Facebook Drama 03-20-17: “Millennials"

Monday, March 20th

An old man goes on Facebook to complain about young people using Iphones.


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Laura. And these Madonna's Reggie my heritage distilling companies brown sugar Burgundy and BJ once again here's our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. Is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds and yet we're gonna acted out we have changed names protecting innocent. And the stupid and this time around playing the role the original poster. We're giving into the red red you'll be stand suite RI BJ he'll play the role of Nancy all right then I'll be truth. It's true that a and Vicki you'll be shirt Shelley. Quote or sorry yeah how are Sherry and then whatever you wanted to Jerry okay all right so red you are standing original poster so please take it away. She should more O'Neal's. Star Brad Brodeur appeared to narrow mind bonds did start treatment older humans summer is bad. Dollar Ronan as a current east. Nice being in many you'll have to do with being flown. It's yours is what's picture of the human race. Car. Am not a big it jab at. Do you ever brew. During my point that boy yields hurt big board did a bunch of over sensitive that's clowns whose political correct isn't news story and a merger are. Them the only thing about millennium is not like is their bodies are much tighter and younger than us in the Generation X. Ara. Pashtun and deploying our our. And rest drag you get to create PO I did well Healy is made about sex Saturday and hired me on Shelley all you do is post boom picks I'm sure you want men to do is look at your eyes when you post such belt. Hash tag one adds. I can't leave little bakery story I've done this post. A girl has every. Step of hopes and I'm ashamed. It meant you post to their chest so showed women staggered. Except it clean it's as emphatic end hot night ask Brad that is now Kyle Bennett as it's not being less gang. So based on that statement jelly. Bean you post pics of your boobs you must be asked dank and stagnant URE Skaggs. Sure it just. One whose power ride I have huge. People are too soft. We didn't have been out before we end up becoming as quietly as that goes and maybe and. He's got to make the yeah we've established that he's not a bigot at all and I think that stand is the man. I love what I load up that is that's. You know showing never heard she never denied that she put it picks her boobs up. And and then Nancy hatter back and then Shelly call people who would pictures of the moves up thanks. Even though Shelley was the one assumes defending because Shelley put pictures of booms and I'm very confused. And again that we haven't seen any pictures of Shelly so it didn't capitalists is proof that's right activists and.