Facebook Drama 01-09-17 "The Lions Lose"

Monday, January 9th

A man gets upset on Facebook after the Lions loss to the Seahawks.


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And Vijay once again here's our opportunity to point out the dumb people on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds as acted out by us. We changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid. And once again where are dipping into my own personal FaceBook page. As I have a few friends that live in the Michigan area pole here we go. And it was very entertaining and enjoyable for me don't watch them implode as his game went on. In the game of course is the Seahawks first the lions' playoff games FiOS one there's some questionable calls were questionable call that upset a lot of Detroit. My don't know what would have been. So this time around I'll play the role the original poster and that in general BJ he'll be still. Rattay you'll be Bob RA and Vicki you will be Jeanne so we are so Joseph is the original poster it's all taken away. Thanks I hate the ass now. This game is so fixed with the acting Diaz dolls. Where a lot of calls. That was not a touchdown so people start talking about how great of a taxi was shouldn't have counted I bought my lions are more elite asked. Okay let's rules that seedy and don't. Age nineteen to six you still lost shut up are you and your box always getting and it always get into college you're away. I must be why Roger Goodell was in Seattle to watch his favorite team play so those arrests they must have been responsible for all those drop balls I. So sick of people bitching about the arrest bad calls go both ways. The rest didn't cost you did game. Your receivers cost you to do dude I know those breasts is the reason why your team scored only two field goals and never made it into the red zone. He had two year old just very fast ERS I always get confident in our favor all period period tar him. Period wolf as I've got to woods Aaliyah super global forty. Dummy that's three words it's suitable is one lead full body is number two you're the dummy. Dumb ass Super Bowls two words. It is bad pick pick pick and just let Smart people defend the hawks LO well. Don't box. Think it eight because they did foot throw a flag on that play. And if it was call a penalty they cancel each other element at play still stand or doesn't that put you out of bed if they're both yet it would did at every play die right and I suppose they got a point Hogue is a great point insist. What does it here's the thing I looked out with that play. If he wasn't getting abused I don't think that he's got he goes with a man I mean he's just grabbing on to the dude dude aside yeah I mean I grass admitted that they blew that call it was there was a blown call but I'm not gonna bitch about it yeah I just feel like when you abusing somebody in the you know trying to get them to not make of the play I I almost don't give a damn what the offensive guy does if he's getting abusing Graham by the groin as far as I'm concerned. Bigs morning it's. A yeah. I guess helps you.