BJGN02-17-17 - The Walking Dead - Legion

Friday, February 17th

The gang discusses the return of The Walking Dead; the series premiere of Legion; the LEGO Batman Movie; Gareth von Kallenbach talks TV news; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


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Your inner geek wants to come out and play blood where to. Joined Vernon Wells deep Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love RPG's video games or are just a major fan of size flying. Let your deep flags fly at very well just sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW dot club. Welcome yes welcome to BJJ's geek nation in I know reverend en Fuego across from media is Vicky Barcelona I. So we've got Chris Paul Walker mr. walk like if that. Yeah so BJ Shea they show's namesake he joins does I do join you and his sudden runs the board he's known as Steve. Who dropped a GTV. Product Jack Hanna. Good job buddy Harris. My goodness well today we're gonna talk TV whip the Walking Dead in the lead gen Powell talk a little Lago bad men dared Bud Collins Bob will join us and of course he keeps. They keep beat Vicki how can people get a hold. The last truly get a hold a severe websites can have all information it also has all of our podcast. He Gillis until married to also look until on the Amazon I'd go. Yes I know there you can only do is to say. Hey and the name of your Recco play geek nation on to an end. And if it's general legal outlets are viable and this is why you do that to people because it's fun you're such a trolls he asks clearly. Slowly he also like us on FaceBook LA info funny pictures we've posts all that good stuff. Just sector we DJB nation right there easy easy also also daughter and instigate a thorough daddy G-8 nations fighting Hussein Mac and cheesy. Now I'm as you say easy easy say demand is up straight American GZ while. I only was voice and I want anything at 3243353. Could also listening like Vijay just nation in watch your video that YouTube dot com slash B jiggy nation if you wanna get hold of me I won't be in it like for asylum because I'm going to. They asked. And she among the new if you guys do you subscribe to a son iTunes do us a favor leave us a review give us a I would not to start review because they're so I start joked okay we shut up pretty good shot grab home my goodness there really aren't our reviews already in May are apparently very angry. Was BJ there's says he's Vijay he's being angry at your guy though you suck random high science. Who okay I'll give him coffee range and now I did Chris yes sorry to. Let's start talking some TV where the Walking Dead it returns. Day in if you listen to us special ops yesterday well don't listen to mark runner he's a jerk well. Wow did he would he did not like the audio yesterday's hate watching it at this point in time and it really think it's just to troll me because every argument he has is stupid so I don't agree with him at all did you ever like a walking bands he says he did. But I find deaf and hard pressed to find a good. A review from him about this show. So I don't know what he's talking about hey here's a zombie purist and so I can understand if you know if he comes in the world of the old school zombie stuff that I I don't know the Walking Dead will fit his bill. Yeah and it just kinda gets to be bad at that point now plus the Superfund delay just poke at both of them while they're talking back and forth this instigated. Okay. Oh man yeah you can now you can get mark's thoughts in me yelling at mark about that and I'm Chris instigating matter how many goals. But at the same point BJ I know you've watched the latest senators Walking Dead how did you feel they came back and they're going around to each of the settlements trying to gather the forces so to speak. It earlier doesn't quite work out forum. No it doesn't but you know and in the immortal words of Chris armor which no parent a paraphrase of weasel words weren't that a moral. I'm not it's great city gang back together that yeah that's the really cool thing is with a gang is back together. And dual what they're doing is Rick is try and they know climbing uphill battle convincing people that fighting is the right thing to do. Including his body Morgan who could really made it easier format screw the coach yeah and it. It's really interesting because even after he had to turn where he had to kill to save Carroll's life. I figured that would be a character turn for him and he would completely go back to that well we need to do this especially these guys. But ease going back to that sort of same way where it's fine it's all right even like he did with the walls. A will keep them around it just because maybe they can. Be good in May be weakened to capture them as opposed to kill that kept their wall for a what are we doing terrorize Gotham city that was BS man I just killed their that's her idea as I've got them as well. I like the fact first of I have to say that does line of the night was new again saying out without fat Jolie skinny Joey is now just Joey had to god damn tragedy act that was an amazing I love that right up the price you all yes. He gives back. CM in this I don't do we see you know I always guys doing as well Milwaukee talky was aware it was nice to at least be able to hear him in no they his influence is still around. I really thought that they are heard kill with the cars was amazing. I don't Arizona delist any a little bit hard duty not only okay when I had fantastic to enemy you know EA just ski again that's for so I to me what's awesome what that show is the zombie kills they always find creative ways to kill zombies and you know that that there's a lot Arctic goes into that which is why I dig the show. Maybe that's why Iran doesn't like it so much as I'm not a zombie guy. But of course I love this show and it really isn't about the zombies. So much as it is about how they kill zombies exactly and of course the characters. Which are there are some great characters in that have been created from Robert curtains world that have been translated very well by the decree creative team on the shelf is speaking of those characters and a zombie kill was funny because before that. They had to. You know get rid of or deactivate all of the dynamite you RPG's and stuff. And it was looking at that cast of characters right they're doing that. And my wife looked at me she's like well we know how this is gonna go because if anything happened right here this show would be over. Because every single main character basically was right there defusing TDs ball on this ahead but it was like well let me great troll for the show yet there are season premiere is also going to be these series finale yet just go black like The Sopranos couldn't figure out what happened Jaffe is your explosion and the screen goes black death and then don't products don't act. Yeah no plot armor was pretty thick on that one at that point. It was interesting because I knew that Hilltop wouldn't go the way that they wanted it to in terms of getting any sort of people to help them out for the war that they want to have happened and yet. It turns out that. It was the people themselves but not the leader who wants to help out yeah that leaders he's such a pain in the ass because he's trying to play both sides had actors so good he always plays the most will easily guys ever using he's really got that his dad basically why I hate him so much. Great Gary Zander Berkeley who plays Gregory and an insanity that cut so good every team plays you call he's going to be Weasley. He was. Hi Jack just has slimy little guy but it's also setting up the fact that. Maggie I I think mag he's going to be taking over that whole town I mean she essentially is anyway at this point. Com but it's really solidifying it with that. I was surprised easy he'll. You know backed down but I guess with you know Morgan's words like recent before. It was a way to keep him keeping his his crusades. All the kingdom because most thinking to doesn't even know what's going on. He's taught me when you think about it though you know and and Carrie Peyton was a guest on talking dead and six point. He completely different voice completely different look because that's a wig he's bald. Oh really yeah and his voice is a lot higher in real life so it is a any so that's not how does such a great job because I believe him to be Ezekiel. But he you know he became really explain and talking dead that. I think about it he's somehow with the saviors has really kept no presence of them they don't know about them in his kingdom GAAP. Did they have to deal with the BS disorder had a handful limit go on meet the guys as we saw on the episode. But otherwise the kingdom doesn't know about the saviors. That's an impressive feat that he's pulled off and I can understand why he wouldn't wanna just go all you know what ripple doing your wake has his way has been pretty amazing better than anybody else has dealings with the sabres that we know absolutely. Only the only people who know about the saviors are his royal guard so to speak and of course there in four and they want to stop the seniors because they know what's going on yet it's only a matter of time and you know it's only a matter of time you give an inch you take a mile it's just it's just how it's just how evil or if you will. Depravity or or or you know or your insurance works you know bully you can never make a deal with belligerence noted -- gay gets bigger and bigger you eventually have to face it and did we finally did the group meeting up with what I assume is Oceanside it looked like at the very end of the episode that they were surrounded by a bunch of women with a budget gun yeah I don't know guys there's so it's got to be Oceanside right and so the grim with Rick at the and I think quizzed him realizing that hey if I can convince these people that we are not the saviors and we wanna take out the saviors that we've finally have our military. To take out because he's they had no idea. Terror has kept that C create. Bad I was wondering it's like how is terra going to bring this up because she's gonna need to. I think gotta you have to I think that's why they will side with them. They will know that this is an honorable group when they realize that their dad that the Rick knows nothing about them and none of know who they are and then then terror shows up. They you know and start saying well here's the deal. They've got to give her break and go OK you really capture word yeah you know you've got these this is on the line at these guys are to kill everybody what they've done dear people. And you didn't betray us yeah we chew could've I mean you know I'm in especially when you know news Rick says look there's all these other things up there we could come anytime if we do know by yeah. Absolutely feel like that's going to be huge gap. One thing that was really weird at the very beginning father Gabriel taking a bunch of supplies and taking off year ask. Whom we don't know why but we know what's the reason is there's gotta be a reason because he when he was driving off I don't know if you miss this for if you caught it. There was a second person in that car why didn't catch that yes I had comes up at the end lol. Your the backseat. I don't know who it is it stands to reason it was the shadowy figure that has been thought that had been following are rich and Aron. From. All seen that before all rights don't know who it is at this point I'm not a word hoping it would be someone like T dog coming back from the dead. I don't think that's do you think the shadowy figure is the one that's been bend and then made him do this yes absolutely adamantly think that is just one of those. Don't know who could possibly be at this point but I don't think it's going to be someone we've seen before maybe one of their characters that has been in the the comic book series. I can see very interest and I don't even know who is not a savior probably. I would hope not if and vote means that going back choose the boat where Erin you already got the food and supplies gas so that's where we saw that shadowy figure. Momo on that end I wonder if if if in fact it's one of the Oceanside people. Young public don't know because it's it's it's it's pretty coincidentally went to go find Gabriel mignon Oceanside gap so I'm glad that walking day is back my soap operas back Jack attack at. Moving on to legion now this we're going to be talking about just the first episode at this point yet it's eight it airs the night before we record. And unfortunately super lays a lot of us are gonna have a chance this is actually get an expanse except if you're Chris while we're all doing our day job I just I I get to watch all the Wednesday shows. Look I thought you guys were already I don't think get I didn't know her you're the leader pay attention you people with regular cable TV I don't know how you watch anything so I'm just trying to get caught again. Keel team either. She showed me to put up a path. Com so we're Lee Jin just talking about the first episode. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was awesome I thought it was a good way to bring in another show into the easy sheik he X-Men universe they're either really good movies are there really bad movies. And I haven't this this is this one of the first X-Men universe TV shows I'm pretty sure that LA live action yet yeah. Yeah I think so as far as revenue it would mutants have we had a live action mutant reference and on TV show I don't think things out meta human on the DC world in and night in human if you will and I shields so yeah this might be the first. I'm mutant reference in I've really enjoyed it I thought is it the first episode plays a lot like a movie and the action the last five minutes I was like. Oh damn that was not expecting that. Isn't dumb mind epic kinda wish since I am in the state of Washington and it's completely illegal that I have a little bit of herbal enhanced pat and I all I want us to. They're saying and it's it's interesting you can't stop watching a lot of my dad he kept talking tied Pozen mixed. I we need to watch is full on that I actually have to link her I eighty kiosk somehow. And I still just can't get over Jenny from the league being his sister that would so we're just trying to figure who that is an agenda has a ten and it was. I was I was like who is that who is that there's a zen thing I've titled the rub she looks so different. And it will be hair he had a 1960s and I think it's cool it's in the sixties which is understand where we're trying to pin downwind it is because I don't act sixties or not I think that's not this is because they are dressing like the sixty snow. K so whenever David is in the institution in from his point of view and we see like the outfits and closing Briere. Definitely very sixties and and the technology that whole thing tell me whether I don't know but yeah he's sitting in that room with the interrogator or whatever before he goes in the pool. That you got a pat he's molecular process. Oh yeah you're right has some sort of wasn't it kind of like a whole not holographic but ailing popped out the screen there was something else yeah so that makes me feel like there is Lou there's a. Because we're we're inside David's mind for a lot of big parts of this show given its its current Simon gets rescued so that's what my question what are they wearing when he gets rescued it more normal stuff normal hairdos existing normal that the modern yet they connect to his hat forehead it was like an awesome later like his old school like seven Beazer sixty I got my tax how old this is do rates. I don't know and that's one of the English minimally even in the first episode she's like okay you're remembering this I'm looking like injecting my right into your memory so maybe he is a lot older and everything we're seeing really is or he's just. Really mentally off. Off of off center and he needs is everything when I was getting rescued in that look like real time right it was the same age you look like the same guy looked like the same guy but I OL zarrella has more modern sort of made your eyes when you media media add to this some mystery. I got no idea except that maybe they're gonna do the whole time travel thing through memories all all all of those old course. Over the course of the series like the idea that he's here there she is that power whatever way his power over and over again it's yeah it's really weird how does she get into was my because these because she she she does not mean we we know she switches bodies. They might be somebody on those power. That's been itself regarding Harrington and then you're welcome so much going on now somebody else can projected themselves clean them own self that power in his brain but they're not gonna he's not know who that is so needed to send someone he trusts and they already have a talk and heading Dudek I was pretty awesome job she did it's I'm Harry there's an iPad. She and people all so there goes a guy and just tell me that's also I love it. It yet to complete my death at this point I'm really a really intrigued and add it definitely makes you wanna see more I wanna see where this is going so so far thumbs up on my and. Yeah it is oddly enough and I couldn't. Confirming an online DD but I totally think that the talk live version of him when and we re the beginning I am pretty certain that's bad baby easy and Walking Dead that turns until like locker the end of seem I not think color. A polite walker I know you you are you talking about him throngs that's animate yes sir and I had what I isn't going to do anything at twelve why blocker thing and don't tell but nobody would be almost three or four years old who's there. Then turned. Yeah and the include current things I had I had you I don't I couldn't find. It didn't saving the time they don't bright that in for like you're yeah. Being a little bitty babies they don't know how we have given credit nice is my guess we have as the current episode obviously but it anybody any clue the demo with the yellow eyes and that's about who I I was trying to think. All I don't think I only really there but that was might the first thing that popped in my mind I love that answer there were flashes of like kind of a glut this fatty demon type yeah I was all right I. Like the only thing I was thinking haven't I know that they're never going to do this character especially in light a annexed in university really toll could would be like Mo Jo. Okay button I don't think that that would be necessarily worthwhile. In less I mean lake. If it's all of this whole thing is it Mo Jo world in like the sixties is just the fact they've gotten that the television screens from like back then in the try to incorporate all this. I mean it's completely and utterly stupid but it would be kind of funny hilarious gonna blow don't know Joseph world who don't long charger white dot. I don't know if this has anything to do with the show but I just found a little background info about who'd David Holler it oh this. I really don't what is on his eye LLC crystal Karen Osborne is but did anybody here besides Chris scare. Or I should just tell people that I don't know why are you watching Joseph OK I'm this is something I found this early in the comics who he is. Miss her singing and I don't know if it's gonna connect in the show or not status of dreaded. OK. That wraps around our I don't know I was very latest examiners say you maybe people should go to week he had himself and he'd bring it up once it comes along yeah a look at go to Wikipedia and type in legion Marvel Comics and it's in the first line until you Blake. Yes how weird how. Related when I got Chris don't let. Do you sort of what I well now you prime given away who else we be connected to clouds. Yahoo! answers only to people we could be connected to knowing what his abilities are well done little don't want anything to do that none not necessarily have anything to do as a way here if I see if I said soon names you're gonna Tommy had Iran Tulsa. Names like noting but I'm just saying you have to where he said she's our friends are saying connected as they could also being a non endemic though there's two Davids move on as it related doesn't know much about the do you try to. If there's any I don't know the name Toto I know the name I would do it out why you just know what I said related I don't like I had children later I mean like what we're doing reply yes I want now my I want to talk to rev so you don't want us to spoil what you Marty spoil for. I don't think that we should do is spoil this one I didn't tell anyone in his nobody really later you are known anyway so I write this down right now and you get up and I could do not all right go into plastic bag he's okay and right now Chris Bury your eyes Mike has it was frustrating and most cover your face current face is covered all right so one of those two names in my my right yeah. He blew a GM to end the half I had no idea he'll Vicky actually said the connecting parts it's just on an. This is your crazy mind ever revealed how do it is he's detainees analytical like say even if he didn't go into it that nobody else would now know that's how all geeks are Vicky yeah. You ever done literally you your. Our district there are tons of people real and I now I don't know why I cannot no no I'm not would you what you've heard now you have no idea who he might be an internal don't you just now now I know hey hurting then and only yesterday and Bob jerked the last name is is when I got. And if it's if that's part of it and that's fine them. But now I don't I don't I don't look real because I don't know I never I never knew I know you don't know what I'm I have with a way to him saying that if you had to pick some people what you might think this. I know I'd I did not spoil the right you see OJ is trying to use of any pregnant women now today plus oh I would say you're going to be allowed me out there who don't actually know much about legion is as I know we know they last a marvel universe how his last name please you're turning into making now and I know another character with that same last name that is lab drugs and I got a I don't know I think people are stupid. I saw I know now I think everybody I mean I would say is I've already thought this I'm stupid as soon as I saw the first episode I wondered. Hey I wonder if he's got any do a blank killed anyone's necessarily mean I use this. Do you just assume by what I said disconnect Delhi once again went up look at these and so here's what's going on the comics it's cannon it's like oh all right tonight now don't pay the other three saw the multi. I'm gay people have a better question yes and that is why we have to say there's a connection when I had no idea what was going on in our British rabbit an exact idea of what's going on. I don't know what's going on with like who is this government facility like DJC okay. I think you know obviously I yeah but only because I object yes and we do we talk about the episode yes far dockers. Love you look to go violated to admit that you love to go find spoiler we stuff and tell us about me. Lakes to going deep and complain about you you wanna just what I'm not. Idol needs to these things it's probable I didn't I didn't go to Wikipedia had to bring it up nine know you had to go more in depth they kind of just flown over the radar. All right you know you are both beautiful essay on the star watch it all these episodes ahead are you all now are good people watching leader Jim I don't know I checking out a way and I'm going to do any spoiler and reverend possibly gonna talk about today stock lay go bat man iPad talk I saw. I don't think he's gonna spoil it's I haven't seen yet screw a lot of re your last. 80 my goodness girl I guess there are Lagos thieves get built and there's no hurry and a bomb bomb bomb he's really lay overs when you. That's we usually do like. You know are spectacular isn't anything easy this isn't spectacular worthing and I don't necessarily think it's usually wait two weeks no way you act as Brazil you know we are my it's today I got tickets for my dad for his birthday so I haven't seen well this is that if anything spoiler your super dad they just want to see it may be well. I IATA hey guys yen digital media and read recommended to people. I feel like there's a lot of cool stuff I'd like to talk about what this movie but but yet but I like did I definitely you should go see it again they're. I really appreciated all Easter eggs which you told me to look out for and I told you about an and that's I think there's some things and that may be some younger bat men fans might not get that I yeah and you know what there may be some other things in there that I mean I guess. I love that you know I told Vicki to be on the lookout for. For the way Alfred dresses because that actually does reference a moment from the 1960. Dow ten. Let's break that I don't I don't posting hey guys spoilers on the Diggnation FaceBook page what he's in the movie there's a list of all Easter eggs. And you can see. And I do not why do not read this if you haven't seen the movie could have I'd like to see them let's is that I probably missed some assuming her pace on AB edition geek nation be thought I actually I think you are feeling and I gave you we tease that's a different out of T I'm gonna be looking up there and I think it's half as it is to man much. I just don't know carries up Mike Bennett and I thought I had a place of six I say this it's a generational thing my generation is not a tease her generation knows how to spoil John Mara hello. I was oil well plenty it's gone down. Let's move on because well god this is a train wreck we've got there is on column box or. I spoke with him we got some TV did you see them doesn't he speak back to you yes they do in his right ear O Gary it's now we've been talking a lot of movies and such but we need some TV news going on here because there's a lot of geeky things going on. We've gotten an update on stranger things thanks to the Super Bowl. That is correct yes they get these strange things coming out are howling heard this season chew desks and of course we should overcast observed but make no way around their work shows and you have Milledge got a pro coming up chairman actually comical a couple weeks or actually you're gonna get a lot of hype building up this and what was really interest singers as people who follow the show no. When they went mentioned sees someone need nobody really knew how this was going to be received. And so they didn't show. You know multiple failures all mapped out because they were and and basically turned him so open ended its season. Guys you may only get this one year. They're so. There's story you hooked you know let's keep Procter and opened. And be sure runner should said recently that while they always when they were working functions more compelling had ideas for what. What potentially happen to continue on. They said we'd never won a good strong run into one of these shows what's going 78910. Years and they should do don't we kind of look at it as saying if we are fortunate not to continue I think we can say what we need to say in about four short years. How okay cool so at least they have an idea if not the whole thing mapped out that I imagine that was something like this they don't have everything planned out. Right into the military and chipped rehearsed watchful about on things like social ratings are mean even one of the problems is that they won and whips. Nobody know what's and it caught on talk while fire. There are gonna get that lucky this time out nobler ratings are going to be future obviously because ever produced some like strange things are gonna watch it. But to squirt is going to be there. Yeah absolutely you have to see where that ends up going for beyond that but hopefully we'll get those he give those years and hopefully will be just is this is the same quality as we had in the first season now here's an interesting wine. There's going to be a New Castle mania series. This is going to be for kids is it because I mean this is this all different mean. But I can't imagine that they're gonna be cool with having like Simon Belmont no hold Dracula. Seeing being for kids. No and that's the thing about it it's going to be an animated series and this whole beauty running on Netflix is we understand that but everything we've been told us it is especially not scoring streak. Children's. You know. I enter their animation little going to be adults. Marketed to stop so you're gonna have the whip sure they have the vampire you're gonna have the supernatural element Cilic. And so it's going to be interest to see how that plays out because you know this is also something you have to be very careful of how remarkable all these. I canceling the game shipments in Colombia putting a lot recently. It does have a name to it and you being on Netflix being riddle exceptional. I could special kid you're murmured I'm gonna watch the Newcastle also okay early in the I don't know half hatfill had debris and ripped off and whipped syringe Earl didn't. That's gonna make furnishing afternoon at triple a tourist friendly counsel for sure if I actually think got a good and I think it's a nice way of showing that. You know it way to turn elect Logan colonel Victor of pool I think. Studios are a little less cautious about. Everything's got to be PG thirteen to appeal to a friendly audience yeah and they kind of look better and said how older to people who broke playing counseling and. She yeah RA NN if its anything indication it's like with me was to eighties it was the ninety's so you're gonna be and that and the lead in he leaves that early thirties at that point. Correct and so they won a PG. You know safe fairly current ratio of course not yeah I hope it's going to be just as awesome as I would hope it to be I mean gosh having gone back complain audio castle main users because no hay and installed in all that's up. This is really exciting and then finally. We've got some more news on the casting front four marbles runaways kinda Vicky is super stoked for this. What do you have for us. Well this is very interest and because we are there new push go. Marbles well the way it's which is coming on who you know the interesting thing about it is to those who don't know. It is about a group called the pride in their approach super villain to control prime. On the West Coast no media interest single capturing this year James Mercer sewage and boxing ending Scholl and Tom. You get kip Purdue. And he's been a lot of shot very strong as well and you've got up this very diverse gesture let's. More where people are looking edit going. Ha and this is. You know not initially what you might have sought out of the characters. You know this is thought he might have thought would be ideal to portray the characters. But then when you see it you go you know what they do look depart they do have certain charisma and a dark element to them. That works well because certainly you know these are not just this is not like suicide squad were these are straight are pulling dark people these are people that may be bad guys but they also have very diverse personalities to them. And then thrown out of the way to get actors and actresses or to reflect absorbed very curious to see how that plays out. Because look stay honest this was no warmer more well known marvel series and there have been some people at church make. Aren't they run the risk going too far you got you know legion facts you've got other things coming. You've got all the DC shows on the CW you've got all the Netflix marble shows coming. You know is a reporter words just too much at one time yeah and so we you know we'll see but I think it will be very interest and to show this play itself. Marion. To see gotta love the fact that we can talk about you know shows on stuff like Netflix and Hulu as opposed even just you know network grieving cables stuff there's so much geeky stuff out there that if it if you're not intuit is kind of an interesting because he could just flat out go away but there's still so much other stuff out there. Correct and I think you're gonna see a lot more of those true because. We're not far from wonder Colin and then eventually leading into San Diego comic crunch and the you know racial crowns lower dimensional look emerald city changed over country you're gonna searching. Many of these actors and actresses also appearing on the convention circuits towering shot that has been announced that that somebody shows you're going to see. These things that we don't know about yet who you know now optional PL promoting those that's what really makes it exciting it's one. You sure about something in your realized within a week Richard you're going to be out new numbers looks in the promotions and shops and that's very exciting to have. Totally and thank you so much Garret again we'll get more information as we get it you can find out that and more TV tech video games at. Skewed in reviewed that is SK NR dot net Garrett thank you so much. Correspondent thank you so much geared to give that is gears on Conan buck broke skewed in review that is as Kay an art dot net now it is time to get to go often. Sheets who is you need a big key putting das for us. Well we do gun movies this weekend coming out you might as the ceiling of about an idea how this usually crews said nothing about Lego Batman now. You guys are just it is is a drain Iraq. You guys I had I REDs is there's an area saying they guess what we're just moving on you you cannot stop fighting and you're going on time out yeah like the less you say right now the better like a spectacular renew next week. They're not I just don't know why don't and that's why we I guess aren't talking about it we talked about it now see who wins material away let's put what are you doing greedy. She yeah we know of learning center and that's coming up this week. The great mom dad. Tell Linda and it's. Take a page a tough guy RM and a step here and there. Did you say it is wrong every time. What will loom. Wonderful to Williams will Columbine when the bells that we're in says it will as I'm not mad but I know that there are listeners out there was found in nuts everything hey if you're going that's cool story broke. But yet not getting sits. Assets such great really what's CEO want to see percentage till 92%. Of believes like it's a Purdue already 92% as of now yes. I I do I want to see I don't time I'm surprised you wanna see this and it doesn't interest me at all it. Why don't let it I'm monsters it's not sure a monster Willamette. Okay he is out right arm learn either team I can just ourselves from the bright you know somethings you just tell this is going to be a pile most athletes did I have to be that guy I guess I mean I've got a game in any minute. Career did you think crowd listened you know usually rises only see him you know it's been counsels people I. I'd like to lease deals burned he's got to help those people up. I wasn't rising up I guess the movie I've got to some we fix it fix the hole is easily GOP yeah I actually like that's like Billy Donovan agree with BJ today I didn't have known since its name. Home home home. And then yes you read you really wanna see this probably see it meant mayors on my app I've turnout in the Ocampo nationally in all of that I didn't it's just a good movie. Another movie the taunting agree on the tomato meter but people are wanting to see is called a cure for wellness in this looks interest what is this about it it's a horror like movie. It's an ambitious young executive a sent to you know retrieve his company CEO from a nap. I feel like button serious wellness center at a remote location or Swiss Alps. He's a suspect that the spas and miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel it's terrifying secret his sanity has tested any finds himself diagnosed. With the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here a longing for cured no. Yeah free below gained. It does look very creepy I heard part of the problem is the length of the movie through it's over two hours might be around to and how I learn so you're 46 his. Yeah and let's see 26 he the man had a lot of time for on time or movie usually. I like my horror movies about ninety minutes yet he did any get out get the glory your finer having fun like that just seems like it'll be a bit of a slog. It stars a dean. And that crappy spend the he played a huh. Oh he's also a man exiles I think is Symbian verbally or in as well yes he's rarely got Larry in Dallas chronicle and then he was amazing Spider-Man he is bring Dublin Harry oust yeah I was like hey I like that guy he's he's really always on the guys from the. The movie that was the the Josh track but the good movie chronicle chronicle Debbie I just that much did you really know if I'm glad I'm paying attention there. But Jason Isaacs is like the evil mastermind guys. And I don't know that it's. He was Lowe's any and what's his face is. Malveaux lays father correct how how. Oh boy oh he's Jason Isaac song sought help for gonna much of America. You guys are still kind of wanting words a little different in his former leader of one I didn't it is all ax ax oh that's right. And this is getting 60%. With 80% wanting to see it. Annie Dillard research honest and apparently is like I said for movies and one in there all of directed and starred by females right that's the XX Myanmar get a I don't get it. But I'm one of them we have a Melanie Lynn ski she was rose from Two and a Half Men look at a hand up in the air she's a crazy chick at she plays she's in the the lead in the segment the birthday party. We also have a Christina Kirk. Could you guys she's not powerless she can't Jacki yeah those are watching at home she does the segment I her only living son. We also have Natalie brown who is then dawn of the dead and postage to report and I apparently but she's in the segment of boxes it's for different segments. And it's supposed to be a Harmon features all females female directors has to really really good and I just. Found a check out gained 60% as of now. Gary Sam beat you you always good whenever in a word goes to get over 60% ahead eating here a gallon for the night he just did with that nobody wants to go with me yeah right. Well then don't like sandbags synergy. Your inner geek wants to come out and play. Blood where to golf joined. Vernon Wells the Golden Globe where you when your fellow geeks can hang out play games and just nerd out 24/7. Whether you love our TV's video games or are just a major fan of size Friday he called sheriff Vernon Wells says something for everyone. Let your geek flag fly I've heard in whilst. Sign up today and see for yourself DNW dark club that's BMW doc plus.