BJGN01-11-17 - Paper Girls & Potion Explosion!

Wednesday, January 11th

BJ discusses TV with Falling Water, Incorporated, and Expanse; Rev talks movie news; Vicky reviews the comic Paper Girls; Vicky reviews the board game Potion Explosion; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Ladies and gentlemen geeks of all ages you are now entering Vijay chase he makes a welcome yes what we. Each nation on the river in Fuego national park across from me is he versatile and that's what I think that Chris walker mr. watt what it's. Yeah so V show's namesake you can hear him because he's still talking Vijay today I was once. Once why not let it out okay and hence the man learning the lord Disney wasn't the only if it's Roddick G. I was twice. Yes most iPhoto like Simon and Phillip does come as using as all heck out there truly is on assignment is that's good cynical world it up today. We will talk TV board games and maybe a little comic talking of course the geek chic with the TV if they keep talking people get a hold of us. Slowly in check out our web besides has dollar podcast information more VG nation dot com. Feel like us on face the play of the district you're leading she's Tunisian. Follow us on Twitter and into grandparents cigarette I'm glad to be taking an Asian. Since exiting the boy's 91 NE 02243353. Yup that is any not BJP nascent And then you also watch your video that YouTube dot com slash B digging nation can or your local comic book or game storm clean and not part. Had already dismal into our starving to death at a bump into us while I'm showing everybody what power pack is the nerd I don't know what that is. And you're kind of object power pack. Think it just sounds like a GI Joseph like extra lake accessory for your way enough apparently I don't pack that powers this powers. No don't like I have been very busy boy I. Am concerned I guess ten matter for every. Not mutants but guess Iowa I don't know like that that's the power family go right out there are demanding kids their last name is powered they happen to get some powers in the form of them a super team from power back. This Kenny powers part of the power packs and he's bound and down is my darkness does that until the let's start would actually moving oh completely away from comic books have tried media had a bunch of television shows that we had not missed on the last episode yes it has definitely want to talk about so I'll what do you got for us in now in the land of TV well let me tell you about a lovely show and any of falling wartime. They wrapped up they wrapped up but not too long ago as a matter of fact but it's. The they let. Aides December 22 it was the last episode of the season. This is a show about dreams and people going into each other claims and invading dreams and today boy outside amend it also dramas little boy and they've been looking for this little boy who everybody denied existed in May told this girl she was crazy she was never pregnant turns out yes she was. Turns out the boy Israel turns out the boy is kickass empowers. And in the show does a great loss like job. And just bringing you along slowly to this supernatural world I think human beings you know just regular big TV viewers considering off. I don't know I I. I believe that maybe we could share dreams of each other. And then of course it goes down this wonderful matrix road where you know somebody's the neo of this show. And and it had a great finale with the little kid basically being neo in the stuff that he could do. Which. I will tell you it was a it was a fun watch pay and I think that if you have anybody in your life who's not a super size five superhero we kind of person. This is a good gateway show for that because it's a mystery good acting. Characters that you can dig it. And out lots of love and romance a mom and daughter stuff then so Ian knows a lot of stuff that old ground a person so they don't feel like there. You know in the last sees a loss for the gun okay I'm done. Which is what happened I lost a lot of people left Los and it got scifi even though if you doing about the people create a loss she knew that's the road they're gonna have to travel Sunday. But they did a good job of that first season they were outside of the smoke monster they really didn't make you think. There was anything crazy going on a loss to some weird stuff in call also so good the first person sees Jesus or call eight and they ended the third season I and that's when I gave up on lost and it's kind of funny because on. Last week's special ops. Art was trying to talk about a show and I had a loss feel. And it was kind of like a trigger word at that point in my. Yeah but. Please like no no no no dvd good pars before they totally screw you with the ending. And so are managing Diana's kinda hoping I yeah I did a lot of times what goes it's about the journey and we talked about exactly bunch of different things it's more about the journey and in the ending in. A lot of times people get tunnel tunnel focused on get that tunnel vision on well we need to get to the inning get to where it is and sometimes is not about that shuttle does those same note I got lost. OK okay. Had an arguably the show should have ended it in probably three seasons maybe four yeah but that's the trouble is something super popular. They're gonna want to you know you're in as much as possible GAAP net yeah I mean it's it's it's what you know suffers I think job man with a lot of story a lot of TV shows that they go along and need some sometimes they got a battle on five did that there may story line and did. And I still think they had one more season and after that and they try to make something out of it but really the main storyline with the shadows were done. And those older we gal pentagon you know so. Ad lib with falling water that'll be itching to see like where where they go now that neo has been discovered because we all know Lou everyone loved the matrix one. I really like to make used to for different reasons but definitely you know me oh knowing who he is wasn't schools neo not knowingly rest. And the little kid maybe because he's a little kid he will always still be clueless because he's like seven. Buddies he's bad ass and the Soviets in C with a to a season to. And finally another show which I dig because if you love minority report because of the fact it showed you wade I'm not too distant future incorporated is doing such a great job with that area. And they're storyline has got me hooked and I am it's a bunch of con artists in the futures how I look at it. And I really really really kind of dig that Vietnam and and I don't know a lot about the cast of of the show enemy. Let me just get it over here a bigger amount my. Eddie Ramos who plays. Deal which is the brother to the woman he is trying to rescue in this. As Dennis Hayes he's pretty would know because he's Joseph moved he's the president 0:4 AM the Aussie insurance guy the he plays a bad ass in this and you know Julie Armond I know as well she's in it but. It's it's an interesting world where it is a caste system you are just basically. Says the lowest of the low almost like. That what was that Matt Damon movie with Jodie Foster ellipse seemingly easy in my museum yet it's got to admire to it where. There are definitely did the ground dwellers if you will people who live outside the gated communities safe world. And then there there is super rich. All run by corporations everything is either uranium corporation or Europe or just a loser basically mean in this post apocalyptic climate change world. Really did delayed I really thought okay. Now I get the guys try to do this again but but boy I'll tell you this said the shot teel is growing on me is a great leading man. He's doing some bad ass stuff in the show as as a guy who. Basic came from nowhere and tripped everybody into making him believe that he belongs in the world corporations and he's he plays the part really well but he's nothing but a sewer rat really that seems a Khai know all of rungs on the same lines as LA Danica. Yes and it reminds me a lot of that's the way you're describing it and and I it's a scifi show and then the world he created is really cool I like seeing this version of the future they they really this little scifi is if you they really show what he revenue hinted to you Tom I think that's speeds it's it's a well it's a well don't show so. Why is really. Haven't some well known children even it out man has expanse is coming back next month I mean I watched a little special which was the catch up and also said hey here's what's gonna be coming up in the future and I know the prodigy was a little weary from what he saw was some of the previous out there there are finished and direction there are some new characters by I love that show some really exciting way eight expansive pariah and of people have been praising the show Battlestar Galactica meets game of throes of you never saw season one of expanse. There's still time to catch up you Mets got to be summary on the Amazon prime drama Netflix is by. Tom that is Ben is being hailed as the best science fiction show often the last ten years expanse. And and that's why I think whatever Cilic incorporated the scifi is throwing on there. They're getting me back your member they broke my heart a lot of show yeah they just canceled and sought a storyline around Tom so I hope they don't do that was incorporated. I know that I can do and experience because expenses so well reviewed very you know they would embrace letting somebody was answer revolt to be a coup would scifi they may not happen I don't get why these don't do more to protect as the space detectives the space at best show us what that's exactly AME comes in space was basically what the iRobot series rising gas above was all about him and they try to recreate it with that one with Karl urban. And anti Arab the other dudes name but they were both you know big it was that was as a robot and there was a regular guy gas and NBA you know the Will Smith movie didn't do the robot novels justice because it's exactly we're talking about Joey. Those two. Then the though those movies are supposed to be not a cop did today about detectives are robot and a cop working for the police force of the future. It's of course I mean I've I why it was so hopeful that fox show where the hell was called was gonna re kind of like that almost human. I thank you that you I've got almost you know what do it no and I thought of car former greats Karl yeah how how how can that go wrong and I and I was doing exactly actor's name is there a way to zero the play detective he's on another show doing well even. But yeah com I'm kind of bumped because. IRobot would be that. Anyway I expense is coming back next month February. Incorporated checking on scifi now. Awesome think he's on his BJ moving to a little bit of movie news for a get into comic book talked to Vicky. Hide Doctor Strange is actually. Might possibly be playing a larger role in four rag and Iraq and we examined him I hope so anyway he saw the Doctor Strange movie at the very end there was the cut extra cut scene where he has talking with store was pretty awesome I really enjoy your yeah I guess and I it was kind of I didn't expect to add to see that as this scene I was really hoping for sandals but you just don't listen to generate. Putts coming. Yet it seems and seventy unfamiliar thing he was going to be in that in four rag in Iraq but it may be more substantial role. And this is just from a new plot synopsis from an official Disney fan site 23. That says. For rag in Iraq in November brings together toward the hole any Doctor Strange face off against inter galactic Battie is. Both familiar and new immense so I know that we've got a huge castle as with a bunch of people coming back Tom hills and as low key injures L was behind all. Anthony Hopkins is owed in Cate Blanchett will come in as how loud which some people are that's he had an answer yes or do you personally and our. I'm cool sometimes I don't go dancing for the softball. If you can needles or any fruit that yeah our assets I think that's a tough you know race I USA so I CDC government. And speaking out about Carl or being he'll be in it as scourge in this Sam Danielle how each might urged listeners are people are some people yes he's going to be enroll as yet to be revealed what it's like when I get to be really that he's one of my favorite villains and I wish there was like a yet he revealed. How how kind of inner talent I'm like yes you're right Eric comes out November 3 so a few of Doctor Strange to see a little bit more of him in that one. So this is the mistake that Iron Man three and may be an Iron Man two made in Marmol figured out really in Ari. We love origin story is therefore it doesn't matter who's in them. But you know what if you gonna do a third anything movie it's got to basically be like civil war can Captain America so more it's got to be basically I'd scab in America it's really a bunch of awesome everybody and right in there even calling this a good basically essentially kind of like a cosmic road trip. And that's and today is sounds like basically had Doctor Strange is gonna have to be the DD for both of these guys to get him around everywhere nice because we know that he can make those portals to go places and it's gotta be this all star cast because when you see the success of the avengers guardians of the galaxy. Yeah outwit you know we do we would do you know for the first store was okay PM. You know and and Captain America the first one was good we'd like that the first time it was good. But it to get me to go to a third one which is then Matthew give me avengers and and guardians of the galaxy and and now capt America civil war and pretty much every marvel movie or go to if it's not an origin story guess what make an exam and movie is gonna have every insect in this movie pass. Well I guess I it's gotta have a yeah. And they do such a great job they want those characters and actors who works so well together on screen it's silly a little like a little flat when we don't have that right. And I mean even like Jeremy Renner was recently talking about how's that a black widow Hawkeye. Movie. You should happen and that would be one of the best team ups I think that they should do like yeah a lot of fun to see something like I if they if they do it well but boy oh boy it's like. But little positive feedback kind of an origin story here do you know we have to do continuation really running until like maybe and cool they rented it the shield characters are they running ends it right. You know I I could just. I like with Vicki I don't know if I could take a movie which is those two where they just they're street or to admit they're the ground level guys will and a power daredevil speech. Yeah that would be kind of inner senior were both they're both really good yeah Graham has so they're both really good as part of the avengers I love every time their on screen. A whole movie of them where all they do is that I mean. I'm thinking of green arrow and frankly I'm fatigue with the whole green arrow thing because like I get you shoot arrows and they've had to bring a bunch of people into sort of I think breathe life back into that it's hard to maintain that for a whole it's not gonna be as bombastic as a as an avengers movie or even if you don't know me I was man and power and that. Yad they've got street level powers they're not gonna be self yes it is but still asking. I I don't yeah I mean daredevil let's be honest if they didn't bring in the punishing her. I don't know if we would've cared so much about season to the punishing remained in the he had BJ in I think that was also the problem with the fact that they had like the big bad he's just being Manges. Lake. Well the common share those studied enough like all absolutely that there was she let a guy and so you bring instant catastrophe likable guy ever the punishing America where he's just like cougars deal Murray I don't everything now I can't waste they bring out when they do when you let him do is on Baghdad hi Swansea and I just wants he John -- called like taking the lead on that just having fun with he was so goes nowhere. We did say that we're gonna talk comics and Vicki you. Then every minute comic yeah I just got in I'm very excited to start eggs have been doing link Redmond seeing in doing research about this comic for awhile now and I finally got the comic star. Just a look at some sales and of course all the comics have ball we're not any of the sale 1000. Canada and I got a the one I've been seeing a lot about is called paper girls and it's another Bryan cave bonds story moved into action now for a couple years at the runaways did yes top guy. Oh X one last landline Glassman solid have X block and I. All that he's done quite quite well there's no big deal you know is still pretty pretty gut. But not everyone here has said that this is going to be like the next big thing it's on the second trade and Bob those trades. But apparently it's his second 1988. Involves a gain of twelve year old girl's. On their pre John or creed on paper route. And but he's the kind of girls let's Berkeley streamers dangling from a handle bars instead they prefer hockey stick for protection walkie talkies indicate in the occasional smoke. There are formidable group and that's before the time troubles drop out of the sky to disrupt the route you can you can yeah you are so some are saying that this is. And paper earlier standby need meets war of the worlds and at all how this is probably ring you before also we had stranger things and I know a lot of people afternoon. And how has stranger things vibe to it except their girls so that's another reason why I think gets up and popularity it is. The the Gallup the comic bookstore. Was mentioning each some of the art is from the same artist from sun yes so sometimes she kind of falls into the fog world or beyond. Five for your last well you know and I haven't read here you keep talking dog and ethnic she says it has that feel to her and she's tell me and apparently. And I will post this for all those who wanted to there is an alien or some sort of weird language just I don't know how many aliens a just a different language gap and the couple wrote on their blog be decoded in. Annually and basically the decoder key on their blood and it can post it notes are reading it you wanna go and translate it and it's really need again so this is this is I think I do. I like Little League till like a really take the time in not only world building and storytelling but then. To actually provide something like that if he's easily aliens are talking to each other and it's not just givers are back whoever it is worked out language or whoever it is yes that's amazing. And it will be Fiona staples giver and and whereas the radar so saga yeah. So I am excited to start this I've only done my research at summon sit down my to the cuckoo clock fireplace I wanted to ask gear down just human and attack and Agassi is is so is it a is it a one shot is it a continuous convinced the second trade and they're still. Also you're doing the trade thing. So we're way behind us okay once we read then you can start up on the trains after I mean excuse me the single issues on comic salads and all parent epithet that's. Any other comic books I've just been reading Faneuil switch at this point in time they have now is in it's the second issue is so like figures talking about I his pick going to be a comic solid deep and I'm liking it it's. At this point the first two issues they are just setting up what's going on. Santos. Used Dario we know we're not all lads. Where they're gonna figure out at some point but he's just as bad ass is ever his son is sane is. Set out to. Kill him because at this point he's in a weakened state so this is there one chance for them to go ahead and do that so includes all his family including star fox and others. And the first two issues like I said are out right now the third one is supposed to come out on January 25 so barring any sort of issues it should be out and about two weeks. On super. Super excited to see where it's gonna be taking it. Khamenei yes Chris. Did it bring up the fact that we got a gift it was amazing because. We got some stuff from Amazon is like I didn't. Order anything did you order anything in the order and you're somebody that might be just like I'm sure if we got anything but we have stuff and it was super mysterious too because there was no leg a gift from who member or you know hey guys this is so and so did disk they are cute little notes on them for a saying hey Chris I think you'd like this maybe he's you should check this out now my does Vicky no explanation needed and I got a -- I called I he fairyland by Scotty young. Yeah stay on Scotty young if you don't know he also did a lot of like the X babies. You like all those little art works against you like a little like baby dead pool. Or. All of those large he's wanted to this this is so cute scene early gains yeah I like seriously the it's it's ever really cutesy art but at the same point it's a girl. Wielding a giant bloody ax the front during the angels is holding a bomb on the other hand yak and I've heard a lot of good things about that. And your god means the Star Wars of Vader down. Which is pretty amazing says read I tried to give do you V copy of store storm breaker do your fondness for beta ray bill. But this is a close second aside from the fact that Vader down is incredibly fun to say it was a fantastic read in joy. And I definitely will like thank you so much a millisecond of bear down it takes place in this whole Star Wars universe that marbles been doing yeah yeah Robin love and Mac so I I wanna read that when you're done because that is I. And that's the best part like he gave once for everyone else and let everyone talk about the ones that mean gosh but it's really awesome because now we're just gonna be like basically trading them around because BJ at the one you got what's really interesting guy at this looks like he could be you know Entertainment Weekly said you're new scifi obsession is here and it's. It's a book called dissenter from my Jeff let me air Arlen Meyer and Dustin does union. Our Dustin Nguyen I I I don't know these two guys have heard of them but I know I don't they've ever read or or seen any artwork from these guys so I give you some old. The mere step feel absolutely love up perfectly okay so IA guy against so I'd call and then I've got volume one from dissenter called us ten stars. Who looks pretty cool Scott this kid staring up day when the moon. And behind him and he's staring at the stars. And basically he's got a human face on it looks like a cyber medics had basically easily it's like OK it's because a cyborg kid I'm dig you miss. And they did I I mean you know he'll probably come a scifi show sometime there you go beyond me in the eye and I just find out today X mark and I was actually graphic novel and stuff before it was created a movie I had no idea he knew that yeah I did not know and Bryan cave on. Pretty good friend whose equities have quite a lifeless. Really do we beat Philadelphia. Well I'm Andrew and I wanna I wanna make or just quick note about the young thank you under we we all know that it was what I listener named Andrew thank you Andrew. Number we had to server verse engineering from the I received the shipping billing as the sugar he became with. So like. I had to use my Amazon have to scan the Q coach you are code to find out that I could send a thank you note and it says. Dear Andrew thanks for the bowl but so is this still kind of a mystery but Andrew every Orman thanks a lot from the comics is finished. Have yet even there was one forced Nicole Lee division yeah and even set on that's Nicole Lee on gambling a little here but I don't remember hearing you mentioned having read this in my opinion this is the best comic book of all 2015 it only gets better with volleying too which should be out soon. So they how has a gaffe. That's the EPA did that is we get it can't really every hours now subway and yes that's typically will be getting his once he's back from being on assignment and Chris what did he hook you up when the warmest. Andrew got me is a legit graphic novel in as much as it's a complete story in just one one big trade. And it's called the wake by Scott Snyder and that John Murphy. And your says. Chris I wanted to make sure you were rich you were received a complete story. And this was the first single issue one I ever bought he basically functions there's two stories in one written and drawn by two of today's best comic creators and he's not Ron Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy that's some on Saturday. Advisory yes Scott Snyder has done a very long baton and run on news also I got into him based based off of American vampire. Com and so he is a great storyteller so amount tomorrow known for. Yeah and I just just without you know reading the tuition synopsis it sounds like it's a little bit. A little bit scifi a little bit to tune a little bit too awesome in just flipping through the pages long and our work. I am I am already there are sent in with this comic book so thank you and your thing you very much has thank you so. A much we never we never expect to geek nationals out there descend is anything but are pleasantly surprised and very. Happy one needs you to ask let's go and talk a little board games I think we have enough time for one board game and I had our novel legalistic level Olympic anti virus okay this race idea is that like we're not gonna ever have enough for him to talk about I direct I hear there's a newborn you know lies about to be done soon move to cut costs. I think you'll be fine death. Well for my cousin for Christmas those beloved board games and she just picked one randomly she's not huge in supporting never really quick if she only because it hasn't it Christmas or. Condoms how. But she got me this game I never heard of it called motion an explosion and know who. To side but that's a name My Chemical Romance government. I am glad everybody. So. Got the roommate together and us through friends and we're like let's look for extra outlet to let the ballots and is probably remaining favorite games are now because it's simple. In it's it's made from Italian designer is silly it I realized now at 10 looking at the information. That is very much European units and that there is no writing on any of the pieces registering instructions and fun. But basically just students. It's time for the final exams in the potions class. The rules are always the same key ingredient marble from the dispenser watching this all so it gives the school little cardboard cut out you creep into little little box. He put all the marbles on top and the kind of shift into the different little pockets and they fallen and make and into each little slighted and can see clicked marveling attorney have eagerly to get one more troubling turn. On the but if you pick one up and she marvels hit that the exact same color you get a kick those so it's kind of fun watching combinations so. I think the blue marble into black marble sick I take the black marbles but it when I take those marbles to red marbles or three year for however many. Those are all mine hole and I am trying to complete my potions that I have on my little. My little desk and you also helical pouring keep your extra ingredients and and you start kind of billion potions each personality do different things like. You know either you can take all the ingredients are marvels. From someone else's pool who Mara mine Laurie can take an additional marble giant whenever you want but has been your turn now doesn't matter the sequence. Means you can. Also take one from all the tracks but they have to be different colors or there's tunic seizures that are the same color even wanna join a mass of people really trying to collect a bunch. You can remove all the marbles and won up to five of one color and in just dispense them so there's abundant. At all all four of these reds have. Who can. Tossing a man and see what happens if it and it like your post and up each potion has difference. Different value to it and and you also freak show us three of the senior gets you get points immediately a little card because you four point or she collect one one of each up to five thing. The yet another four point so when those little cards of the four points. Disappeared against premature. Now cancels real news seems like it's a good Ira replay ability not only at 3040 minute game because decent thing like OK what's confessed combo here power play. Can do this or high he's presents or candy crush field to a dog that kind of thing I don't edit or our own little bubble popping media anyone who has met her match three games yeah. It but it is a lot of funding of the principal or players. The plane with two very comfortably. And I recommend it nice and hot I'll bring a fisons has always play poor and indigenous blue eyes. An explosion power bowl games then yeah now that's who made it awesome well Mickey's engineer I think it's a good time to get duke. She Swiss TV. Or is making so it is the beginning of Tony seventeen yes. And now we didn't quite a few good movies come out last year you know most recently wrote one. Regularly you know I have to scan info is a quiet day and I are never went out and Leavitt so what other movies. Yeah Ellie what looks aren't the most anticipated movies of 27 mean wearing dark about the Iraq and Iran Al up. I had a thirteen analysts is the dark tower which comes out July 28 via the advantage of cell buzz can be based off the and Matt McConaughey as honest as they some see thinking my series of fourteen looked sore rag in Iraq that comes out November 3. Number thirteen I think my feet. One or two when my list right balloon in I had always say gee just name X 23 in the gonna draft pick it. Which comes out march 3 OK I call BS really anticipated. Anticipated really watch any of the other ones key guys yes I don't ask. And two million crowns and a villain than nobody and all the same and medical bay explosions. Followed transformers yet then both enjoying very transformers live around it. I we do we kind of panicked. People are very excited for it is transformers and people really really do love you guys do if you love transformers elect lenses in my lower Manhattan absolutely my Power Rangers that tip I you have stimulus. Transformers movies you watch anything shut up there a missing him this busy donor. Yeah because you might feel over the it's an overused word for you says the guys got me playing games in his past three days and arrows that yeah you still. But it turns normally in the background so I don't know I and I'm I'm good I guess I can't. I'm number eleven might be one you didn't even know. What's gonna be a movie and it looks really really good but it's not hounding me here in the United States Florida probably have to be dubbed but it's full metal alchemist and I asked the and a man who yes so it's an amino monger and he made until live action movie in the of the trail aired in the hasn't he could steal a bit of what I'm going on it looks really good. That definitely it's probably anyone of those you're gonna have to get in subtitles there I don't mind is I can't hear any anyway so everything I. But Republicans are filling this is going to. Everyone's complaining about the whole load you know. Scarlett Johansson NN ghost in the shell gas shells so I feeling a lot of people are gonna dig this because they're staying true to lose so stagnant. Number ten is sub that man vs two face which is spent to be announces Canadian animator one. All right can OK right number nine king's men the golden circle if you asked our Marines ran out of banks. Let's try associates it's it's going to be that one. Number eight witnesses at the -- early scenes are much I'm not sure what's happening but in humans September 4 I I think this must be incorrect here. Gonna skip over the you probably I I wanna do gonna mention a one and everyone's really like talk a lot about we'll see if you get to dissolve arena to be don't annual number summon ghost in the shell now they're Hearst are still watching and a six. 08 November and mid day. And I really. It's Hillary tax effect if you wanna slow let's really soon actually I don't I don't take me and again take take me to see this for Valentine's. He's an all right it's okay if. Think. It's. So that's good to map. And number of Spiderman homecoming which is July 7 I you know what would you think you saw a trailer right DI I don't like the trailer and I did drew students can't wait. You can number full or guarding the galaxy 20 yeah I was very and oh yeah I'm with a prodigy where's the pro and I know it's going to be coming up Brian may fifth. We just. The death is no they asked Ebert yet Daniel verticals enough data fifths not be with your student members three Wonder Woman which is June 2 guys that Sanath. I hope so it's a DC movie I'm just hoping some re not exactly all you can do is hold a mean world geek sort of to not video to not bad men DC movie and I'm hoping so spirit are Superman big Kirk's and it. They don't path then why now I yeah I am getting started towards the highlighted as I know I gotta get to be a guy like Chris find another another fantastic Crist. Low numbers to you style wars episode 8 December 15 year who are gonna ask you for my moment that's number two number one is our Justice League November 17 and wow power rankings are not there they hit it that. Now I don't look up front I thought I was thinking about the public about how this whole childhood and I think until but I'm not gonna I gonna feel also a not topped the highly cool yeah I think it remains as reader repulse. Bryan Cranston and all of us are saucers are I don't know what those guys are good actors smack they are I would I can't leave early but if I had to put this in any of those fifteen I just mentioned it's they might be sixty foot gaming Norris Hall. And this is it sing I gave Chris a present because this might be one of the biggest movies around very and we got a little promotional item for a there's nobody knows ballot is malaria and which is spin room which has been out there. As an amazing science fiction epic now hopefully it lives up to the hype but that is coming out this year as well like 21 yes and an industry getting a lot of good pub it's like a whole new universe none of us know what it is always looks. I sultry and yes that is what UCL have Australia. Yeah it was like OK is this a start and that's the problem is IE get into this sort of stuff and right. Well we have Star Wars so. Frank I wanted to do I mean I don't mind and you universe with. New people do everything is done by the people who did because element has a fifth element by doing it that's right now you know a Muslim disarmed if that's the case it is a look the sun blaring in the city of 2000 planets. Directed by Lucas on that any day going to be so there you go out guess I'll say it's not that they're down and I remain sorry yeah some day I don't I have little to address that is actually to do to be a mental we'll see that Tanzania and so -- on I am and I'm gonna go on anyone has any pitchers I Kerry carried only been in the in one of the title rules Ethan Hawke. Not something behind climb now going to be great jewelry in there reeker power yeah I'm threw me on I think about this wasn't around wasn't in my earlier Rosenberg that's OK okay guys that this enough people at my Larry asked as she may be amazed OK and she knows he may be yet to a lot of us it was terrible it's in the trailer and she looks real nice talking about home. Now choose an elementary. Which is a voice for home. And then there in the trailer you see you're walking on stage in her like hair in her like appearance is changed in electrical engineers here she has come along and beat it back back back back that's. Good I'm still stoked for malaria so definitely in new that we had our identity is that you list just the earliest excellent won't get out of here again the super thanks to Andrew yeah I don't think so yeah two days ago a lot of comics now that we can breeze so this will be a lot of fire and yet there and that if you guys are reading comics say that you are loving our there's no one's that you're still four that are coming out this year let us know. Send as some questions as it is for goalies so when he gets back he can answer I'm always love all that and until like sun and stinger anti. Your inner geek wants to come out and play but where to. Joined Vernon Wells said the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPD's video games or are just a major fan of size flying he culture Vernon Wells has something for every one. Let your deep flags fly at Vernon whilst. 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