Loud and Local - June 4th, 2017 w/ DIRTY DIRTY & Ten Miles Wide!

Monday, June 5th

Matt Koch fills in for Kevin Diers and is joined by Dirty Dirty to celebrate the release of their new EP "Deadline" for the first hour! Then for the second hour, Ten Miles Wide hangs out to talk about their upcoming tour which kicks off Saturday at High Dive and wraps up June 24th at Pain in the Grass!


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My idea. 99.9. KI DS. C and the parents. No doubt. And armed man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area encompassing that was noticeably northwestern. Good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season. No rock featuring music born. Here in the great Pacific northwest and 99.9. Failed to guard my name is not giving you. It insurgents at my game. And I have billions of that is yet. Hopefully allow. Hearing on the north flat rock critic and I had I'm going on our view right now. I was hopeful they. In the video tonight that a lot of things going on dirty dirty you know the 10 o'clock hour and then multiply it will be. O'clock hour which also. Well about out the window came. Did you departed they last night Obama so much to get to start things off though with the game out of mobile the end of the that's propose that you put out there with the self titled outfit I'd play five I didn't show it being the local guys starring. They're dying. Now on the. The real. Okay. This is loud and local. Smuggle. And 99.9. KI DS yeah. While pro yeah. The apple. They hell yeah. All of. Why only in the wreckage. With welcome to Seattle mine and I point nine KI SW loud local mining that coach bill and and for Kevin Beers. Why don't in the wreckage debuted that's on last night at show box market. For an awesome fact bill which was also a window pain say goodbye to mark here. And welcoming in scripting Casper on days. Very fun emotional night that show about last night. And also that night another on the local band that I love. Was releasing EP at high dive in three mile right by my house. Which is called deadline the bid is thirty dirty we're gonna tell you all about that had to hang out with the guys there in studio right after the. Would Kevin Sears rolls. KI SW. Well my name is not given here's my head back over but I am filling in for Kevin beard and very excited to be doing so. Very that'd be doing so. With the musical guest in studio. A little over a year ago now I went down to the high dive check out. My friend John. For ten miles wide new band called feed the Venus. And there's the spot them a long haired drummer. Is laying claim to them named fruit in studio and out here now. In the myth the bin that I thought opening foresee that being a dirty dirty with the to peace and now the electric frontman Ian. And threw it combined forces to form. Dirty dirty so. Ian you are we paying for the founding member yeah. Did you say NASA then about three years ago. You know anything in nine days and with a drummer that's always to the facility and entities that didn't mean to me and I just. You know we came together sort of given some stuff about you know while this work does that do you know and in and out on a foreign concept that QBs but it was a makes sense it's definitely it definitely works and then I would I thought you had a different drummer at some point through came on board all of the processes that life. People's you know. Lives come and go and sometimes in this case you know mark. Previous primaries ended to move on him over Phoenix. Yang and I I didn't wanna relocate I was in it. In here and if that is the dig in furthering. Also and I met through prior that should you talking about I when you put them anonymous bit earlier to the scene and eventually. You know the yeah cool low drew welcome. I do after you joy as you've been around for a long time you drowned her multiple bands seeded Venus was very short lived project. Before that viewers you're in rather wild throw their way. I disagree with there in that band. They would Mon off and of where the records are meant played the kind of a pop band called it justice for a lot of OK and you know look at this. Seattle and we all hang out. They now have the idea together into big fan went and you guys at some point. Put together this new EP called deadline that you released last night at the high fittingly not help with that show by the way I miss him or limit. Oh man a lot of buildup. I mean that's what we've been saying all day like you know half half of us have I mean is there trying to do this thing and it happens like when it's finally it's finally happening and where we can move. We can move forward to the next thing too but also enjoying this. This this this thing you know this might incite an event. And so was sent Gary. And it kind of build up build up build you know these sort of like cathartic moments routed me insomnia and everything else and then. Finally get on stage and I swear it's time work and you blink your eyes inches over. So what happened. That voice of tomorrow and figure out how I felt about the head so. You've woken up. Tomorrow is that today I feel about it they'll really give them. Of the therapy pool man I'm excited out of people everything's very. Cool that's that's great here I'm excited dig into the TV let's start with the title track track one this is deadline. On the rock. We'll. Tree. Only. Is. Loud and local continue. Eight years 99.9. KI SW. Here. You know. And you know. I'm not point nine K I W. Woods thirty dirty right here global all the local music bird and two hours. I am lucky enough I tobacco but let's go to get your lucky enough to be joined by the happy and you just heard. Dirty here today in studio any pain now we in. In truth through the drummer rightfully be remembered double. They're utilities of doubled the for the doctors and a group that America and the hippie. Yes they hear about this netbook in the duty here you. They're put before us and he would also. I don't know I'll tell you he's got the long lived through. Long limbs and long hair makes for a very entertaining drama and a lot. Thank you every time. So great addition to that bad I must say to you know the the front man thing here. And the only other member of the band so you're hearing from area one other views. They all that noise the base right place if I had the basics. Tanner. It's almost there have got six strings on it yet yet it plays its dire for anybody. You know plays. Yeah I'm very musically guns this kinda find the you put an artist out to me. Well yeah I mean it's not to be too complicated about it I mean that. I've avoided the sort of yet to be aligned them about it I wanted to. Field as they come out bad just happened I think too much right I'm totally happy to get mystified by the magic is that what is he doing out mystified to order a that it. Yes. Yet. Solid debates could die united that allowed those deeper frequencies to cover that. Spacing out of being a two piece make some noise. Yeah yeah you guys definitely accomplished that a big loud the room selective the other Spectra yeah I've noticed. And I have I have to play is glad please do yeah yeah I know they boom and it's it's a cool combination. So like. Is that I don't know much about. Music initiative of our people on the tape newcomers to show. And though that I go referred to with the guitar players that I know that the bass player you can see the base has forced her death itself. What the difference between a six string guitar and fixed rate base. Well. A lot of differences I guess most extreme base is that Tennessee again the night the same size as typical plays its cards in the attic area on the same night resonance qualities. OK let's just a bigger piece of good yet this basics of the special things and remained I think some of the companies made a similar instrument but it's a little bit smaller. And the strings are a little bit lighter but there's still compared to regular regular life or strain but as you go much bigger than talk. This innovative and it's our yet again it's it's you know not as coming euthanize her like as that the goldilocks. The up up up again and I was applicable to years standards like band composition. You know but they've been they've been found recordings like Beatles recordings of you know Aerosmith back on the settlements recorded on basics overly. Elvis. Human yeah the basics math and that is that he had kind of a nice twang you are almost as more mid range audiences. Yeah no it's it's super cool to see here are watching the first time I think. If that it look like they'll never made it look like it's a day I had to and I started on experience that suited my coach here and I. The budget five hearing basically fixing their let them know that it literally it looks like your car like this day I had it looks like you standing jazz staff. Yeah if it's super off. And that Sunni got a hole. Panel. Rig I got a regular try to make it is meant as an animal as possible but I am not about nine. Titles that I used to make the sounds you know I got to amplifiers the line you know it's a different voicing its. So do you like split the signal down then it okay good that. I've heard that reference because Mike from royal blood does others he does a nice. Rock into peace with the drummer and bass playing frontman. Leader of forestry and you know I think you're guises. You guys both cover help a lot of rain doesn't he doesn't he's got to force during my it's a short scale base which is. Almost it's kind of asthma and in the direction of this exchange notes that a shorter bodies but his strings are the same. It. OK but it didn't talk to that time I mean night. Some other avenue kameleon doesn't and you feel you pick up you play it. OK Alan and allows that those tight race that he gets that's those songs. As an asterisk you guys. That. Faster than did the deal other things play is slightly different based Q and you went to stuff two and a half as opposed to your like your being you know sound garden or language you're doing is values Scott's experience that and then. Cool yet delicate that I. Is splitting signaled that I have no idea what the hell that means that I thought you got it figured out that save save the same thing and dad yet 11 amplifier can kind of voice Mort tar frequencies hire me abandoning one's going to be in the lower from here. Yeah and that's that's an element in a few years years if you're expecting all those frequencies to. Yeah and they off connect beautifully well think they are here for kind of. Explaining that to me second get a better understanding of how it actually works. Like I said I'm more go with the flow C outfield and it feels itself often lets you know when right now shall do it all right this is so wild. You dirty. When I the U download. With a Gatling gears were. AI ST our minor aim at guard Kevin here's my name is Mac O but I am hoping out of local early night for another hour and fifteen minutes. Splitting it up and it through thick and tonight. The first section I am so lucky to be joined by dirty dirty and often you hear about. I want that your guys whose name really like reflection music again is very groovy. I'd pick a very. Dirty sounding very groovy band. He gets up and out of the way and then songs to be the rest exactly like I like the approach it definitely works you guys just released a brand new. BP last night. At Hyde it's called deadline. This shows off and we talked about that bizarre and it fit and can't wait for the next one when is the next we got. The article was just don't have the Tacoma and Bremerton. This next weekend actually denied them and I for him in Bremerton intent on them Tacoma realized. Okay cool I've heard a lot of really they've got to have that I checked you know it's amazing the knowledge is venues great stage. You know and corporate development I don't give it an advocate Tacoma is off and then like it yeah. Where they meaning those there are a lot of co workers down from moment so hopefully I probably very few of them out and you're listening you've been called out. It and they're not a coworker credits out then come out. Is it that night that candidate with us and I don't know I don't know man so I got a not really the high fidelity in program that all of filled me interceptors. Oh yes that is there a lot look forward to be down on the south and that's tonight. With high dive with our good friends devils let me down over favorites another super dirty super groovy. Local band friends at ten miles library. Already in studio they're going to be on might hear about fifteen minutes so wanted to place they'll come down off their brand new he's he called in media's whereas. True part of a three part EP release happened in this here I'll keep you posted on that Kevin Allred. This is rusty nail by devils coming down favorite loud and boy Baghdad W. Yeah. And our man is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area and go. I would notice the great northwest is good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. ACC loud. The rock featuring. Loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Well mind not having here this Mac Coke case period but I'm not the one. We're here to talk about it talk about then you get third. Jordanians studio. Alt two members of that bad. Thirty very few members to work foods they replied. Really cool off in huge down especially considering it's just coming to you from I was just listening to that last one called thick thick thick. It didn't myself like. Man this is just like them all all around Austin is if I irrigated Seattle rock bands that are kind of snotty. Alive gala do. He'll let them stay in there yeah we. We did we get people moving a little bit Manson. Last night we've devoted Plymouth and you feel proud father. In the Rivera for right. That had that GM or had a fair bet it figure little third edition of health without left. My remit Justin dependable light show for it. They've iron off and play in the light flicker and others through all of that they'll do me any good light shows me and felt it finished. Yeah. That now that this is that his name's Justin Justin could see going to be like. Kind of full privacy going to be if anyone did go through that went through that show next next week anyway you Bremerton Friday on the Saturday. Like you know like anything he won't always be able to be there with us but I will always have lights on stage okay cool. That we need to a requirement pool that is an off an element to incorporate into. Lives podshow and and you know study shows those who get you know we'll bring him in and we'll have that extra little. Fun element good to know so where can people keep up with you to find out about that shows maybe it's elephant I've just been coming along for. You that it dirty dirty music dot com and that that link you up with us FaceBook. You know IR band camp and I sound cloud on the good medium in between. Yeah an analyst Steven. Wow personal wow good for you guys have held things they have very personal. You have finals coming out in the village yes and the little dilemma of the B about with a little later this summer we'll have in my files for. All of old school fans cool. Those dirty dirty music dot com it has caused faith obviously. That. It's degree and all the different social media cool but it's all found it very very user dot com yeah definitely it. Journey to continue keeping up with this and and hearing them. More hitting me in hand on the EP and seeing them live during their music. Dave so much for coming guys and I'm glad you wait to see Ed the next show. Gonna play one more song. The new EP which is called line thirty dirty music dot com guys what's the name of the flat songs actually. If we're today and special. Thinking oh. Are you rush out to Derrick Maury. One of the masters behind engine in the record. Yeah I gotta give love to Mark Knowles you know he recorded I'm. More than half of this record is on the song right now and we'll dumber. Wolf it's right. This deal marked the master beat Martin master. Has made labored through the drummer this. And in the GO GO there. Bring us the sixty mark all of that download this on golf guys catastrophe Reid. Well I love what they've got guys. Ocean. KI SW. I guess W. I'm RCE. This is loud and local. On the that he doesn't live and not have ideas. Client that they'll hand out. Camping out on my. And that was window pane on loud and vocal last night a very very big night. Where one of the heavyweights in the Seattle seen as window pane. Said goodbye to Martin Harris. And ushered in the UK player. On stage right in the middle others that brought Kristin cast throughout very very emotional night. All the very cool stuff. And though. One of based window aims to commemorate that I was Smart well on news VMware site that is taking over. And you know we're all cited the what the next chapter of that damn cold. Moving forward the rest this hour I am very lucky to be joined by one of my favorite bands on the entire plant let alone in Seattle and miles wide. Are in studio. We're gonna drive them in just a little bit they got a show coming up. Saturday night at the high guy. Could be kicking off their tour which will wrap up at pain in the grabbed it put forth. To come out Saturday night also on the bill well we'll hear from omni we'll hear from in the odd ball effect. Featuring Casey who's also studio says that you Marty we've talked all about that show but right now I wanted to surprise. My friend John that they do things to ten miles I was wrong. When his favorite band Jeff angels static layer. The loud and local continue. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Here is news. Did Ortiz tonight though my news that though village and the good oftentimes they'll probably get dirty dirty in here the first hour of the show I record TV. Relief last night at Hyde and talk about the new EP. Called deadline check that out there eager to use it dot com. And now the world and the 11 o'clock hour ride and another thing ended studio. Ten miles wide. One of the coolest they had to have you here and they. Of course it's game in the grass before the board opening up in front of thousands of people at white program via Skype sounds pretty Cooley here on. We're very much would you put that back left half the usual winter after bad behavior McGrath actually you guys wrapping up eight tour. An outlet threat that is correct school and that kicks off. Saturday night and Matt hits that affirmative I'm going to be kicking out on the pick and all sorts. They'll wildly guys play and yet that is the fact you can that I. Having to hike it. I think every day you got back god damn there and it looks beautiful I got an apartment on the a real. A real. You know. Israel avid though and it's a proud son of a throw this around I want to beat up the hologram of a job to keep it would keep. No phone Booth. Because all today male. Does that involve live wanted to get him out because well it's a lot of fun and general I said. The tour kicks off this Saturday. At. What kind of does Eurostar. To hear that 9 o'clock. Yet doors there at 8 PM show starts at 9 PM. Is that bill by the way got well opening it obvious that. Jack in the analyzer openers realized that I. We are would agree that that over ridiculous hey guys they're deserving all mean. Reunions though all won't affect another reunion show and then you guys that's that it epic night of local music that Saturday. At the Hyde. So tell me about this tour. The app coming up at yesterday you read that. They think. We are leaving on the fifteenth for one on youth team. And over and go all the way down to LA we're gonna hit Vegas treated Bakersfield San Francisco Portland and obviously finishing off. In the grass at the white regret theater world very very excited where it. With this line is the first time we've been now for more than. Even a night maybe few nights ago. We're gonna probably all need each other at the end of live events in the smell really bad for fifth at the party going. Without refi. You guys be able to lag. Go to your homes and shower. And may be kiss a loved one. Before pain in the Grassley RBI about drive lavish the Latin ya ya definitely dead now we made it so we did a the film that is that is that I said rub c'mon at. That we've. I've been very technical about how they want things grades. But honestly I'm not that well versed in it so. Yeah you guys have come back. And have a little bit I'd be simple but I. Both horror and regret that school decompress it off each other's nerves a little bit. I mean urinating in their stench yes. John is and I learned that it Arnaud you know. But it. Yeah why did it backwards it airtight that long guys that brought. I'm getting like special vacuum sealed bags for John sweaty gym but I notice things they'd like the things like stage jacket every night so it's an area out. Hang it on the antenna. You know there could be due to size down. Good land well. All of this is to say. Come out to the Hyde died this Saturday night. And buys some birds so these guys can eat and keep gas in their tank. Throughout this tour that's that the president had a bit going out on tour. So let's start off with the contract related. Amazing album. Again as well. This is loud and local. He's on the 99.9. The. With the Kevin beard is rolls. AI SW. All right well Kevin beard. Very. Word these features from high level executives here in town so fired back 05 billion. That was a bad name ten miles wide with a song called the mother ship. They used to being. The bear named the mother ship you may have within album called. With an album called ten miles wide you're giving it quick that flurry sounds funny it sounded funny to us. But then as time went on of people got confused and having to explain that over and over number number it was like that. It still malaria it's not what I thought it. Yeah well self declared at a real quickly. The band mother ship is now known as ten miles wide. And their new album as a song called the mother ship on. Deck cleared up you get to without. But quote like yet know the main difference between Cuba and is one lineup change the addition of mr. Jake Cardin. I guitar who's sitting here with that thank goodness. Today. Welcome you are a lot of fun to watch them they will not economical to. And I must say. Not because the previous member. Was. You know a bad person I'm listening. So good to have listed as he's like its schools me you know we've got I thought you wanna work harder to. As a songwriter. You have a guy if they've been great chemistry my way I'm dawn you're John you're the thinner and asked me what monuments. A I'd go to have friends here but it could have been on the edge of our that of our neighbors were very huge over the weekend down at McCormick calls. You know I don't know McGill you know if that's true. So there was a lighting it was like that it's happening that's jaw and that means there coma Jonas please job that's a you aren't particular good and you are. In the on base and it really is not here who plays he's on doing squats and probably we are gentle clear time. I. I. Well if you're listening if it was into the quick thinking about how to record jump parts dial anger all of us in the studio next record yes that we are talking about during that last on the mother ship itself. The tracking of that when Jake would you please explain. The audience. That will detected drugs with scratched its ours that would and then the other piece that all together put together there's no clear Jack. It will look insists on that song is like I gotta get one on the record ragged deflects off my job Willie Andrews is. Maybe the best drummer in Seattle's the beast he's he's he's pretty bath. As though he'd bury me really really wanted to go forward on that particular song so then we have to come back contract are parts. And it's one by Iowa and as we're doing it translating the base and you can hear the part where relay. Will and into something weird in your group and any dislike the news that you got to go back to do it wielded there nephew Willie Andrews and that's evident and John's doing guitars and it's like the same spot but if you will injures a where they're not the way I block and I welcome both do it tries and then it's still I got to do my part and to see if I ask you and Andrews. That is so. ID and I can hear that like he really. The whole album you can use your brow. That's a really damn good driver and then that's like built the last song before its effort. Inspirational masturbation which is kinda like it a fun little out stroke but that's the last thing rocket number a and relative levels when I was growing amount Leo there the I don't look I'm going to go out of my way. They're a bit odd that definitely listen to the growth all the way through all the you know we've really. Really given a fun field. It's no big deal no big joke to just you know we're pretty switch. They've done a better when I was afraid aren't you. But I did I know limited all hold on hog going to. If I think. Somebody during the guys might. I so we're gonna play a song from what you guys were the mother ship. Just to confuse people more so this is the man now known as ten miles wide that when they were the mother ship. With a little help from Jeffrey Dahmer. Arantxa or do differently now that I've went back as the youth about local. Then. Is really what it's when that sun. For you right now islets and that's our in this studio to get myself fired up from my show. Every night and uplifting little number about cannibalism. Called or the head band that is. Notice the mother ship they now go by ten miles lied to and we opened up pain in the grass June 24. Tickets for that you guys to lead that's and we wrapping up their tour. Which kicks off this Saturday night at high that would be talked about that because the band is in studio right now so we talk more about that he just met. Out in local continues on the Iraq. 900 point nine KIS deadline is red coat or intricate gears great to be here. God what are my favorite band on the entire planet in studio three quarters of them listed today ten miles wide. Where of course going to be opening up pain in the grass Hewitt when he scored. Which will be their tour now. In the tour kicked off also happens right here in the outfield if you showed me guys coming up in the next couple weeks. This Saturday night at the high dive you're kicking off an off the West Coast tour that while it was pumped about. That's going to be GAAP to hide out in Fremont. And we also not only have pay attention is that we have war if for the bad bad career or musicians to that they and I also have. The ten miles wide. Artists we've got is a measure out who did there the incredible artwork. For the awesome album the growth and you also. Might have seen that God's artwork. On K guys that got or FaceBook the portrait of Angus young and levees that are are always. Casey broke bush welcome to the program. The fun fact here also. Got. Both Iran as Natalie are also drummer. Of the Oswald act in the awesome man that it reuniting. For the tour this option on Saturday right that is correct but. I've known him for a lie actually our neighbors and friends with our very own Steve is brutal it's beyond them. Yeah very that are very active member of the local communities I've known you for a lot great to have you here. So. Let what is the that's going on the job that. Your band when you guys start Wendy you go on this bit yeah what led to you comment that. Well that's the super long stories told us give a brief. After the 2000 we're doing a lot of shows played a lot of different stuff. Always kind of lead on the political side so very recently was everything that's going on in our country there was kind of and neither read resurfaced with some of the music and dad you know bring it back. It's exactly some of our songs are more relevant now than they were back or wrote them. Fear that I've been president elect so much anti flag and Rage Against The Machine in immortal technique lately. And it's all like late nineties mid to early to mid 2000 like. Man I wish list of several little more data you know if so what about. Thank you know we had a review and we are reading some of the review that we have what release level sabotage heavily. 2007 this summer again. But one of the reviews said that. Our timing was off because of the political nature of this is like look at them and now it's smile that perfect man. Are you up you know you were severely limit where a little ahead of it again hit out way ahead. 11. Term ahead. One long term well I it's it's great to have you back there are some some upside. Political climate would regardless of what side you. Fallen man. I guarantee you you you rocked out some politically charged song. That we all have people from victory in. You know political side. Music brings us all together in that that to you via. A predicted. You know life political everything the mess right now music is about to get really angry yet. Yes I certainly hope so and the troops and putting ads. And also move local band the what that is back in action this Saturday check him out at the heart I've. Of course opening up to that ten miles wide tour kicked off super stoked that would memory via the verified hope to see. Trying to rockaholics out that much so that pitch out and let's play. Tomorrow won't back off that I'll be just mentioned love and sabotage. This is. Steal the stars. I anyway and he is one of my favorite singers. Yeah I can do it fairly screams and she and he knows he knows what to do like listen in this case that was. My favorite there saying that about this there you see both those singers that I got this Saturday night that odd aspect. Still with the stars that have went back at W. Loud local. This is loud and local. Bought the rock ninety point nine. KI ES. Okay. It's. The. It Gavin dear is rolls. KI SW. All right well Kevin beard was not in tonight. My name's Matt so it's been a real pleasure. Billy Iliad dirty dirty up in studio. For the first hour of the show thought about their bread to eat he called deadline which they released last night at a high got dirty dirty dirty music dot com he hit. All of the day on them. And in fact that the show it then I nonstop party. With that modified. The cool has been on the planet in Dubai apple might it might just proving that it got like definitively more contrary as the show. I don't like it ever about when who have been on the planet. All right. We had to hang out with a cool dude on the planet throughout now won't back. I don't know how I met the league's engines ma like GQ you almost nothing that is a sell ten of lies you've heard me mention of a million times because they're opening up in the grass you're going forward. That's going to be in saying if it's that big guys that we got on there also about who wanted tour. And the tour kicks off next Saturday for this coming Saturday against the high dive in Fremont. For all that stuff where can people keep up with you guys. They treat get there early on June 10. Now hold those amazing yet see off or ban. Well. Always negative. Him I would put up Arnold effect though we've played. On the and we played you guys though comes at all that even kick us out on my space. Slash a cup captain. I don't know I don't know what it is you're in future possibly they got an idea I totally got. Animate like little singer guy I don't know. Ten miles wide bend died. FaceBook dot com slash ten miles wide ban it and spelled out TEN yeah ten miles an hour that's why we have taken a man. In the head knows these things and their mates are some great picks if that is not clear on here not an Airbus may not fair fair fair. Yes have come CM. June 10 that is this Saturday and accurately that supplies are perverse about that show an outline of the its interest of this thing. Wow we're here. I remember thinking I need to survive and all that anonymous visiting in my village. That the I just pulled living things reality is finally here and there are doing a good lap again was very very you know whether I way to do it was a lighting man yeah is alive and Google I think. Itself. I wanted you if you're the floor. Before we sign off stage giving a shout out say hello thing you'd any line you like to. And then you'll have John apple dominate anything you wanna say this you back and as long that that they that. Will managers are dumber and I there must learn where we did not anger you too much with portrayal of Arnold both of our organization usually don't want to break the drummer is OK talk to you that the rise of Ed is the much loved everybody out on the scene that fled been it was in the buzz about us and then helping us out come out shows and talent their friends about us and support and everything we do. Find the record downloaded for free still and it's shared whatever you're doing it. He was turned onto it and and we really really appreciate that and keep becoming that he got so so much every show is like a hungry hungry have. New friends and I thought. And I I really love I love all the support you guys have been given us and audit and it left main street. They're real far real stoked to have guys open paid in the grass. June 24 tour kicked off came away this Saturday and I I think that everything riding guys thing. I would honestly I think then her leg was live on Facebook and Helen older like close friends and people that were in the team back in the day. About ten miles wide that we've been a great personnel for the love the word for a big number. Yeah error life it. Anyone with the desires and miles wide gave me thereof a lot of people or active. In this Seattle sea when it was blowing up in the late eighties and early ninety's. They're saying. Mind blowing phenomenal things about you guys and that was an incredible time in music and you guys we are you are 100 relive it it is really some specialty apart and and deserving honor to have you guys at the forefront of it's been a real treat having you up. Job. I'll play this last song that you specifically requested it if you have any that you like to say about it field. We just you know. I don't think are related to say anything with you hear his voice I think that he inspired me beyond anything you know his song writing in his. Do you me lyrics and everything and using it as therapy. And maybe if that therapy. Wasn't available to him and last minutes you know and I think this is the best song I've ever heard like listen to them the melodic genius of it. The layers. Yeah I'd eleven backing him I think it's I think it's genius. I hope everyone out there just. You know driving through. You know accidentally listening to cares that you ran out. With the darkness and just just luck just just just deal with listen to his abilities. All right so cuts as if I guess I'm about one and only. Chris Cornell recipes were to sign off with disappearing once there's so much for coming up guys. This. Then you. Saying. Okay. It's. Let.