Facebook Drama 12-07-16 "Awkward Dream"

Wednesday, December 7th

A man has an awkward dream about his cousin and posts about in on social media.


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And FaceBook Thomas brought to you by GT unified drug virtual sports get narration at GE two dot lied we BJ it is our opportunity to point out the dumb people on FaceBook. Unfortunately this time around this dumb person is one of my high school friends since it was an actual FaceBook post. And the drama unfolds as acted out by us we have changed names protect the innocent. Are the dumb people. And I yet I said I want your friends at Johns aren't that big Danny and Vicki were in the room when I first saw this thing all my gosh I gotta keep tabs on this one because. This will be fees books online. Absolutely it is so this time around BJ you'll play my old high school by the our Paul already that's at least what we're calling a EL poll they've don't so you can be original poster exhibit hall regularly Tom sweet. They he'll be Jessica nice salary you'll play the role of Don not hang and I'll be George. Our rights of the original poster once again is also DJ please take it away. Want to thank you alarm clock he just what we have for Madrid had a recession my cousin who is he hot. Nice one. Thankfully it was a female. I have four female cousins and they're on FaceBook boss solemn Christmas maybe a little apocalypse this year out or like. The hula you know what they have arrived in faster than last what you doesn't do fast at ham and all. Lola. Yeah would you see these aren't baseball it was a dream uncle George relaxed. And it's my nephew is sharing our FaceBook Betty yes extreme about his cousin and you want me to relax don't worry the three most about your daughter Donna. I did you tag me I'll I really didn't need to read this past I think because. And oh well jazz you have any else to say no Paul your gross. I do say I light gates at Detroit my dreams thought it was funny. Exact street and your family's not funny turn your caps lock off the looks like you're yelling at me that's because I am yelling I do you moron. Yet your friends genius I wanna go back to Brooklyn for our maybe I myself to the Christmas gathering hollow who thinks that they should put on the they Dell I had a sex fueled my cousin dream why you think that goes on FaceBook and then tag in your cousin and there's only four cousins to pick from yeah every birdie narrowed down that it's not one of them today there was only three outside the three of them. And aired I would not want to see I got her head now. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW.