Facebook Drama02-17-17 ”Worst Day Ever”

Friday, February 17th

A woman goes on social media to get attention because her husband doesn’t get a shout out from ESPN.


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How did it. And phase for John tried to abide deacon plumbing heating and mechanical and beat you once again this is our opportunity. Where we put out the stupid people that are on FaceBook employed there are a lot of stupid people. This is an actual FaceBook post drama unfolds and acted out by us we have changed names to protect the stupid people though. And also the innocent ones as well so this time around playing the role of keynote to the original poster will be mean I will be teamed up. I read he'll play the role of and sweet. BJ he'll play the role of Don as an idol Don and Vicki you play the role of neat so once again Tina is the original poster. So I will take it away. To. Okay it was the most terrible. And depressing day of my life. And remarks only the first of many sitcom. So lost. And depressed. Why is this does happen and don't ask please. Don't discuss it I'm Societe. Here's this Tina. Wait a sack dance not trying to be institution. But you just can't drop that this is the most terrible and the present day in my life. And then tell people not to ask about it she certainly can stunt woman just wants to vent zinc ping is one thing. The most narrow area life is something different that's not a bad thing. That is a cry for help 22 I don't wanna talk about it and our brand in the net it's always about Koran again I don't know how you do we Tina. Know people judge me because I'm engaged to let inmates re worried about I have read. Happy dammit. OK I may be changing sides here you can't be having the most terrible day of your life at the top of this post and now declared that your happy three sentence of late error I. Have literally been tweeting and FaceBook messaging ESPN sports center for three hours straight. Trying to get through them to have them give a shout out to Greg as he watches sports center all the time. Nobody has even reply. And that makes this is the most terrible day of your life. You period. Our period. Experience. As Jack thank god now blastoff. Of teen now I'm starting agree with Don inmate. I. Hello man any. FaceBook you Basel I forgot sports senators John Dobson prisoners. And it's a fun segment of a deal between the basketball scores. Diana meant. Dan I'm asks. But I've grab a period of 1010 years as a armed robbery that's what's up buried next up. We'll take out the Washington Capitals did yeah. Wow that's awesome. And made some mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine KI DS don't you.