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BJGN10-20-17 - Blade Runner 2049

Friday, October 20th
BJ & Joey Deez review (WITH SPOILERS) Blade Runner 2049; the gang talks TV with Gotham, The Orville, Star Trek: Discovery, & Mr. Robot; and we get the...

BJShea's Board Game Alliance. Epi. 21

Thursday, October 19th
Intro: Host: "Director" Chris Walker of Bj Geek Nation Designer: Sean Epperson of Thing 12 Games Chief Game Player: Josh Utley from The Omega Gamers GE2 &...

BJGN10-16-17 - HTC VIVE

Monday, October 16th
Rev & Chris talk with Ryan Hoopingarner about the HTC VIVE and what to expect at GE2; BJ talks TV with The Flash and The Gifted; Chris & BJ talk...