Facebook Drama 05-19-17 "D-Picks"

Friday, May 19th

Facebook Drama. “D Picks” A woman tries to wish her man happy birthday on social media but her friends make fun of her.


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Laura. And based pajamas writing by heritage distilling companies brown sugar Burberry and MPJ here's our chance to point out the dummies that are on FaceBook. There's an actual FaceBook post the drama unfold because of it. We've changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid. And this time around be do you will be the original poster you will be Alice ice all play the role of grace and Brad you will be dance we are right so Allison the original poster. The fun one so Vijay please take it away. You wouldn't this thing is happy to do it just clicked right. I. I act and act and act. Al machine didn't let good Democrats bad bad bad bad. I me you weren't just over my house last night sobbing because you because he was not think it's X tech apparently one right. Understanding. That. Oh yeah add that makes total sense isn't Weiner just happen I'll follow out of it and and is far must have accidentally took a pic of it. And sent it to everybody including me. You're right that happens all the time. Well I'll bet I'm so glad other you'll look at these happens to. I hate live bug will do both debt jet took the bug he evicted read the desserts that they could to people. Would think that you do update my food. Guys. Don't use. It to its. Girl you love oh well I can't help bring your business when I've seen marks teeny weeny bill well you meet all. He has attached tag not impressed. Him. OK fine but don't come crying to me what is wind picks accidentally gets sent to everyone again. Hash tag really done. I have the same problem why are you teeny weeny. I don't know what it is. And have been. And they eggs mornings on the rocks or any nine point nine KI DSW.