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STP'S BLOG 06/08/11 "BJ is a TV Star!"

According to a new survey, 56% of people say that, at some point, they've completely forgotten where they parked their car. This is me…I have had this happen before & it is so beyond frustrating…especially at The Gorge! I have parked at the Gorge & in the day I can see where I parked, but after the concert it’s dark & well…dumb Steve can’t recall where I parked. I used to have a great way to find my car…back when I had a car with power locks & a key remote…I would turn that on & off to get the lights to flicker…and in a worst case scenario I would hit that alarm button. None of that works for me anymore…as I have Jeep Wrangler & no power steering. I guess I am not alone when it comes to losing my car at the Gorge, as we got this funny text:

My dad and myself saw Tom Petty at the Gorge. Wandered around for 2 hours looking for the car. We were wasted and ended up passing out 3ft away from the car.

How stupid is this stat…3% of people have actually called roadside assistance to come and help them search for their car. Proof that there are stupid people living amongst us!

In Marin County, Florida, the cops noticed 21-year-old chick driving drunk…she was driving like an idiot & was going 20 miles-per-hour UNDER the speed limit…and to make matters worse…she was driving TOPLESS!!!!! Talk about driving with the top down! Waka Waka! You think when the cop pulled her over, they said “Busted”, and she looked down at her chest & said “Thank You!” Waka Waka…I’ll be here all day!!!

The big news of today was the fact that BJ Shea was seen by over 15 million people last night…no his buldging underpants pic didn’t go as viral as Anthony Weiner’s…BJ was on America’s Got Talent. You are probably scratching your head after reading that…no BJ wasn’t juggling fire, or doing a sexy dance with a 69 year old woman that can do splits….BJ was featured talking about the Seattle auditions…and being that last night they aired the Seattle audition episode, BJ was featured on it….if you sneezed or blinked, you might have missed it:

Back when America's Got Talent was in town...our very own Jeetz interviewed Piers Morgan, Nick Cannon, and Howie Mandel. Here is that installment of Jeetz On The Streets!

This morning we read a story about a woman charged with her 6th DUI and she shows up to court…Drunk!!!! Based on this…we asked the Rock-A-Holics to finish this sentence: "I can’t believe I…or someone I know…showed up drunk to ___________?" Here are some of the texts we got:

Morning, guys. I can't believe my brother showed up drunk to our nieces 8th birthday. Not only was he making leud comments, but he vomitted on the cake.

I can't believe I showed up drunk to my grandmas birthday party and threw up on my dinner plate!! One to many beers :-​) Cherry

I cant believe my brother showed up drunk to his DUI classes....I couldnt believe he was that stupid...LOL

I cant believe my best man showed to my wedding knotting out. it would have been funny had it not been My Wedding. u guys Rock.

I've shown up for a hotel manager job interview drunk and still landed the job!

I showed up to dare graduation drunk.

I was in a motorcycle crash a few years ago and two of my friends showed up to the icu completely wasted at 9 in the morning. They even wrote me a get well card with a huge black marker on an empty beer box

My. Mom went to my sisters high school graduation hammered while everyone politely clapped my mother was screaming slurred woohoos

can't believe I showed up drunk to go bungee jumping ....needless to say it was a sobering experience

My mom went to her wedding so drunk we had to carry her down the isle

A customer showed up drunk to rent a car. Hell no we arent giving you are car!

Drunk at friends house and puked on his moms typewriter

Cant believe my friend threw up in her dads coffin yes she was drunk

I saw a guy show up drunk with a jar of peanut butter and pick up his dog....i think the dogs name was lucy...he kept saying "come her juicy lucy"....

Today's Intern Challenge is our new intern Trevan's first...and last challenge! Why is it his last? Well…maybe the challenge should have been to see if the Intern could come into work on a frequent basis haha!!! Trevan was a great intern, but sadly getting up wasn’t his thing….but we did get one challenge from him. This idea was submitted by Tonya on Facebook...

Hey should have your intern try and convince a woman to put lipstick on him!

Trevan has 60 seconds to get a random woman to put lipstick on him..will he do it? Watch the video here in today’s Video Blog:

Here is the same VLOG for you iPHONE users:

06/08/2011 5:07AM
STP'S BLOG 06/08/11 "BJ is a TV Star!"
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