bred dog breed Darrell and I back kind of tight I'll make wow I didn't know that now your wife got a whole new world Hamas like David. Congratulations. The set anchor means cost seven is check out the least daily tribute show at the more theater caller number 7206421. Rock. Well we heard this week it does Steve what Meyer will no longer be doing the voice of Kermit the Frog with sand and we didn't know why turns out. He got gassed he got king and he got fired while under what happened yet he took over when Jim Henson died in 1990. Henson handpicked him and he's been the voice of Kermit ever since. And he says he found out he was fired back in October but hasn't talked publicly about it until now but you know I mean we're talking almost thirty years ago. That beyond the hand picked by the guy. And he's still got let go yes I mean I think they've got you think you know they. Yeah he he's element to the family yeah. And he's the elect go and I think that's what it is I I I I just believe that he's been around so long that there's some young blood and they're also don't forget Disney bought the Muppets so the Disney people running it now. On his personal blog he says he had two issues that they could have resolved with him and he would have helped resolve and apparently didn't want to Libya's one of them money yeah. He doesn't say what he won't tell why he won't tell us what money. And money. Yeah I bet that has to do a lot with it I'd be probably want an X amount of dollars that he's the voice of corporate and that's expect I mean you're you're at Mac guy as far as being. Who is just but there's so many people they can do it CIA you know that's the problem yet. Somebody they get find somebody can do the voice and ended Larry W get this got to do it he's younger and east cheaper yes. And does so cartman says I've remained silent and the last nine months now holds that the Disney company might reverse their course and I remain willing to do whatever is required to remedy their concerns I am devastated to have failed in my duty to my hero. Two I guess Jim Hansen apparently now as rather dramatic. Maybe super important to him like I you know I mean we don't I go to war with a bed then you figure it out I mean right now you figure out of late he says he knows they have issues with him. Figure out your issues they you know I mean if it's that important you just feel like he's probably getting older and ever since Miss Piggy and Hamburg cup of electing him on our rights and thought about that that had to be devastating. Yeah so that we'll see if any more comes out about why and Amanda does Carmen is doing and anymore. And now it is time before you listeners out of those where you get to pick a topic you get to guide to show talk about anything something we discussed the pass or brand new topic. Scott is give us call 206421. Rock text as it's 77999. We'll take your calls and your text at 917. On the Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. Brought you might imagine industrial craftsman. This is always where you pick a topic you guys to show 206421. Rock. Text that's at 77999. Doesn't matter what you want tiger by you're taking over man they're gonna bring you topic to the table or there's something we discussed before you wanna weigh in on. You pick that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock. Texas 77999. Now it's not just completed a while while west got here Steve does have one rule for listeners on the it was a simple rule that everyone can adhere to and that's the key. The energy outsource some energy otherwise. Tom you. And then signify to blow. Journalists like that it will start up their old buddy chemical dealer to camp. Eric. Long time no hear everybody which he got a you're talking yesterday about millennial. Or make any yeah a lot of people inside digs yeah. That I can veto them forward many maker won a World Series of poker. Online at but are all on a chip in all. Poker chips and aces and at that all together eye opener out if the what Belmont line along great but bit on money that way it but poker and how about that. Items like that bush Jamar what was your markup like what kind of prophet to Jamaica. Our men probably. 830. But hey thirty authority that depend I want people wanted to edit or that's not too bad you just I'm learning from appreciate the call came to hear from you. A Zelaya from shark tank man it's all about like a mark up. In no way what does it pay to make. And Melanie Costa making what do you charge for them and point mr. wonderful always gets happy when Ned and add numbers got a big big wide gap. Between what they cost of paying him to make and what they charge for it. Ice begins on by twittered I wanted to give a shout out so he's a would you mind doing me a shout out this is from Jay and his Twitter handle his act. Group Smith 84. Also out to do Smith. He gets the right guy because if he said that to me I would've given mission and have the right to get us out you know you like the closeness of the group's Smith. Oh god yeah you know usually when you have Smith at the Indian and might that mean you're you're good at creating something. You know like a blacksmith is really good at creating a lot of blacks with the canister up these groups that he's a Bruce Smith and governor was there ya look at that we got a boost this get us out. Well consider yourself shouted out who Smith. Members as they iiroc can you please give a happy birthday out to our Connor he would be so excited from Kelsey in Arlington off Connor Connor. He parents say you're you're a little. Pretty tired and he here. And you move. These are okay news. Com here. I actually I heard. Okay do you mu. And I will be approves fifty birthday as a we now Connor is all the is. These. Accidents. How vice sounds like he might you look at that back story I haven't really gets a bad stories on these kids say he sees six years old. Yeah six happy Citron the old me yeah did you I mean if it's his birthday is early funnier located in the you know regular phone when you're an adult now. You get everything you want to get everything I want my birthday anymore. I assume I was a kid. And again and again and again and again a lot of love from people on baseball petal and I see that all the idea of the year where people aren't rolling that's the one day of the year. Right on people thing look at a verdict I appreciate that. It's nice furiously right if that's the best you can hope for but ma'am you're a kid little things in life man UW wanted most the time. You know it was especially those those early years of your life and you get older. Then like Christmas in the birthdays. You guys don't get much because I guess I get and I mean really am again. And you look at your kids to you if they would be here again what they want to means you're giving it. Yet at it like you're right about that scenario. Ian leaving your kids don't have money he can play that audio of your phone call to the Sports Radio show when you were twelve again that was awesome and in Centralia. Yeah it this is this is really something you listen to Steve he's got the great accent from that as of Brooklyn the Bronx Brooklyn Brooklyn New York. And he's very very nervous. Hi you were twelve years old just around that age. Maybe a little bit older maybe I can remember about calling a bit of a sports talk station in new York and overnights WFAN and of course I wanted to talk but New Jersey devil big station by the in your power you know this day and I added the new thirty for thirty is about Mike and the mad dog. I'd DVR and I've watched yet that. That iconic sports duo the viewer on their station I was on the greatest disorder yeah and I could never get through in the afternoon I got through it like 3 in the morning yes. That's his that was your time. Do you is calling from Brooklyn. Good morning Steve. And I wanna talk about when you do talk to an earlier and earlier about a call her wisdom her American doubles. And you said that the best it's been the best thing they should do is I get a goalie. Yeah another goaltender from behind Marine One complaint against the best to make it do it bring over here. Try to work him in a couple of days and it would be worth bringing him on I think he can prove that he could play. They can finish out how low level Stevenson calling up and I thought OK until Monday. Simple. Yes they get the hell off my phone. When you're annoying me and and a lot of folks who don't know hockey I mean Steve was actually quite a genius this Martin Brodeur became an amazing goal arguably the greatest goalie of all time yeah you'll put either him or Patrick walked but yeah. I knew what's up. Yeah you did know it's meant is trying to nurse at one and they were just like Harry opposite Presley's Iraqi we had died and you don't ask did yeah yeah it always alone. I would love to have it if it's that Steve guy whoever was on the islands as the summer's yet there's still alive he's ready he still does. A show over at W a fan would be cool if he could hear that just like we did when I when I replace my stuff that Charles like Rivera I. Tagged him once on Twitter. Com. And could that that video is up on YouTube if you wanted to watch or listen to and I think I tagged him I don't know if you ever responded on all these two active on social media yeah I know that it did the FAM and I reached weeded out that was awesome by. I don't think he'd that's yet that that would have been good I still hates me cause it's annoying kids. I was nervous couldn't really see anything. And I only wanna talk about the New Jersey Devils even when it was in hockey season it's every city has an annoying kid calls radio shows and and eventually goes on and has a radio career I bet every city has I was I was arguing there is no absolutely you know everyone's got a win it's a lot committed Montego I used to call you show I would doubt the business as though at a track down I haven't somewhere Hispanic descent when he finally snapped it and you've seen that super nice guys don't snack you very cordial. But he basically sort of an amount to nothing in life. All that's just like what's house like Vanilla sent to me are we don't have that they have been called me in the nicest way a loser all yeah civic. If you really good. Kind of set the standard for me as far as like being prepared to be called leisure on the radio for the rest of my life it's the greatest thing man hours to do it it's really the because you know what he's probably done that to a thousand people and who's been raised he was right about 999 of them. And then you came along. You picked that topic you guys this. You know and solicit some of those 206421. Rock Texas it's 77999. More because of mortgage tax at 933 and on the Iraq. And they extra mornings on the rock 99.9 KI guess tell you are. I'd like I'd stay. W the rock that Seattle its listeners on the loose. You pick a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock Texas 77999. Richard and our I can Richard you are on the Iraq. BA today the years to get force but there thanks men. How long time listener first time caller I look back. They know what it is because that we're gonna go at the original. Vijay each day. Who cares as. All right. I just thought I'd wanna talk deal about long distance relationship that I know. Your and 1 ice yes I am more a matter of fact we have a friend Vicki and I who's about to get married soon and he was in the long. This was of how long yeah affair he's been up there for like 56 years and spend a long distance the entire time he hadn't seen her in two years. And physically so yeah he's always yelled at least I see my wife more you know a little little bit sooner than that. Four years going on my wife fell living in California me living up here which you got forced Richard. Our law common along its relationship my girl that was another day and now we've been together for about a year. And all right. On Gator bite I mean she called me and said that she would at a party. And one of her longtime friends is that guy leaned in and sit there. And Judy that it wasn't reciprocated it all the way by not the kind of sad about it maybe I want to hear right you know. Well good then got the good. Uses as she told you I think if you found out from somebody else than you could be like. If they don't you know Richard here's the thing I mean guys are always gonna try to Mac on girls that I map I gather you're your twenties right. Yeah yeah listen this is the age reducer look in a note to hang with chicks if they go to parties are drinking and they're gonna do you know. And they'll find out from her song and a long distance relationship for meg guys apply they are you allied Biggio CM that you probably don't really I'm I try to get some. That's enforcing gonna happen and I don't know maybe it happens to you wants Waller girls try to get into city new yet to say no. But usually it's the guys that are more aggressive in bubble going for that kiss. So I mean you can be angry but I think you could be really happy that she's like I didn't want any good I'm telling you now. I think that's really a reason to be happy that hey man my girl this far away amazed she's she's chorus. Yeah it's pretty relieved at the C Alec are these. By the time I guess that happened she called me pretty much first thing in the morning yeah I do so what are you so what do you really angry about. Not there to do anything about it you know. And then why is that why you guys long distance. Artsy. To finish up school. On what she's done is she coming back. Yeah it's an moving in together and it's. A lot like him and how much longer you guys have. It's a few months probably September oh yeah you know like dude seriously. I mean look man yet you be mad at that dude but you know. How guys are Richard jury guy and you know it and let's be honest if you were single assumption you're an amended a party so yeah my boy difference in another state. In LC and you've had a couple of Beers and you really like that girl you probably like I know what to how much he really like that do let's see let me find out about it you're warm while he's gone yeah I know Richard guys are guys guys just think with their penis I mean. The fact that she told you dude. I know I know it's tough when you we know it's tough to put jealousy Audi a brain it's tough not to get mad but honestly. The master a person who's a true master can really take data anger and not let it rule you. And you can look for the things like what was cool about this. And what was cool was she told you and she pulled away and so it wasn't reciprocated sounds like you got a good chick on your hands who who you know that that's that's a rare thing man. Yeah actually there are very yes I mean you know like you know go you know go punch something that you can legally punch. You know Garrett but you know I just really be happy that she's cool I mean honestly that's. People in their twenties that can be that cool on us and I mean that's that's amazing because that's the gateway you know what maybe this guy in front is better than a guy and I'm waiting for me that. And did your kids that's and you find out. We got a text message that he roar of apparently enjoying my young calls. From 20 yeah we did so at least claymore young Steve calling his accident the best. Or any other into the office and found a couple more he got more to CDS have some of them damn right I'm so I'm so happy you did that I wish I did that tonight anything in the back and got to find yours Manny got a fine I don't have the mine ever recorded I'll go back in time to get them all I can do data supplements artists but he is Smart I knew that you recorded complacent record Monica set I was part upon you do it and you play were you friendly we were always trying to compete seek out on the radio that's a good idea amendment and think about that at the time I found two more me Cohen has Steve Somers guy. In the overnights that's executed you'll hear from yeah Patrick reds got. Leave me is going from Brooklyn New York going to be morning's scene with a double. I don't know making a trade for Burke would be X and weaker sort of we concerned about the doubles yeah I'm ago. Carried her always you know what happens to personal. And of course this was just announced by the National Hockey League over the weekend. If you were in the New York area greater New York metropolitan area even if you lose the New Jersey. If you have to be a doubles fan or an islanders fan in me to remember Mary. Do you remember and any family. And wars should never give credit. So keep another month. All right well yeah. A comeback thanks. Its current state enjoy the things he was correct oh did you know I credit stock outside today and Steve Summers Steve Somers knows what's up man all because you became the devils fans. I got married kids last year silence that's also proved you wrong I love that I love days like here is that stupid kid calling from Brooklyn again. I hate I hate the overnight shift and I'm Mon I called again now. He was going to looking good morning and I Ron Amadon talented and I think that number and we'll hope they can it's going to be fun. He has to think that and he even if he's standing on the sidelines holding include forward he's still it was going to be kicking themselves as the number one quarterback. It down because everything on the element going. Of the devil and we'll. The moon. He had to seem younger and it moves me so affectionately. He makes him being obsessed. With the program calling 21 news in new enough. Suggestion camera hole. We received from their opponent Saturday. I saw some pictures like oh yeah you're talking about her experience yes Michael my I know I'm Steve. That's funny and that is so funny doctor Michael. As rates alone at the songs than you sound like Steve. Now. Do you know you are you don't I figured out about you you're annoying sports fan all obsessively and yeah yeah Gil you really were that Gotti. But I would look for any angle to get through saws calling about a jets quarterback yeah I can get on the air again and say. How dare you Sam out of my mind for talking him up the apple fantastic I love them but I love it here were you like like you or that guy though I didn't you know I had nothing else to do right Cianci just lets you do with sports geek com am and all you sports stuff in my baseball cards going sports talk via volume people about teams that don't wanna talk about what they young Steve would not recognize you today he did it let you become you're such a loser you know like sports are doing anymore. Do you agree conversation for young Steve to have an old Steve think what happened human. What do I used to I used to get stuff done now yeah. Yeah Tiger Woods who made a bad I don't I'm gonna bogeys. At 84 is a good guy and better aren't. I there's a big question that needs to be answered outside of software they'll eleven as the what are Ryan castle and implants have been common go home. I'll tell you that night 49. On Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. And gain yards. Would you Ryan castle and an implants have been common you're plump up some of your area. At it up right at home. Half husky recorders. From. Full. Semi 3%. Is nice text Kucera once I have both. You want implants now you know let's keep the daughter out of this vehicle you don't have brought it up. Otherwise how would listeners know that listeners and then we'll come on the managers here can't. All of that. Yeah exactly he's 200 yards from controller. And speeches concern is that stripes. He's almost run things around here we Equus is you to find a convenient way to push chair close. You know off a cliff for summer he's going to be gone for the next few weeks oh that's right area Allen filter that lord of the flies around acts. To chunky kid him and hit over the head with a rock. No we do in order to fly a just ICC's I think he's looking around don't know I know for sure who it is that Google I should say all of don't say that about rams. Through I was gonna have a better commander in Iraq is the chunky kid. And he's giving you all the figure remember when everybody that's you guys' eyes are taught about you rev rev Ali looking at Danny I'm sorry yeah a lot of pizza what if we are casting lord of the flies right now you would you would be the guys that. I think alluded at his name was taking wasn't it. I don't think you like that yes I'll I don't like they are so I think you. Well again we can't be involved in the we effectively ruin the rest weekend. App thanks. They have meanwhile you're wearing a shirt that simply cannot get there at all I think I would I would have taken that four. Sorry about it. But I think I'm probably the nicest person. We're wise then that's true okay here's a headline you know what just north nowadays we're all left yet well. I health inspector finds a loose breast implant at a Texas strip club lays Gelman don't hook. That's not a good thing. No greater odds of that misty less of the in the midst of its citizens. Dive right Cassel he's up next he's got a twelve pack of implants and they are here in Iraq. And made us play of the day blower suit you want you can afford Potts who smoked you guys. Holy Jihad no you didn't. I've about a half a second nuclear. Terrible idea he brags. That didn't that would never occurred to me because you triggered when you don't get high what do you think why would you think you get I I spoke it them. With the pot for the universe and you don't feel perfectly good. The price. And makes it more news on the rock 99.9 KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a lesser if I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we something receives you do however when your file bankruptcy. Usually only after 101 hearing. At the courthouse. 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