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STP's Blog 05/13/11 "Pirates"

The fellas were giving me a hard time because I admitted that I have never seen Pirates Of The Caribbean. I guess it’s an awesome movie…I will have to take their word on it. The only pirate I care about is One Eyed Willie from The Goonies. I have zero interest in watching a film with Johnny Depp dressed as a pirate….it looks stupid, and goes against what I stand for. I stand for watching only movies where the wardrope is modern…if people aren’t wearing somewhat

I came up with a new euphemism…boy am I an idiot….while talking about a news story & there were new developments, I meant to say “well that throws a monkey-wrench in those plans”, but it came out like this: “Well that puts a wrench in those monkey plans”. Yeah…I have no idea. I guess I needed more than one cup of coffee today.

A 20 Million dollar lawsuit was filed this week, accusing an "A-list celebrity" of giving someone herpes. The celebrity isn't named in the lawsuit. Neither is the defendant, who claims to have met the plaintiff in Las Vegas, and went to his penthouse for, quote, "an evening of prolonged sex and illicit drug use,” and it was filmed. I smell sex tape! Here is a crazy tidbit that puts a “wrench in those monkey plans” -- The plaintiff, who is never identified as male or female in the lawsuit, says that before any sexual activity took place, the celebrity clearly stated that he did not have any STDs. The reports say he has "appeared widely on television and film", and his net worth is at least $100 million. Yikes!!!!

RadarOnline put together a list of celebrities who were there at the time, and here are some of the names that are on the list: Steven Tyler, Chace Crawford, Larry David, Chris Tucker, Spike Lee, Alfonso Ribiero, Jamie Foxx, Maury Povich, Ryan Reynolds, Russell Brand, Vin Diesel, Tyler Perry, Jack Black, Tim Allen and John Travolta. Also because the Academy of Country Music Awards was in town at that time…these guys were there: Keith Urban, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley and Toby Keith were there, too. There were also some high-profile athletes in Vegas that weekend, including Michael Jordan, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, hockey legends Wayne Gretsky and Mario Lemieux, and baseball stars Ken Griffey Jr., Greg Maddux, Mike Piazza and John Smoltz. I’m looking at these names…no way it was The Great One, Wayne Gretzky….his skills cures herpes and gonorrhea!

So we read a story about a Canadian 16 year old that quite possibly found a cure for Cystic Fibrosis as part of his Science Fair Project…wow! How do you compete with that…sure Billy turned a pencil into a microphone, Sally made a tube that when you look into it…it looks like a rainbow, and Sal made a boomerang, but…uh….sorry guys you all lose, Marshall cured a disease….he wins.

Today’s Video Blog features something we noticed outside our studio window!

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05/13/2011 5:18AM
STP's Blog 05/13/11 "Pirates"
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