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We are a group of rocking ladies who talk about rock, drinking, sexy time, and occasionally give advice. Give us a call/text at 253.778.6029.

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Broad-Cast Ep. 101 - "Kutie La Bootie"

Wednesday, March 14th
Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat with burlesque dancer Kutie La Bootie about the upcoming Stripped Screw Burlesque show: Disney After Dark! Get tickets here: http://...

Broad-Cast Ep. 98 - "Bad Wedding Guest"

Tuesday, February 27th
Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about Vicky's trip to Lopez Island; Vicky proves that she might be the worst wedding guest ever, and they both talk about what Sara...

Broad-Cast Ep. 97- "Turning Bad"

Tuesday, February 27th
Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about what annoys them as servers, then get into at what age they turned into "bad girls", as well as annoying yoga and wedding...

Broad-Cast Ep. 96 - "The Boys Part 2"

Friday, January 19th
Vicky B and Ooh Sara are joined by Danny V and Joey Deez as they chat about things guys don't actually care about during sex, the top places people should...