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STP's BLOG 06/09/14 "Blackjack with the Seahawks"

Over the weekend I had an incredible experience happen.  Thursday night I got a call from my buddy Angel, who works with Michael Bennett from the Seahawks. Apparently Michael and John Moffitt are doing a video project and he wanted to know if I would be a part of it.  Hell yeah I would, and on Friday night I met up with them at the Spitfire. 

I am not too sure of all the details, but once we know when it will be out we will have Michael & John on to let you know…but what I do know is that it’s a really cool idea and I can’t wait to watch episodes of it.  For the video I was a part of, Michael & John are playing Blackjack with some buds and shooting the “ess”.  They filmed 2 episodes…one with Jesse Williams and Cliff Avril from the Hawks…and that was one of the coolest conversations I was lucky enough to “eavesdrop” on…as you will get a great perspective of life in the NFL from guys that are in the NFL!  Plus, Jesse Williams is one real cool dude.  I’m sure Cliff is too, I just didn’t have an opportunity to chat with him, but during the taping I thought Cliff came off as a real down to earth interesting fella!
 photo 0CAFDEB9-61E2-4F28-8CBA-4C82F573835A_zps4whuwrtm.jpg
 photo 970F1431-96F0-4B6E-B868-5DFE75F5D09D_zpsbqwvsk5v.jpg
In the episode I was on, it was me along with Michael, John, and Mkristo Bruce.  Mkristo is a former Coug…also played in the NFL for the Dolphins, Raiders, and Jaguars…and is an all around awesome guy.  He is the sales manager at Brotherton Cadillac ( so be sure to say to him if you get a car over there!  Here we are…

 photo 9D89FE35-B619-455A-8BFC-3BBEF9EFE876_zpsx53sodlo.jpg
I posted this pic on Twitter, and Moffitt responded…check out our exchange…
 photo moffitttweets_zpsddc13f7e.jpg
I wasn’t lying about sitting on his lap.  That’s how we roll… #Bromance.
On Saturday my wife, our pup Lulu, and I hit up one of the cooler places to post up at in nice weather – Dash Point in Federal Way!
 photo 789E9D6C-67A2-4E32-821C-6C57E81EB66A_zps9fqpx9zo.jpg
 photo 94912C8F-A9A3-4AF2-A028-0E1F0C05C5B6_zpsjyaran6l.jpg

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06/09/2014 7:24AM
STP's BLOG 06/09/14 "Blackjack with the Seahawks"
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