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We are a group of rocking ladies who talk about rock, drinking, sexy time, and occasionally give advice. Give us a call/text at 253.778.6029.

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Broad-Cast Ep. 87 - "Sexy Habits"

Friday, September 29th
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, Kianna and The High Priestess Destiny engage in some sexy talk and chat about their sexual habits and how weird or common they are.

Broad-Cast Ep. 86 - "Cuffng Season?"

Friday, September 22nd
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny talk about the first day of fall, the best dates for the season; Destiny teaches the girls about "Cuffing...

Broad-Cast Ep. 84 - "Hold My Beer"

Friday, September 8th
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, The High Priestess Destiny welcome back Kimberleigh Roseblade to talk about SWORDSQUATCH 2017: HOLD MY BEER going on this weekend at...

Broad-Cast Ep. 83 - "Morning Action"

Friday, September 1st
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and special guest Ellen read their first listener submitted “Rant Sesh”, talk about the best way to be woken up, internet trolls, their...

Broad-Cast Ep. 82 - "Rant Sesh"

Friday, August 11th
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and The High Priestess Destiny introduce a new segment called "Rant Sesh" where they invite the listeners to call or message in about...