Broad-Cast Ep. 64 - "DRAANKS"

Friday, February 17th


Vicky B, Ooh Sara, Sailor Sage, and Kianna talk about how its almost impossible not to get into a fight in Ikea, a cool new thing Porn Hub is doing, and then weird drinks we won't drink or that suprisingly taste good!

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Field. And I'm deployed to. It yeah. I. We welcome to another addition of these broad pass. Big big. Advocate Breslin. Yeah you iron do. Sandra. Homeland. And we got Selig saves G. And we need and that key data and we can Dominic and where to eat critically we what was Carolina he on national one marijuana. Smoke double smoker back I'm not not a I don't know if they say Obama is going. How it would it lately with all the initial together it's you know as Adam. Mobile. And that's K and by no I'm a ads can. I had a global equity share. Yes and I really hard to think. Cast month of the commitment letter written it. On the but that if people wanted to contact us age before we get into that can gather evidence that pulled are they going to time and Earthlink. We're gonna talk about it dating app and we're gonna read a message here is seems. Kelly Kia actually and it went in so by making and we realizes the science behind that they've actually from white people played it again. Yet and from the off on the part of doing. Well. More. Well. And wanna get a hold or lastly you have a phone number. 253778360. To nine in the message or texting yeah well. Then we've also got Gmail which is the broadcast 999 at It's a damned Twitter Facebook's. All energizes the broadcast 999. Violence and ethnic and Gina in that it's. How cool thing. About that. So we didn't get what message is from my buddy Wyatt. Only from Wyatt and me in the wreckage and you guys know the band pretty awesome local brand they know how to. And but he just semi MSCs and back pages as into the broadcast for the first time that adds is malaria is well and and quiet you girls and you could. And I yeah. Definitely man at a Nevada signs. I'm on the Q yeah very much sailors on here. Yeah. By the way speaking of sailors say it's yeah. Some of these. Honestly and I just. And yeah the original Latin and let it kind of getting the game that he has you know limited mental checked yes certain pilot flagrant. We we went out for drinks in this on today no it was today after and yeah now I'm not. Group on beating owner out on. I'm getting I just don't like having anniversaries around Valentine's Day so in my head and our anniversary is our first date. Which is two weeks verdict. That's very react knowing it's neat we went out drinks and Ireland clips make a drinking game out of this and see how many people from high school. Commentary like on you know it. And back out here at home then. Real. Did he ask you McCain won MB of those who had a happen not only just kinda. Hello again a joke and then it was keep it this way I think I mean I wasn't really a joke it was just fun. But there is one of them as we did see what happens it on in twenty seconds later got a text from my past girlfriends it was like. So with the fish conflicts. At a big deal not a it'd actually that is training like finding guys actually get to commit to you is ridiculous. Ellen I can't have. An out of it anyway girl all our Larry Allen on the money and it's as stupid that it does sound is it both. And here I'm gonna ask you about it runs in a comment about men including Saudi like him on it adds I am able to grandma's like. I'm very carefully what I post on FaceBook screw up my folks in gaming element. But really isn't okay change and you. People. What you're probably want gonna wanna avoid now that you're official gone. Is going to IKEA he's going to like you have a lot my story. I have got a regular like a family member or yes. I'm betting with but Emma recently and I actually ran. That I'm in veggie meatballs merit who whoa. Okay those are told Reggie ball's not Beijing meat balls because there's not really meet them if they meet. It was actually able. Total rubles another and there's not have also the disposable hello meet call older don't think they're called actual cash. And drama but anyway they're secrecy. About it. Great experience I got a dollar recognize. That day a red and but apparently. I mean I'm gonna like it doubles and but you myself. I don't friends are Fam nation over here and there are now I have a couple times of that second novel. Much as I wanted to Annie but he brushing me hearing frantic times. I don't mind and heart and I keep them at and I usually I can't do movies the eyes of identity implement self but I think he also is like. I usually need something. Died and I don't have the lightning anybody to come with me either. They give it an 80 yeah like that once you're in here and there. I gotta get a couple times to pick up a couch and it was pretty pretty easy actually with him. Really aged teacher of them can banana microphone. And love it. It can't focus today really know how one place you always seem to fight with somebody. Think everyone having a rush is it restaurants is that what is your place where you always seem to have the disagreement. Yeah I think and the airport. The airport at lake when you're traveling there because it's such high stress this person and airports to be there on time. Yeah daddy teacher and yet I've got to get Kerry about an airport in the next boyfriend comes packed oh yeah I think we actually heard about that like delete them I just about Atlantic of anyway back yeah but yeah. Like without him now. Like told them where I mean they're there eventually nail let's see going with you on the street. As he was RD we had started this road trip down to us Southern California and does some things kind of unfolded that that was the straw that broke the camel's back percent and so what used to sleeping scientists got up and about one way ticket out of John Wayne back up here. You body heat no light and those of us like does that. Fifty but those the past little. You broke up can't pretty much do you live in an airport just an airport in our ride the next morning re like hey use up your food. Pretty much and I say if there was a lot to behind a little odd that residents like I am no I would not back we'll let you blame her mind at all that he was crying and you never flown before. A lot out hungry and I and we like guys that we flew out of John Wayne's and you've flown into John Maine I know how would that take off. A little bit different Hugo really straight up in the cut the engines to be as he flyover by two communities and house's of the at a reduced noise pollution. So he just was like yeah he said it was the worst flight ever blow up that. And he got so cool so offended that. Sosa out and I continued on with my road trip by myself and I was actually really and yeah. My heart straight up like rip through those guys but I don't I don't know how Procter and afterwards I'll have yeah. Yeah it just like. Nat and I couldn't elbit there was and they broke me as like nope I don't wanna be around anymore you're you're leaving I cannot spend the authority as Libya. Yeah and are you have. So cool I mean you allow I don't even about Aaron the ball do you policies he is easy. Just very be it diet and I would immediately taking Yuba buyer complained that it but would. But if I don't think there's a chip them yeah I didn't pass meant it was an investment and I understand that so you know. Paid off well can have that smoke free necessarily carries a life people and a fighting in IKEA. One of the reasons is because you're overwhelmed by the choice among other things overwhelmed by the size of that you're like well what about this one what. Alan yeah that's cool like your year. You know lately redoing her house in the government better something's there's a lot of like that you get this rally and ahead. So he's an extra fifty bots either looper in our party we get a partner and I got a PAM knowledge about tennis. Yeah I would even on my friends you like like cheers and hair. Nine. Iron and nine for me he all of that and it. You hate shopping and shopping in ninety actually able idol does for you re a gunnery leading lake. A I was only just take that she does Spain it does not care if it fits your back that's fine Hoffa is an honor. And you'd put this on the and a Hispanic is like that well yeah and as Bonnie do. Not secretive you're gonna have plastic logic here and there I am well whatever she got a Craig's list every image I had delivered to her she's gonna get it out in public plastic plate I use that almost have to Wear all the things he wants his talent does not make sense to me I am. And I. Dollar plate load balanced or an alum but there. Oh my. All the upper hand on him since that upper left I'm like all right and some salt and pepper shakers. Yet the airliner that snide mean I don't know Heidi can afford it better under rich man on not amount of time looking at that you're gonna lose. Minus apparently a set of plea symbols and that's the mugs. Like eighty dollars you really want them so pretty. Don't you have plates will be slowly breaking I realize I miss so I have. Have another remain moving in and she brought in some Ursula and plates and stuff until she moves on a couple of months. It. I realize that when they move outward not have any bowl in which to land that are. At every. Watcher. Every single time that you perhaps you have that's the dishwasher is an addition and mr. McCracken. What I think you both. Tiny tiny means. I will see the all night all mines as a whenever you do move out in twenty years. I've got to take them with you. I'm funny government and out of their element to my dad announced there on the church and it's filled that out in or. We informed. Another reason why I yeah. Why they Guillen like couples you know. Help me there because frustration and frustration breeds more frustrations of email and your pretty level and it ya your frustrated that I get. I'm not on our op or them a lot of our loss marked. Pushed the art and it just it's more and more and more are just gonna keep rolling Roland too much to do the moral of the story if you're girl wants to go to IKEA say. Hal now a little more old aren't exactly did you get really stone before hand. Yeah I mean upon and I was. And here's the other thing the fund has just and we here at the store like when you leave because of the bill up. No that's the worst. I actually enjoyed building here it's like finally I will not like that a calming you know. Actually be able to like that I like the guy is selling at I don't you look at the direction that night is kind of but it is if I ever and it you I think our no problem that you know you're trying to keep an artist it's funny yeah poll. And the eighth slot OK but I'm paying an ever want to be. But with screwed deed wells and they just seeing into ordered replace Ali and rain. I did mention coming up porn hub. Waves it off them that we ailment that porn this actually accords free aren't of not. Who would've thought other apparently they wanna be the next hottest destination for sexual education. Big I and it's. Yeah. The mail all. That was spun I have not want to know losing at home. The look of states with priceless. Love doesn't glad I did not realize that we have a Mike on button and he does want to end the looked as we're doing average age it actually purged day and know that not mean that we're going to be murdering each other with an Iowa or not. Now I'm like we got the memo lays sorry at Maine which are exempt you. Who play. Were actually is clearing everything out our offices in cleaning we do different once a year that the ash Aaron Aaron Baddeley recycling bins and all those other crap and it's fun. So that's what I'm going to be doing after outcast and he came in and then that mother effort. He realized he had president that there are no diesel out a bad hair yet you think you have to come and that's final who use their phones and he could be the first well on the front I don't know if it's top office who. Might well I. Did all you fired men. It Obama's you know I just did our senior club now don't mess with him it government's plan the so apparently. A couple weeks ago. Porn hub actually. Took a pee weird that but also kind of cool. Do you know have a free subsite rule to become a go to resource for people to go you know get their sexual education so they're going to be talk about. Ex CIA isn't sexual safety and how to manage relationships. Because honestly a lot of people are getting older information out sex on the Internet. What it usually watch Carolina which is not gays and I've talked to people like if you have a conversation with your child. About the birds and the bees because you're too much analysts. I will do that 48 and it will be. Is not discrete I will be. I'll tell everything we need an a level not miss out any deeper than a month in comedy tells. I think in under eat free at teach you strength and I'm like thinking of all the dirty ones. And and with them. I think that is gory moments because they don't really defects and anymore now that what little talk about STDs and biology. And then. You'll have a health class where you kind of talk about it by. I don't remember ever actually. I remember in fourth grade we sat down and like the separated the boys and a girl yes coming at you got your little like they put a Tampa on enacting a water and don't look you know and expect you think. And that gave it back count them on the man and a well I know it and you know I'm really fat and no I may never have that I think I think the most we had was like we did she showed us common in Portland Al but I don't think that she actually yeah on anything. No I don't even thing we ever I don't know if there are no other resource is my friends are all in this group and for the life I mean forgetting what it's called Robin who's been on the podcast before he. She's to be apart like our friends with a lot of these people and group where they're teenagers and they would go to school and they would teach sex that. Too they're dredging it and passed on but it's funny all these kids were from our school but our school wouldn't let them do it. Like they like our school when let them come in and do it it's our schools very absent base here and legislator is is in Washington with the c'mon now in response to progressive here. Yeah the only way to current rent. Teenage. Pregnancy. And that's TDs that are spreading throughout high schools is to teach that give them the knowledge of what it is good if you tell them not to do it. And it did your shooters they're gonna go do it yet do not remember oil like being a teenager and does unity rebel. And you you know that's like sex is fun. And I night makes that they're gonna figure it out like sexy sex could care less the virginity but like while they're in high school. And exactly. And guess what I what fleeing you know we've all been safe enough to or nothing you know horrible happened but men are not dead right. That's what I mean and I don't have did exactly am I ads mean I'm thinking like if I would get pregnant the very first and I had sex age fifteen. My kid would almost. If he. Yeah they'll be thirty in a couple of years like bats I literally my test flight had to swallow puke because it's so. Weird thing off and it would be getting. If you like twelve years old thirteen years old. That blows my mind and now now so this is I mean unfortunately this is what has had to come to because we are not taking charge of medicine. There needs to be more awareness about sexual health and we kind of man you really think all the pants umpire do just had a conversation. Like if you honestly can't they are many resource as go to your local go to your doctor. Yeah I'd get do it violently not altered to brochures and everything in any view. Bring a child and like they did. Nurse practitioner or we'll sit down with them have a conversation and explain about not only that all the things that people think oh it's just about like condoms and how do you have seconds and no it. Also the author teach you on how to. If you're in a bad relationship and about two to the ocean how to get help how to take care of yourself you know check your body one of the things they took a human sexuality course in college and one of the main things I learned. Was to be aware of your body to. Constantly be looking and checking your entire body your genitals and everything because if something's wrong needle and a familiar with your own genitals. You're not gone now. I'm coming off her career and you know like I had this conversation my roommates I started I'm out brown bat like he got hit in an. You know feels something now he's I don't know if this is just like a scar tissue or if this is you know something else. But he is well aware currently checking to make sure everything's okay. Yeah so this is that is mean and if yes span you know 25 bucks co pay to go to the doctor so be it yeah I'm sure you're well aware. I owed to the doctor yeah I like if you're sketched out by any name go to the doctor and especially like one of the most of Ayers and I was younger like. Like I had quite a yeast infection all I got an I whose sole. Like embarrassed and didn't know what the sorry what the hell lag and I did on his honeymoon to tell my mom like and didn't you know any and that's how was the first time anybody he and I decide it was just. You really ever end well I and I was instill much pain and I Don Maris and I finally eventually like how the balls of my ominously. It came on the imminently. We own a home guard you waited a week at home dude did not like I'm surprised or were able walked into my group. Yeah. Now it terrible and it's funny because there's so much going on them like. Even go to the doctor and talking to them to so many more things you just used either hearing about UT I agreed to back during these but there's a lot of other stuff that can happen. A lot of people attribute that you better ST it's like no this anesthesia happens to be another infection but because we're so closed off. We don't talk about this and we don't know about it. So I end up totally judging other people are judging ourselves. And I mean yeah that's at me like I was in school and I guess my parents more I mean both they like. Made it more clear about at CDs. Like because I still Audi like always forget about and I'm way more like. Well pregnancy yeah yeah that's all I really think Alec I wish and I think nowadays because it like we and our research and Elvis that people are morally. Awareness and then the ninth the now I really think the patient make that we are cleared it. I think one of the things in I don't know if you guys noticed this too back in school immediately when we did get we are going to get all the pictures of yes TDs like and you know then. The pot and the fun stuff you. Amber seem that and they made it seem like her lawyer every you know be terrified and I feel like we should put an emphasis on hey let's be safe let's take care of ourselves. But also it's not in the world if it happens again and hopefully. There's something dad but there are pretty horrible you know but they're not a silly death sentences anymore and there are other ones that like here's your penicillin. Sucks to be here for a couple of days a year ago the majority of them are treatable and I'm not saying even the ones that are the ones that aren't treatable. I'm Manny yeah scandal and you can still live a healthy. Sex life and all that stuff he had a one notre can be in a relationship again I think it's about being open like he don't be due respect not tell people about it. Be open about like I've gone out with somebody who had something and he's just like this is what's going comic okay is on those are safely take precautions will find and we where. And a you know nothing ever happened. Like don't put a stigma on it obviously don't treat it like we seek is he well I get something else to take a pill now. Technically that is stigma and worse yet they really are especially in light entertainment. Still such high statements for certain things at play can stop the leaders Sony people how evidence. It's I don't really feel. With I think they. Have done their part and that's I was reading. Talk about herpes or something on on the main show I think they have Derek Jeter hasn't volunteered. There. I have thought I had a crush on and it's easy to admire that and now war. Is there and and be well. Basically yeah he made it went securities and Q outlook on life. On yeah identity in my hey hey there. But that one and six people it have one form or another and you never radical its early years in akin. You yeah you have entitlement. Asia Latin Americans happy HSB one yet. So should people. On the notes. Gentlemen. That we really can't tell I don't think really for my caddie stood Exxon. And I have to. And let us get you put that each. It actually is supposed to have a signs as those of a doctor's appointment that day I'm getting like. But he got canceled and rescheduled for Tuesday. And getting my first ultrasound. And keep baby Vicky yeah yell up my hands which is I haven't done ultrasound righted like what. Ask that does get on my girls and again that kind of falls in line with it if and when we have Robin on the podcast to talk about being your own Vicki your own health advocate like she'd. Knew something was wrong. And the doctors and non it's you're fine should know and eat and eat to get a second opinion you know she had tumor Armon. Alec constantly comes back in everything she's in radiation free and for years I think comfort in Robin you Harlem I've favorite superstars on earth and I'll be. But Catholic and I'm just gonna go and be my own health advocate and I think that's an ambulance would be getting up and everything it's. I act and I'm pretty confident were cool but wealthy. Didn't hear a story about the biggest prick in blini on the bubble and it don't know. Rainy and we know being here. I don't pummel wean because that would imply he has one he is one and love weenie youth he says some baby. So rarely the sky goes on a day with a one game. They spend about a hundred American dollars on the date and then she you know she turned them down for a second issue was not Phelan as she turned them down and then when he does is pretty fantastic as east. There'll come on girl the other girls and about government. On systems and our message. Saying. Really found a second day and he says hi thinks you're honest seeing her. I had a really nice time with you the truth is I'm a bit devastated at the moment having read you know. I'm really fancy you and saved up some money should get a nice state. As didn't work out I'd be grateful if you could send along something to contribute for the drinks they spent on you thinking at least get to see you again. The total cost of the night was not a hundred American dollars. And it would be too painful to receive the watch apparently Jack's going to the slots. She had I want Taylor on that how did you accidentally I don't know maybe isn't as purse and her personal for now anyway it's not my story now. And here on the total costs and I was a hundred dollars and be too painful to receive that watching. In the mail also in the post is British and in the lineup to ever mine being a view and I thought that you might be interested to know the cost was when he. Euros or pounds or whatever. Happy for you to do what he feels right especially considering my badly damaged feelings at the moment. Did you not want any senate like the account number they did data like a month that she was just like spending money like they answer but. As one day but he just sounds like horror it's too painful to even get the watch that it's what is whiny here it's twenty. A papers filed Monday that involve. I achieve bat and a hundred dollars. For a day. I think now that's totally. The current dock that much. I like if you went a movie and dinner heated dinner and during that I have that's about a hundred dollars for a young man like me that's for to be able to go out Eaton and it restaurant and I like any other cuff go pizza and that plan. And I now she got double that on I I I can't you he'd. I have a response fancy lightly she does say that right up at Texas crying black brown a forgotten joking. Actually told a British newspapers I then I really do serious and everyone in my office have been snorting crying laughter at the text says what's your life back hey blank. Boy out of these the trials and tribulations of modern dating half they say happiness is priceless but today it cost me about a 10000 pounds. I honestly say that I have never snorted in laughter so much as when I received your message the joy you brought to our office still Loria having given away your name. Is worth every penny so I'd like to by the way of floodlight by the way of good it will you know she's where no weird CMA good honor offer and we'll give you a full refund for your share. Since she's paying perhaps about fifty bucks it's like you have the Jager bomb on began the year Obama on mean. The other half I donated on behalf so she paid for his cap and she donated the other half. To add donkey sanctuary. Yeah Honeycutt this jackass is DA. You know she bought his drinks and then she donated to the donkeys and Sherri. Cherry do you like to support things for genuinely for a genuinely fun date. And today's levels now was really lovely of you to insist on paying for the drinks but in the words of beyoncé I'm a honey that make my money. 'cause on the independent woman so next time don't pay for everything just in case date number two doesn't happen in the future. Take care thanks for making me smile PS I posted near watts to the police stations lost property the closest to you. All of rolling over yeah. And she had been only issue she Manning a player finish and you only been on the dating back like a month. I'm wondering if during the it'd kinda seems from what she's saying. That like she had offered today. Yeah he was like now. Use insistently. I think I did that tonight who look like the provider and I know Sarah leg you like the guy to be the man like we have this conversation on like. Who should papers on the first day I'm always like I first thing I like to. When it first day I think if the guy wants anything more than a friendship with this girl. Got today. Every time and effort today spec and third I don't care athletic girl plays switch on top what ever. But I really feel like big guy should pay on the first date if you want anything different but that's why. I agree with you on them I just think. Probably have its tradition I'm happy some old school ways but I also feel like. If I think the man should be the one that asks the girl while and should be. Quote unquote. Like per writer LA you know. Think they'll like if you want anything more at me at this check and then the girl next router when I've been a winning team but I think for me it that's just to completely. They turn on for you even if it's like just a start okay that's got it right at turn out you'll like taking control your being like not again a story like put your wallet and online at and. See I including mechanical heart and by when I got on the first day. If I liked the guy. I'll offer to work to pay my Parton and then in the back at him like please please. Confirming it and and and most of time they will public and I got in other OK well let's take this to bar and now victory yet something yes. If I don't like the guy I'm on even offer me half a month you'll pay for mean. I wasted my time I bet you my way tonight at this time is money this is my my hourly rate. Yeah I'm unwilling to drink yeah I'm not pop up. I. See I haven't McKeon offense like it's in investments like if I don't like the guy especially if I'm not sure about the guy I will definitely pay my happy even if he insists it will pay my half. So that way if he's like low lying out if you again or speicher I'm a parent family get this guy that this girl got a deal and. Now I don't you go ahead and just let it play it. I can't I'm not hearing use you for your. Scooter for drinks that you can pay me I got my own so I work hard for my own crap. I don't need GO which is how I am like the second and third day yeah it definitely could be even after app but I think the first stage. That guy should get again I'm so like like Daiei like like if I don't like them I'm not gonna let them pay so that we have like I'm done my ties on gun. Yeah yeah it gives Imus saying I'm not giving false hope clarity and that might come out. You that's hello guy it will tell you if he likes used by paying. This month telling the guys don't like humans by pain because I know it until I let you you have to hit China's yeah I mean if he really insists than I'll let him day or analogy would say just get drinks later down the movie tickets or something. But it. And I don't have. I'd rather dollar offer to pay just did it just doing your litigation. Even if it's like of the key situation it in and he does operative okay lake if you're so adrenaline. Right the dvd in opera on news that dire Waller. I am and I paid for him to do. Unaudited. Pre announcing well let's go to our hand on the I. I'm kind of got slick like hey I don't know I. Yeah I think yet at that I offered a gimmick I got this like I asked you out because they covet drowned or some guys on the glass amount that some guys like app power thing in. That's been on some kind of switch. Sometimes like to dominate from them without. Him and to act now. Whitbeck cash and make every. Day now another thing I was having a conversation with them if you give a bad hit it by if you pay. And you tip portly old that is the biggest turnoff yeah I am I definitely has something out on meet with this guy in time and we got a ton of jury. And like I knew what many now believe at a time drinks and we're having big time but I display in the U actually attracted to Hillary thing. And he was McNally I got it out paid luckily I had fifteen dollars. Of cash may never carry cash guns. And let it looked at the tat because it was probably close to seventy dollars yeah he left like three. And yeah. Like I literally looked him and I was like did you mean to put a one in front of that. Here is likely mean and I just like yeah you are around that. Yeah I let all your son's seven that I don't have my opinions like I don't think that huddle like it sometimes is. If they pay it can't look at the tap that like in checkbook or some band like I'm not gonna like that treatment of football we get it sits at. But I do feel like that's so not a permanent GAAP unless the waiters and absolutely. And breed I guess they didn't even if she did not buy it. Yeah yeah that's ridiculous 3 on the morning and it came in cop cover cash normal. Day it did hear anything about her. I think with drinks Nicholson a tip fully fitfully drinks like some people tip like a dollar drink when I even had ten dollar drink that's. That's okay like that's not a bad I mean will not accept 10% of my and that is now allowing you to Aristide I know percent right I'm not and I am able to attack yeah I don't all the text him. That's also why when I'm buying. Drinks at a bar I don't leave town open. I'm in the economic you're gonna make more profit yeah I pay it every public viewing and I'm just he's going to places with the drinks are like six bucks a dollar game. I should get what about the I would ask the question by our address a lot of bottles of wine and I don't know if you ever get bottled and if he did get like kind of an expensive as follow ninety tip. On Matt. Think like we do I got like 5060. Hundred bottles look on there's sometimes places that do shots of like I'm fifty dollars shy yeah Patton and I path I've had people like order flights and that's. You know the couple but they orderly three flights at schools donor dollars and I don't lights I honestly. Don't think that that imploring a shot that's a three dollar well whiskey verses 850 dollar bottle of whiskey. Should have anything to do with sir. You're pouring a bracket show you yeah it's yeah he had just pictured her outward and percent and I mean. And if I'm wearing a fifty dollar shot. I have money yeah how is it guys like if you're after spending it on a model Weiner shot of whiskey. And you you can't afford him. I was nineteen when I I I hit adhered to tip in the first planes don't go out. And that land with a box of Randi I know Mohammad Ali and I'm not. I was in all honesty I highlight Evan and I still had uncles. Williams is one of the only it's my party whiskey. I get my iPod doesn't ginger L your ad here get it's fine yeah the printing or Jamieson season against James and tennis and ground. Crown of the little too much for me. This is the migrants know like I don't like the flavor now I can't remember EG the sublime. It'll cranberries. That dude seriously doubt try it at it's like really really get convict and gets rid of would be almost the acidity of the crown. And it like it makes it a little sweeter for you could still keeps the whiskey and with the lie I didn't turn and hit five program. Maybe add mailing date yet the market rankings leader now I thing nuns and thrilling and it's a whiskey cause interest. You could there's. Because at some of my gets I used to do was ski ginger ale they'll put a little lineman Larry and I and I like the way that case summing up to try that gap what do I know we're drink that somebody hit meeting recently you and I taste it a little bit of it it was not. That plan it is basically a Jager bomb. But instead of Red Bull you used a repeater. I know I'm gong group here Randi or am remembering he's a really good is not I would what other we're jinxed you guys. Think as tried there's somebody for it but it was flakes. You come out. But the public could easily fire pleased to chop in what you kind of good empire are lighter. And that iron on writers really you have to have that while it is that fire all in an advantage in fire ball like I used to treat hanging out I would rather get a shot at anything else airlines plane. The new yager can I don't believe I am now iron. Over shoddy. And I would rather than IQ. Well. What is your drink that you will no time during any of the Manila month. I would love until every unless until she always say oh man I guess seven and inspire a C a now going to see if I didn't know. And eleven's. A and is there anything out there during. I'm now the crowd around on on me thank you please note that I an island on count one it. I love. You gently but no looks like the earth you know to being mad at me and I don't do it all I think that the Manila. Liquor in mind. And yet now I can the elegant no auction in I'd be fine. But no thank you rather do via coconut Romans at an auction. That I know and it now and again this day and Sweden and I don't like OK pineapple juice that's constantly Kenya or hamster at 151 room on analogy that Malibu. So. Yeah. I can't I can't you pineapple is the primary use for you like. I need. Might I in my body I like regular apple of my body and Atlantic I don't like. Liquor with Q. And liquor without. Snoop dog he'd theory now and so. Like drinking it would use is badly. You don't have a like her Venetian in your stomach seeing him have space for more alcohol. I think it's just an acid reflux I can't do pineapple is that I can't like grab them apart Bertans or an eagle mines and then the next morning like. Am. A lot of sugar till now diet like diet I ST I don't. Be it cancer app probably we are all yeah I can't think that's relevant I actually put it up with effective. Now that. What's it. Like a case we have like a fireball the gators like and then for me the Manila. The Vanilla vodka like hopefully Regis now some people that I know I absolutely not Sheila. Yeah me healer shots I just. He can't do bombing at a bad had a bad relationship with the there's a few times that it enough for me let you know when I was younger and I was like go play so much fun hanging out again. Yeah probably yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't you. Well I guess I. Provision in the near me she says I get a little anger and monitoring tequila comic really hit rock Marie what do you guys I feel like you either get really corny. Currently I ask you about naked you get really angry and violent. War. Why to it I always get in. But I feel like to Q they have like a different light. Like I don't get mad but I do you get like sassy a different kind of IE accede. I mean analysts. Does Morrison and I Robson did you think sassy let me ask you. I love tequila but I can't do blog he has anything that's clear even like clear your mind you I only via your I'd like a rundown now perhaps you. Well you know why I blame Sarah for this yet but it's my fault but she'd. Burke my birthday one year she bought me the big Kirkland Costco brand across the tequila it's a really year and a half now and a lot of yeah not noted today flatly lasted like a mood to move him into a replacement thing that Willard. But on one occasion and trying to get drunk and absentee action with summoning. Like I can't do this over my added a lot of and I get this over. But an act on your head of the day isn't it takes too much like you have like five shots nearly I'm still sober right what my problem was like two weeks prior. To expire it was a super borrowing one that the day before that when argument when my best friends and I am not annihilated. Worsening over my life oh hi ever since that night I've always like to. I'm hit or miss was shocked at that time I'll look and smell like no I can't do it I Monica can't. Girls I can all older too and she with now but it. Pick ax all the way she everything will never order a shot at like if I'm ordered a shot of tequila are that it can't loan once about it but I would never just been taken with you. But I would never met like go to Q idol I've had my moments where like I've had a really bad day at work or whatever and it got her restaurant that night. Two shots he thinks. Does and I don't know what I have done just like I note that that is. What will get meter. Well Boe in the air and a girl. Although I'm not trying to do is going and other weird during that actually pretty delicious he and a Italy vodka yeah that Martinis yeah pickle yeah. So instead of like a dirty olive martini 230 who can't. And I had won recently. Can at least a like a pickle and it's you know yeah Oliver got no idea they've tackled and yeah media pickle spear. Typical marital what are they did is leading is you I don't play lasted yeah. Any anywhere that has what it up pickle. Day that you want aid dirty pickle martini on camera. On board Jane Wright. Discuss following this. Is better and olive really hungry I don't really dirty inside and nickel Marcie here. I just tried to eat and are at it and do it. Yeah. I mean can you be there. And he just kind of doubt it is John. In the market yeah. I haven't showered AJ yeah gonna learn they are gonna go iron down there. And who. LT and I obtained. Our bank. Am good life eyeballs gentlemen Mark Udall is about I think is negatively suspect. I don't believe that we learn YA people end up like. Getting to disagreements while there and I Kia we have talked about your end up getting disagreements and on heartless bitch and yeah I. Like you matter. Harlan but she's got big ball I love her and I love it for another is now teaching our children about sex because you went. Yeah yeah I. And we dog about nasal favorite all of that night guys time to go purged. With. They know about not back tempered now and not tell you cannot back kinds owner of the cleanup. They see it either hey.