The Migs Cast

The Migs Cast crew has candid takes on topical and cultural issues, while also sharing personal and comical stories along the way. They feature a wide range of guests from musicians to wrestlers...all while preaching their contagious "stay positive" mantra. The Migs Cast features KISW's Steve Migs, The Reverend En Fuego and Windowpane's Glenn Cannon.

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MigsCast 09/05/17 "Just 2 Dollars!"

Tuesday, September 5th
This week we recap Rev’s vacation, and the crap show that happened when he returned. Glenn gives a passionate plea for our listeners to help his buddy Dogger...

MigsCast 08/29/17 "Bruiser Brody!"

Tuesday, August 29th
This week we made Wyatt Olney of Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage host the MigsCast, as Rev is on vacation…and we had Glenn, JT, Travis, and Steve from Bruiser...

MigsCast 08-15-17 "Everybody Panic!"

Tuesday, August 15th
This week we chat with Provo from the band Everybody Panic! , as they are playing Hempfest this Friday on the mainstage (interview starts at 18:20). We also...

MigsCast 08/08/17 "Donut Chat"

Tuesday, August 8th
This week's epidode is the epitome of Murphy's Law...anything that could go wrong does! Glenn can't find parking...his car's transmission overheats....Migs...

MigsCast 08/01/17 "Jar Of Flies"

Tuesday, August 1st
Today's episode is our very first podcast in the new KISW studios...and we welcome the band "Jar Of Flies" (Alice In Chains tribute band) in studio to chat...