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Cascadia 3/15/13

    This Saturday a great sporting event comes to Seattle and that is your Sounders FC taking on the hated Portland Timbers. Now before I start let me tell you I like Portland as a town and always fun down there. I really deep down don't hate the Timbers Army person by person but on the other hand I do hate them as a group. The one thing that has blown me away on this soccer journey I started years ago is how much this game means to each fan base. I sit in the North End with my buddies but am a ECS member and love taking the road trips down to Portscum. The thing about going to Cascadia Cup match is it is different then almost any other sporting event I have been to. There is so much passion on the pitch and in the stands as well. A big part of that is that the Sounders fans and especially the Emerald City Supporters are the best supporters in the MLS. The Timbers Army will say they are but they are wrong. Whatever they do, we do bigger and better. They do have the Cascadia Cup right now this year but it will be back in its rightful owners arm's after this campaign. Now as much passion there is in this match up please be carful out there and don't even bother with Timbers fan if they are trying to start something with you. As always talk trash but in a fun way besides no one looks great picking on little brother.

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03/15/2013 7:07PM
Cascadia 3/15/13
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