Facebook Drama 01-04-17 "New Year New Man"

Wednesday, January 4th

A man gets yelled at on facebook about his past year when he tries to start fresh in 2017.


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And be there once again here's our opportunity to point out the stupid people letter on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it and of course we are going to acted out. We have changed name to protect the innocent and the stupid and I found this on my own FaceBook page gotta love my friends of this is a love to create problems just like all of us we had that. So this time around red you'll be playing the role the original poster and that is track sweetheart. BJ you'll play the role Gina ha finally another another rule for me I'll tether over Rebecca. And Vicki you will be more knife aren't so once again the original poster is Travis. So grand taken away. Do you now bill eat. Who needs what does that mean you say this. Yeah you can do statement about how this is yeah. Yeah. And. Our pets my daddy you're calling a horror. Remember last time he talked as hash tag this big it's not that big town. It should rule and hurt. Her big storm currently. You know what I managed. I stead don't make me not you out again packed tag. That should respect I don't did you fight my battles this up with all these hot tags are hard to read. Do you and you. Shed I served you an extra helping of ice vest to Europe thanks. Well. To be fair I was there when it happened. It was mostly a lot of hair pulling no one gun knocked out. See your. Hat and you're dead is low are they each may and our relationship. I am so glad I live kids and to let you hash tag Bratz T cheated on you because you got that. I know my job well and I know well I. My dad to get back with you. Piaf in LIA. I was on gene inside until I realize oh wait a second season is ax wise you give a crap what you post on FaceBook. You know I mean because of the chance to take a shot at them yet because he cheated on her. And well maybe it's because the should put on a couple Mel b.s there might be true. And pigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI guess helps you.