The Migs Cast

The Migs Cast crew has candid takes on topical and cultural issues, while also sharing personal and comical stories along the way. They feature a wide range of guests from musicians to wrestlers...all while preaching their contagious "stay positive" mantra. The Migs Cast features KISW's Steve Migs, The Reverend En Fuego and Windowpane's Glenn Cannon.

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Society & Culture


MigsCast 06/27/17 "Poop Shiv?"

Tuesday, June 27th
What happens when 2 of the 3 members of the show are running on fumes with barely any sleep? This episode is what happens. We chat Wacky Tabacky, Red Solo Cups...

MigsCast 06/20/17 “Rocket Romano”

Tuesday, June 20th
This week Glenn shares some insane home remedy stories that leads to a spirited conversation about the show E.R.! Migs talks about his latest adventures in...

MigsCast 06/13/17 "Ginger Beard"

Tuesday, June 13th
This week Glenn and Steve re-cap The New Originals show from Saturday where the sound guy gave most of the members of the band interesting, and hilarious...