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BJ'S BLOG 03/19/13 "Compromise"

Yesterday during Group Therapy, we read an email from Leah who thinks her boyfriend was in the wrong for what he told her and wanted to get her fellow Rock–A-Holic’s opinions.  
Leah is 22-years-old and her boyfriend is 25.  Over the weekend, she went out to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with some friends.

To go out, she put on a short, bright green dress that she says looked fantastic on her but when her boyfriend saw her, he immediately told her to change her clothes because the outfit was too slutty and revealing.
Leah wanted to know if guys should get a say in what their girlfriends/wives wear?  She also asked if guys want their girlfriends/wives to look hot.
To put it simply, guys generally want girls that we don’t know to dress revealing.  When it comes to our girlfriends and even the girlfriends of our friends, we want them to dress appropriately so they are not a distraction or attraction.  
Some women don’t understand that what you wear is saying something about yourself.  Certain clothing worn by women is designed to attract the attention of a man.  Just like certain gestures that men do are done to attract the attention of women like offering to buy them a drink. I would imagine that Leah would not appreciate her boyfriend buying random women drinks at the bar any more than he doesn’t like the outfit she chose.
You just have to compromise if you’re in a relationship.  When someone is single, they only have to worry about themselves, but when they become a couple, they have another person’s feelings to take into consideration.  
If this is something you can’t do, then stay single; you’re just too selfish and immature to be in a relationship.  

03/19/2013 8:28AM
BJ'S BLOG 03/19/13 "Compromise"
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03/19/2013 10:16AM
I would like my girlfriend to dress up hot for me, but not if she's going out without me. If she did that I would be wondering if she was trying to pick up on other guys.
03/19/2013 1:45PM
kind of agree?
If you trust her to not give attention to the guys checking her out, then the guy shouldn't care. Men always want to look their best when they go out, so do women. You know the kind of person she is, why do you care what kind of 'image' she presents with her clothes.
03/19/2013 2:35PM
Who's she trying to impress
Usually when girls do stuff like that its cause they crave attention, and guys usually hate nothing more then other guys ogling their girl, ya sure they love to know their girl is hot but they also don't want to have to deal with other guys hittingon their chick and as I said before she probably just wanted attention and he didn't wanna deal with the backlash that some of that attention may get.
03/19/2013 2:49PM
Why Not????
You always seem to have a say about our friends and our other activities that don't include you. You always seem to think the worse when you see another female around that looks just as hot as you (especially if you don't know that she's attached to someone in that circle of friends). Well, we think the same things, but in our case it sometimes pans (because of alcohol or some other influence)then where's the trust supposed to be? How are we supposed to trust the other guy/girl to look and not touch, especially when you dress so provocatively to attract such attention?
03/19/2013 2:50PM
A different crowd
Not all mean fear a woman who dresses proactively; some of us want our women to flaunt what they got.
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