Chad Smith of The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Monday, March 20th

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a sold out show at the Key Arena on Friday night, and before the show Steve Migs and Thee Ted Smith got to interview drummer Chad Smith.  The interview starts off with Chad marvelling at the 70's era microphones that Ted & Steve were using!


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But I don't yeah yeah yeah. Thanks Billy from. Your Muslim. Like AV guys value that you were on the projector and some predict it so well and everything with class and we have. So you can have that afterward I'm not certain it's gone. Back and that's what I'm doing well known. You'd see this. You know if I want so a lot of school wrestling promo so might the seventies like the old school like new two door Promos like Mexico and I'm watching in my. The same microphone at that that exact microphone right it's the gold standard. I thought I like yeah yeah. This is good because a lot of that's this week's us now editor the cook galaxy player in Manhattan. I like MySpace and moving on in two Graham. Iraq based M yeah and whether those things are famous cookbook thank you for taking a few minutes that separate us through cooled. A I know you see he's got a full rock star posed. Island I was the in this Mike is freedom without Mike. It's season yes and then and multiple. Is it was it in our. Does it what's it like omni directional. And then whispered unidirectional that you need here I pay a victory you know omni directional. Brilliant anyways I didn't know I know salute our microphone road from like the Merv Griffin Show are so it's got that it and send it to and everything it's spirits Dogg corn. They might guard still marker period the V class I was an an a because. Still in May when they would real and ended McNamara shows six that remote. Watched American consumer groups often little Muslims just one little like this what there display that there that's fan since you do that you. As you progress that there were courses down and we can't get hurts him well and good drumming at the attention that's a great artists knew my yeah and you're viewing screen already had danced. Yeah China and I'm not help in the south you to accumulate a wrestling right there you know. Cut a promo had a good. And do math. The union busting out any lasting. Expected you to do that Steve and I actually the disciples on down here and we're working on him wrestling gimmick and not miss it the disciples of fun yes cycles are still on the phone is not really very intimidating no amount. All right Hayward voting with funding and where you have Houghton. I put my brother. You better. With the GOS. 500 dollars it's my watch gospel in your car. Good every player you go to the style and their profiles. Still doing it. WW eating until Longo I think it was Omar told sewer plant and that MMX night. They were doing their thing and is also. And now from Chris Jericho a joy yeah yeah and he's travel and German homeland were put in his Rihanna went. So went down there and and it in and eases you Ric Flair his daughter. Is it is Charlotte Charlotte yeah is like a mountain. You know PG. The top top female wrestler euros I mean they can do right now they're talking they're talking like she's coming wrestling deeper there's talk which is the greatest rest female wrestler of all time. Just a short period of time that she's wrestles. Well it can do what I did notice about the way it was a good three person who tag team women wrestling and and it was it's much different than back in the day used to be kind of bikinis and yet. You know and now it's that there are actually very athletic Indian duo hit a really cool stuff from. I was quite impressed with governor was great those riskier mirror. Front in terms men and you know earnings during staying on the range from economically and you know conscious. Truth to do that the crowds that those who really get involved with the they know I know what did I read didn't know that I knew them all outlook and Emmy Chris Cannon so I was women and when the tour it's good it's good it's okay it's okay. A gimmick coverage on terror is now. I hate to get away. I think this sexy ultimately hero in our. And I don't partners analysts might not. Confidence guide them repeating her there was the getaway is that Cinderella tag and a good time sharing that he's old you know what have you got. We have yeah. That will still. Somber as they progress on a host Mickelson into the resting their uber. When you go backstage at. You know I mean they're all out there early killing each other up and it's really entertainment and and you know. We don't know it's that commitment they evicted in the super polite and when guys like that big huge dudes that most of them yeah. Chris got so much smaller man. Can't prepare for cook. They're like I'm really sorry about the are reluctantly do you picnic right. They're really concerned about the choreography union that yeah there throws. Toll Brooke who is of politically it was all you know. Laura Miller yeah ones and best of luck in the second that we. It's funny or some IRS is like their their main source of Friday's that they don't hurt there're there're that guided their pretend you know I mean they know I don't like yeah like. You know way to do not injure him and make some serious love oh yeah not to yeah which is I think he's gonna more. Those in the view and if you you know throw among the ring of Palin on the table again and it's up to Leo that Hubert. Accords begin throwing in Durham how you land rights matter anxious I mean from how you can only mean you guys elect we got out of the ring hit the ground in like. I'm from right there or the talent like that hurt well I just me and he's got a big red well yeah the hate each other yeah. You know not part of its real death. A percent. I just saw bodies and psyches chirping you while he's wrestling about the album my dad dollar is also another app after app I. There were some strong language between reading the wrestler. And newsroom program. Easy to get away. Which I disagree with him Chris I just got back from on Hawaii my wife and I went on vacation quiet and so you know what's it just beside. Right and man that record is just such a perfect album just to sit and so the sun in insist enjoy. I just love the viva what you especially you inflame amateur as well oracle and so. I'm do you are Smart not only have three Q that's right he doesn't have a base for reader more like you more and I'm the rest are on the wrestler good wrestler that. On the baby Jason this team yes yeah he'll cut at at at half a he gets the belt I take the punches you know I think that that's it I come into the hot tag that attitude that it's all part of the game you go that way it works with you go. That's why were the disciples a fund disciples of the house sons of folk. Law to put the came on. Yeah it's really good he's good kids get. Beer got to really cool beer not need that to me or make you pure nuts mile link you seem to have been all that he. Mean yeah you could look me yet never trust a hostile get a Buick has India or America. What do we need to do to (%expletive) you off right now are now. McMahon. Immunity to your mark nice to know I know my. You can as Steve years ago I had a boxing match you know Steve goes on the hardest thing my coach that we've got to get you mad. Think we go to that dark place you wanted to do. Yeah joke book writer pitched. Lately how would you. Get up you know it. Inspired or or or motivated electability. We do you have to be man yeah like. I personally yes have you worked. Your mom like you know be her last riders when you look at the yeah I would just kind of goofy stuff that used to go on in my life. And then my coach you just sit there and be like. Yeah your fat bastard just start go to insults and that's we get fired up. I don't know how they got to do and how can access. And it is over thanks Ted Field that asked the. Can. And everything now making get a good job done. This obviously courses of I'm also obvious let's go legged thing I liked your arm you're you're. Cummins about that he being a disorganized like island. It was meant to sell it just didn't know five available he had just even driving along the coast I was like hey my wife's sister feels right like this is the perfect record. And I mean I'd look I would imagine for you guys to be more committed to the producer like Danger Mouse that I loved the production of the drums I always focus on jumps up and social crisp. And I just really dig the vibe of how it sounds and who was it was that a fun experience doing a record so and other recruitment. It was you know it was. Obviously different because we or from anybody in 1990s and oh yeah Rick in our darkness below us it was a big change for us court. But that group of Brian's really. You know. He really challenged us took. New Acer write music and record music and and the real. Steer Bradley Hughes and all the time and with personal income or so ago and him and I actually. We're. Just playing drumbeat anarchy would like they just put some beat. Kind of becomes who's saluted by hip hop yeah yeah so where you build the trucks in the drums first. Lou. It's and these two groups will. I owe. Her prepare for. Okay it's weird yes that's her thing and and he was really you know very involved all the six he is we'll. You know how the parts are going to we thought we see Oakley. They're doing everything and really evolves so does that Rick wasn't hurt. You know. We've done though rock band in the room. Saying in an M and that's. Grade and and grandma you know workers is as a fantastic news of course but it. We felt you know we don't wanna do that again try to move more modern and and were slightly more modern and and Brian Byrnes. It was greatly agree that they're really fun. I just used to jones' hard to come to tune out and I expect that dark place now. We're in its application tuning drum shots I just got out. They're changing 6800. Kate added twelve inch sports program over my eighteen inches. Yes indeed these. Yeah I'm not going to regard I just use his stuff and and I really surrendered magnesia. Why did you know. Is that you have that there. Big modern Bruck drum sound or whatever. You know apps work well hires there and he. And it's put some ads are an instant ape in her old school like let's all studios. I won't putts. I. Netflix or are okay or nerves or what I would do bring yeah. He. Can do it manipulated is his studio that you worked in quite a bit yeah there was is for them. Resisting because that I would go in the control room. And he had all the different like here and there are rumors that are you know the saying well. And they were assuming different options do what ironically what he can do or cute she germs lose so why now. If I play quieter. You know I can actually get more out of the dummies. In then so it challenged me to like you know the darkness as the sounds pretty big and I'm not parent in a way I'm. I'm I'm open up all of a move. Stimulus it sounds like if I'm in the room which you can just getting overwhelmed by it. Didn't and a good way obviously. No. So it was dumb that was different episode was really good for us that you know. News thank you can do that. Lot Saltzman in the ghetto it's a great record and we got to wrap things about a one stupid question asks Verizon until next Sunday about hockey and drums that I submit hockey league do it legally. What is it about drummers got a field goal to leave we're gonna mailing them nomads. Romance disciples of content is now cause I. That is like anymore that's right good stuff wonk as opposed to that off topic used to be that disables the plunder. Oh. But what do I goalies and also play every goalie I know that plays music also plays drums. The myth you this. Great baseball catcher. Right we couldn't drops the Mike. It doesn't say is well do we just like the pressure. This thing I think partly it's the stuff the gear that yeah we'd like they've got to show our car which stuff. And and and of course a goalie Brit you know you can. Move those who. But I I think actually cheaper and indoor soccer can recruit a goalkeeper doesn't go goaltenders. And the goal we don't keep anything. Itself out I shot. Head to our place comeback player that are going dark now. My keeper. Now I always I think I think it's partly a bit this year and either the catchers. Heard. In tool that yeah field in the team room you know close monitoring. Go to and you have the last you know you're you're you're. You're. The last signed offense and defense you know and about drummers in the dock their art and driving. You know an R&R van idea I've you know I'm com. Shah got the ticket and I got they say no no but seriously though I think there is. So weird connection you know the first well no I know everyone I know I tell you now it's a weird dynamic with the sport were there we all we have the best view in every position where every hockey. You you can serve you don't see everything that's our room there can be sue. Well you know ways to control things killer or or arm yeah. But behind the kid what I mean I mean this is of course that's the you can think of for me cursing out the top you had created sing you've seen while you're behind the kit. Where to be on stage during the crowd. Early on we do festival hall. Programs today are looking for a possible 99 units. She who. And it ended Dutch people are big people. Vikings right there in order this big head still look like it might involved and maybe there no room for like an extra month there's something you're going to be extra action figures like that people grows this is my mental health. And there and so the big head in the big people in their right during the and and go to reduce that acts are you guys. Hitting each other with prosthetic legs. There are fighting us all I want shoe a tennis shoe and other one did it. Well no. Well what was coming off why moment ago will push coordinator. Your beat them out of each other. And I thought that was pretty wild. Good uglier everyday sort gutsy Dutch people didn't so it was very quick. Call now Finnish people shore not a fish Norway yet. Hall and Helsinki but I hardly count them. Ladies and meaning that they. You know balance focus on the court. Curtain will put people of course to close or go. An awesome time and Chad Smith that I took about a you guys know also says. I may test. Your honor your background or are Romans Edward Smith. From the same job somewhere oh yeah oh yeah. I met the Hawaiian Smith Stanley without uncle Willie who played Elvis. Debt up to have a boat that they too young conservative white wherever. It's all families performer ukulele east while you're on the river and it was the Smith family. Which it always is and the whole back story is there a domain B older guy in the Stanley and uncle Willie was in blue Hawaii. The difference and it's like us and I think you guys are like related probably I've seen that a lot now the war there yet. It doesn't do well I and I got a bit of as far as this is a good. Yeah they're happy holidays families now are good they took us that a grotto. We got married and it was awesome for her to sing a song. At times thanks Chad appreciate it just because you have NIC thanks to the Mike yeah. I don't often debated and thank. I don't know easily you know what.