The Megacast

The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks.  They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug

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MegaCast 03/01/17 "Size Does Matter!"

Wednesday, March 1st
This week we get creepy in less than 3 minutes. We celebrate the music of Pantera in honor of the 25th anniversary of “Vulgar Display Of Power”. We chat about...

MegaCast 02/15/17 "Bert Kreischer!"

Wednesday, February 15th
What happens when you start recording a podcast at 2am in the backstage area of the Parlor Live (with a giant bottle of vodka) after Bert Kreischer does stand...

MegaCast  02/08/17  “Rock Hard”

Wednesday, February 8th
This week the fellas recap Ted visiting his mom for her retirement party. Plus we chat about a different kind of party… The Young Bucks “Super Kick Party”,...