The Megacast

The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks.  They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug

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MegaCast 12/13/17 "We Don't Validate"

Wednesday, December 13th
This week...Ted gives us an update on the crazy yelling guy...the fellas chat about Christmas gifts that they hated but pretended to like...and we play "Star...

MegaCast 12/06/17 "Ted vs The City!"

Wednesday, December 6th
Full disclosure...both Ted and Steve are going through a funk...they are doing their best to stay positive...but Terrible Ted and Miserable Migs make another...

MegaCast 11/21/17 "Live Day Live Cast"

Tuesday, November 21st
Technically Ted & Steve are off on the day they record a MegaCast (for Turkey Day) we decided to share with you the podcast we did in front of a live...

MegaCast 11/15/17 "Genetic Freaks"

Wednesday, November 15th
Today's epidode we chat about Jr.'s dead lift fail...another awesome Scott Steiner wrestling promo...and Ted is going to an interesting concert in a couple...

MegaCast 11/08/17 "Dance"

Wednesday, November 8th
This week Ted and Steve chat about a troll that is annoying both The Mens Room and BJ & Migs! After we get that out of the way, we have a very inspiring...