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From the 206 to the 253, the 360 to the 425 (and even a little bit of the 509), Kevin Diers is dedicated to showcasing the best that the Northwest has to offer each and every week. Since his early teenage years, Kevin has been scouring the dark, seedy underground venues of this fine state to find up-and-coming bands, and there’s no signs he’ll be emerging from those clubs anytime soon. Kevin is proud to represent the local music scene in one of the most important regions in rock n roll history. Viva Northwest Rock!

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Loud and Local - February 11th, 2018

Sunday, February 11th
Playlist: Ten Miles Wide – Gotta Go Omni – Spiral Arms Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly Blue Helix – Runaways Midday Veil – Babel Aloha Mars – Last November...