The BECU Financial Advisor Podcast

Money advice with BECU's Todd Pietzsch on BJ & Migs.

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Todd Pietzsch from BECU 09-20-17

Wednesday, September 20th
Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. A texter wants to know how to get financial aid for college. Caller Chad is buying a business from his boss...

Todd Pietzsch from BECU 08-16-17

Wednesday, August 16th
A texter has debt and wants to know if he should use his house to pay it. Caller Cory wants to know if it’s worth it to get a pre-paid credit card. Caller...

Todd Pietzsch BECU 07-12-17

Wednesday, July 12th
Caller David wants to know what interest rate he could get on a new $400,000 house. Caller Ian wants to know if he should get a personal or auto loan to buy a...

Todd Pietzsch from BECU 06-21-17

Wednesday, June 21st
A texter wants to know if he should invest his money in a car. A texter wants to know what to do about credit card companies from hassling him. A texter wants...