BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Mable's Marbles

June 13, 2018


Mable’s Marbles is 4 tolerable humans from Seattle who play loud, blue-collar, punk rock. 
In the heart of neo-liberal-post-industrial decline, these four are claiming stake in the changing city they love, and growing roots with the PNW music community they’ve been shaped by. 

As their “Serbian fan base would suggest”, taking a second, much louder listen might get you hooked! Hard hitting melodies & transcending guitar leads behind white-knuckled rhythms will remind you of a time when mid-90’s punk hung out with alt-rock - and guitar cases had both Metallica and Green Day stickers on them. Mable’s Marbles is setting ablaze channeling a mix of weird humor, anti-establishment anger, and obscurity – crack those shower beers and enjoy the ride!

After nearly two decades of music making in the local underground, Mable’s Marbles is the more polished sounding result of aims taken by earlier projects together. Former bands such as The Eight Hour Disease, Come Live the Riot (CLR), and On The Ground have been playing across the west coast since the year 2000. The band recently recorded 4 tracks with Tony Fantozzi at One & A Half Bastards Studios and in April released their debut 7” “Marbelous EP” on Tiny Dragon Music. Directly following they worked with Brian Lewis from Digital Decay Films on a premiere music video for the song “County Road”. They’ve since played a string of shows regionally with local & national acts including Shell Corporation, OC45, The Lucky Eejits, FCON, Hilltop Rats, & Burn Burn Burn!

The band has arranged to record new material this summer for a couple of upcoming split vinyl releases, music videos for 3 other tracks on “Marbelous EP”, and to complete a couple of short regional weekender tours between now and the fall of this year.