FacebookDrama 01-06-17 "Bad Holiday Gift"

Friday, January 6th

A woman gets mad at her husband when he buys her a vacuum for the holidays.


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Maybe it was against their option to play at the stupid things that are happening on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posts in the drama unfolds beat costs and it. We have changed names to protect the innocent and the stupid and of course were acting this all out. And big thanks to Jack he's a guy who sent us this FaceBook drama it's a Christmas edition need to know here we are in January. So this time around I'll play the role of the original poster and that is marrying. BJ he'll be Tricia thanks Brad you liberals can't it's sweet and Vicki your Tim nice. Hey Tim Canty and thanked him onto her mentors don't do it. The voices that she goes to the little the little the last supper yet on how not. To I don't know them. I'm sort of someone out there like that but nobody in this room is that person that isn't it all right so Mary is the original poster so I will take it away. I'm so no I. The worst Christmas no matter what happens when you eat so this my husband is seriously. It's like he doesn't even know. Me home. Oh are you sure you won't pollute your who's been all blast here you see it now he doesn't add FaceBook. He is such an acting moron. Dumb a lot less a home they may need the one I happen. You won't believe what he got me for Christmas. It's me I'm actually explain our. And I send. And fast. Yeah. Can't believe he did that then. Sometimes our husbands are sold. Don't you remember when gray got me pots and pans from my birthday. Pashtun stupid husband's. What's right. Not a survey. Yeah I did a vacuum cleaner but that shouldn't be out Christmas gift you all are delusional. If I was saying that I would straight taken as in years stockings. Hash tag you don't even deserve coal. And again we see that there is seen men and women and it is it is amazing how ungrateful somebody can sound and yet a there's a lot of women met totally totally side with. Tricia and Mary by saying on all your husband's an idiot white for trying to do something nice for real because you can't get a practical he is ME at some point yet you learn that lesson. Bigs mornings and point nine K I guess helps you.