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NAMM BLOG Sunday 1/16/11

YES! The last day finally arrived! My body is giving me the big screw you treatment today. Surprised I can even walk. I spent most of today sitting in the press room editing photos and catching up anything internet since my lovely hotel room wireless internet was dead, I couldn't update the blogs daily like I originally wanted to do. Next year will be different! I could use the wife's help so I could actually do some video interviews and other stuff. Kinda hard to do any of that alone. Over all it was an AMAZING time, caught up with a lot of friends in the music industry and associates I've meet through facebook etc. Scored some great jobs and excited to what 2011 has in-store for me. As for today there was only a few things on my list. Made it a lot easier with the crowds nearly half the size on a Sunday.

- Finally saw Neil Peart's (Rush) Time Machine tour drum set on display. It was AMAZING!!! The details and all the drums, it was like he should've had a Sit-N-Spin in the very middle to play everything, HA! Check out the photos below. I'm guessing that was like way in the six figures to make.
- Stopped by the XPAudio booth to check the incredible Morpheus pedals called the "Capo" (tunes up your guitar) and the "Droptune" (tunes your guitar pitches down). You GOTTA check these out if you play the electric guitar! Brent Hinds & Bill Kelliher of Mastodon, Mischa Kianne and Jacy Peckham of Witchburn, Uli Jon Roth, Brad Gillis, Adam Wakeman & Gus G (Ozzy) are a few artists that use these pedals!

- Saw some cool new expression-sensing guitar cabinets with lighting effects from DAR Amplification! See pics below. How cool would those be onstage! Can control from laptop!
- One of the funny things of NAMM is the Sound Police! Yes they go around to each booth with their decibel readers and make sure the dealers are under the decibel ratings allowed in the convention. They gave our numerous tickets Sunday. Can you imagine if they didn't have these guys?? Be a guitar, bass, drum, violin, saxophone, keyboard, etc. war of sound!!
- Martin Guitars had their 1.5 millionth guitar made there. A one-of-a-kind Leonardo Da Vinci special! Check out the photos and read more here!

You should've been on our plane landing back in Seattle! Gust of wind hit us around 20ft off the ground and shook that plane like a toy! I just about saw the wing hit the ground!! Everyone freaked out! I went into a cold sweat! What a way to end the trip, rocking and rolling back to Seattle! Until NAMM 2012!!

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01/23/2011 6:20PM
NAMM BLOG Sunday 1/16/11
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