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Orange Goblin packs a punch!

I may not be Jeetz, but my friends, I believe it is safe to say I'm blogging under the influence right now. You see, I am getting ready for this Friday's Orange Goblin show at Studio Seven the right way. Recently, I've been jamming the new Orange Goblin 5-disc box set recently released on Rise Above/Metal Blade. Heady, heavy stuff. But why stop there? To bask in the pure decadence of Orange Goblin, I decided to make a toast. I headed over to The Highline, a bar right down the street from my apartment on Capitol Hill, and ordered myself a cocktail. Yeah, yeah, call me a sissy if you may, but this isn't just ay cocktail. The righteous staff at The Highline dubbed this special cocktail the "Orange Goblin," after the seminal UK-based stoner rock group. Other cocktails include the Crowbar, the Electric Wizard and the St. Vitus. Now that's my kind of cocktail!

So, you might ask...what exactly would one include in an Orange Goblin?
Here's the mix, straight from the menu board:
Vanilla-orange-infused bourbon
Luxardo cherry liqueur
Navan liqueur

Orange Goblin plays Friday, June 10th at Studio Seven with The Gates Of Slumber, Naam, Brokaw and Witchburn.

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06/07/2011 11:09PM
Orange Goblin packs a punch!
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