The Broad-Cast

We are a group of rocking ladies who talk about rock, drinking, sexy time, and occasionally give advice. Give us a call/text at 253.778.6029.

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Broad-Cast Ep. 69 - "Speed Dating"

Friday, April 7th
Vicky B, Sailor Sage, and Destiny read off some listener emails; talk about how they all signed up for speed dating as well as tips for it, then end up...

Broad-Cast Ep. 68 - "Welcome Destiny"

Friday, March 31st
Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sailor Sage are joined by the newest member of The Broad-Cast: Destiny. We get to know Destiny including hearing why she is a badass...

Broad-Cast Ep. 66 - "Outdoor Action"

Friday, March 3rd
Vicky B and Ooh Sara welcome C.C. for the first time! They read a text from a Listener named Moose, Sara asks the crew what they think about outdoor sex, they...

Broad-Cast Ep. 65 - "The 3 Deadly Topics"

Friday, February 24th
Today the girls get real! They talk about some people who are making “girl time” better and worse. They talk about their musical taste, “puppy paternity leave...