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BJ's BLOG 06/21/10 "Perry Manley"

It was five years ago yesterday that Perry Manley died, and we talked about him this morning with Rick Jones from Goldberg and Jones and Greg Howe from The Other Parent. For those who don’t know the story, Perry was getting screwed over by the child support system so badly that he couldn’t take it anymore and went into a court room with what looked like a grenade and was killed by cops. 

Granted how Perry went about ending his life was the wrong way to go about it (the stress that gets put on that cops who had to shoot him is unimaginable), but Perry had the motivation. It was the wrong thing, he went over the edge and snapped, but he was always doing something to get the message out and unfortunately this was a horrible final way to get his message across.

No one knows what exactly he was thinking, what his real intentions were or not, but we do know that he was extremely agitated by the things that were happening to him and the child support system. He had lost everything when he divorced his wife, and he fought the court system for years until he was pushed so far down that he snapped.

I don’t condone what Perry did on June 20, 2005, but as men or as a reasonably thinking person, we have to take a look at what brought a person from Point A to Point Z.

06/21/2010 5:39AM
BJ's BLOG 06/21/10 "Perry Manley"
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06/21/2010 1:09PM
Are you freaking kidding me? After 5 years you still have not checked your facts? I really do like you most days but could not even stomach listing to you this morning talking about my family like you know what the hell was going on!!!! Check your facts!!! It is all public record. Perry Manley (my father) was an ASS. He was manipulative, condescending, and verbally and mentally abusive to us. He had sever anger issues. After the divorce (which was over 15 YEARS AGO) my mom gave him plenty of opportunities to see us. She encouraged him to have one on one time with each of us, too. He never showed on the days he was suppose to see me or my brother but always showed on the day he was to take our sister. He never got my brother a present for his birthday in June but sure got my sister one a month later in July. How would you feel if that happened to your kid? Dont you think your ex-wife would put an end to it eventually if you did that? It was kind of hard to even go see him when he wouldnt tell our mom where he lived so she would at least know where we were when we were with him. Would you let your kid go with someone and not know where they would be? How much can you see your kids hurt before you put an end to it? I cant even go in to all the crap he did to me and that I saw my mom go thru. He called my mom at work repeatedly and told her one day he was going to go over to the house and steal us and she would never be able to find him. I was 12 when I heard him tell my mom that he divorced us when she divorced him. I was 13 when I he told me that legally my mom could have had an abortion when she had me in 1978 and that he should not have to be responsible for our care since she didnt. Do the math yet? Bet you didnt know we were GROWN ASS ADULTS when he got shot DID YA!!! I am 31 now, my sister is going to be 29, and my brother just turned 27. Just another unknown fact is, my brothers birthday is the same weekend as Fathers day. He never got his child support raised until he requested to go to court to see if he could stop paying. The judge practically laughed at his request and raised it cause it hadnt been raised in 10 YEARS!!!!! By that time he was only still responsible for my brother. My sister only tried to gain a relationship with him again after seeing him on the ferry one day. He tried to say he was sorry and that he wanted to try 4 months before her wedding. ALL the arrangements had been made. He wanted to WALK HER DOWN THE ISLE!!! Are you kidding me? As if he earned the right to. He didnt care about us, he didnt love us, he could barely stand us. When we did go with him most of the time he dropped us off early. He didnt take us anywhere so we sat in his apartment and played board games with each other while he watched TV. We were lucky to get him to make us food. I did most of the cooking. Remember I WAS 12-15!!! I MADE MY OWN DECISION to stop seeing him. WE ALL DID!! He never showed to my graduation, wedding or the birth of my child. Do you have any idea how it felt to see him standing on the side of the road one day with his sandwich board on? I was 21 at that time. I wanted to run into him with my car. Too bad I had my daughter in the car with me. He was never the father he should have been. I am sick and tired of you saying how great he was and how much of a BITCH my mom was. She was not. He put her and us thru hell and back and she never said a bad thing about him except that she though he was sick. I believe he was sick, mentally. I do believe there are some men that should have someone stand up for them cause they do have some crazy ass ex-wives but he should not and is not a hero or poster child for mens rights. He is the poster child for how a father should not act. I actually called my mom that Fathers day before he got shot to wish her happy Fathers day. I told her I was glad she left him and that we were all better for it. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say now that you know the truth. Jennifer
02/27/2013 6:05AM
Nice Try
Anyone with half a brain can see this Lady above was brainwashed, and clearly possesses the same genetic flaw as her Mother. You will end up doing the same thing to your Husband, it's just a matter of time. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. It's not about what he did or didn't do for you, it's what he was told he MUST do, or not do for you. Your Mother had choices, had financial support from every angle, and had you all...tokens of a safety net that will always be worth some form of food, cash assistance, and grants. Your Father on the other hand was either forced to abide by your Mothers rules in life or loose his Children (and his Paycheck), all while having to jump through hoops (that she knew he wouldn't be able to) to see you all again. Off course his focus shifted to defense, he was under attack. I feel sorry for you, you are a sheep. I hope one day you see what your Father did for you, for me, and for all of us Men and Women the World over. HE IS A HERO.
02/27/2013 6:07AM
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you must a just heard that hiphop song 2 uhu? lmfao
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