BJ'S BLOG 01/23/15 "A Daughter's Secret"

Group Therapy is all about Rock-A-Holics helping Rock-A-Holics!

We heard from Will, who recently learned that his daughter has been keeping a secret: she's a stripper!

Will's daughter lives with a friend, and she told her parents that they both work at a bar as servers. On a recent night out with the guys, Will learned the truth in the worst way possible: he actually saw his daughter performing at the strip club that he and his buddies had chosen for their evening entertainment. Will immediately departed, and he managed to make it out before his daughter spotted him.

Will didn't say if his friends stayed at the gentlemen's club or not. Personally, if I saw a friend's daughter stripping in a club, I would evacuate at a high rate of speed. An enemy's daughter…well, that's a different situation, but let's stay on topic.

Speaking as a father, my own daughter has been independent since she was fairly young, and I love her for that, but there have definitely been times when I wondered if she might take that path, if only to prove that she could make her own decisions. If things ever went that way, I would love her regardless; that being said, I think most parents would prefer a different life path for their children.

Here's the problem: Will hasn't told his wife about their daughter's secret, and the daughter doesn't know that he found out in the first place. Heck, we're not even sure if Will's wife is aware that he was at a strip club with his buddies.

Rock-A-Holics, this guy needs some serious advice, so let's hear what you have to say! I'm especially interested in hearing from strippers who have struggled with telling their family the truth!
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STP's BLOG 01/23/15 "A Must Watch Hawks Video!"

The trend continues! I have more Seahawks videos to share with you, and this one is a MUST WATCH! NFL Films put together a recap of the game against the packers, and it not only includes some awesomely shot footage…but the players are mic'ed up. To hear the players on the field…especially Russell and Kam…is pretty damn cool. I ain't gonna lie…watching this got me fired up for this morning. If you are a Hawks fan, you have to check this out!

Once again the Seahawks made an awesome video using the music of a great Northwest band. Last week it was Alice In Chains…this time, it's Pearl Jam…

This is another MUST WATCH…as it is HILARIOUS! Someone put together a "Bad Lip Reading" video involving the NFL…and there are a few in this video that will make you laugh out loud!

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BJ'S BLOG 01/22/15 "Dog Custody"

Group Therapy is going to the dogs! Well…okay, it's going to the dogs on a shared custody basis, so that's one-week-on-one-week-off. I hope that's an agreeable plan for all you Rock-A-Holics out there.

Today's topic comes from Tom, who was in a serious relationship with a woman for four years. Two years into the relationship, they got a dog together. Sounds really cute, right?

Well, they broke up recently, and they were really unsure about what they should do with the hound. They arrived at a solution that has them sharing custody, with the dog going back and forth every week. As you might expect, Tom is dating other people now, and he says that the new girlfriends in his life are irritated by the canine rotation. They believe he is using the dog as an excuse to keep the girlfriend in his life, in the hope that they'll eventually get back together.

Is it weird to share custody of a pet? I know Seattle is a very animal-friendly city, but this one is a little bit beyond my own personal experience. Rock-A-Holics, we need you to sound off and give Tom some doggone* good advice!

*-I am so very sorry for that terrible joke. Really. That one was RUFF, and I know it.
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STP's BLOG 01/22/15 - "Go Hawks - Party Bus"

So every day I have been posting fun Seahawks related videos on my blog for a while now…and I will continue to do until the Super Bowl (and hopefully past it as well to bask in the victory). My buddy Levi texted me this video he put together that I thought was very cool.

Levi is a concert promoter (Lyon Pride Music), plus he has a party bus company – which I highly recommend as I have used it in the past and they are beyond cool to work with – and they set up their new party bus by Century Link Field for a tailgate party. Check out the video…

Here is another video of their new huge bus…it looks amazing! Sorry, I geek out about this type of stuff…I'm a fan of being able to have a fun night and no that no one needs to drive!

My hockey team used his bus to go to Spokane for our hockey tournament, and we can't wait to do it again this year!

Speaking of Levi, he has a show coming up this Saturday that looks like a fun one… Powerman 5000 and (HED)Pe are playing this Saturday at El Corazon…here is the flyer…

 photo hedpe_zpsnzrqkrb4.jpeg

Man…I'll never get sick of this PM5K song!

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In Honor of the Hawks NFC Championship win Sunday!!

In Honor of the Hawks NFC Championship win Sunday!!
CenturyLink Field, Super Bowl parade
The Top 10 Stadium Anthems Of All Time"! Go Hawks!!!!!

Dig the playlist!

G & R Welcome to the Jungle
Survivor Eye of The Tiger
Rolling Stones Start Me Up
AC/DC Thunderstruck
Queen We Will Rock You
White Stripes Seven Nation Arny
Journey Don't Stop Believin'
Loaded We Win
The Verve Bittersweet Symphony
AC/DC Hell's Bells
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Polar Plunge with Westside Nearly Nekkid Norwegians for the Special Olympics!

Polar Plunge with Westside Nearly Nekkid Norwegians for the Special Olympics!

My good buddy Erik along with Dan from the Special Olympics of Washington joined me for a special podcast!

Get involved and donate if you can for the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics!

Scroll down past the interview to link up and get involved!

Team page

Plunge FB page

Special Olympics Washington page

Main page for Seattle plunge
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BJ'S BLOG 01/21/14 "Odd Request"

Group Therapy needs YOU, good people!

A Rock-A-Holic by the name of Monica has come to us for advice, following an odd request from her co-worker: this woman wants Monica to hit on her boyfriend to see if he'll take the bait! The co-worker and her man have been together for about four months, and she feels some kind of urge to test his resolve, and see if he's serious.

The boyfriend goes to the same happy hour every week, and the co-worker says that Monica is his "type", so she wants to find out if her boyfriend will cheat if a woman approaches him.

Oh, this makes me immediately angry, but not with Monica; she's clearly caught in the middle, and the fact that she's conflicted enough to reach out for some advice tells me that she's probably a thoughtful, decent person. What kind of insecurity leads a woman to instigate a trap like this?

I'm turning this one over to you, folks. What advice do you have for Monica?
BONUS HONESTY POINTS if you've been in a similar situation, and want to share your story…
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STP's BLOG 01/21/15 "The Greatest Event Ever!"

I really don't know how to sum up the game on Sunday…other than with the tweet I put out there soon after the game…

Here are some pix I took…

 photo sb3_zps255f3099.jpg

 photo sb1_zps8c66dbc3.jpg

 photo sb4_zps2a9aa6ad.jpg

 photo sb2_zpse4873ebf.jpg

 photo sb5_zps82baabb1.jpg

Huge props to Alice In Chains…they were awesome as the half time entertainment! They played Man In The Box, and Would, and got the crowd pumping at a time when we all needed it!

I love this text we got about the game…

Steve myself and my buddies were at the game. We were so excited when SeattIe won I lifted my buddy like Patrick Swayze did with Jennifer Grey in dirty dancing hahaha the roller coaster of emotions took everyone there

Here is an awesome video someone made about the game…

BELIEVE. from 808 twelve on Vimeo.

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BJ'S BLOG 01/20/15 "Winter and the Lonely Surfer"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

It's mid-January at Rambling Harbor, and it seems as if the sun has not shown in months. We rejoice if the temperatures break the freezing mark. Me, I've been playing surfing music, Jimmy Buffett and any other tropical tunes I can think of. A mile from my home is the part of the beach that has the best waves, and even on a 10-degree day, with colder wind chill, you will still see some lonely soul either waiting for a wave, or just waiting, and I start reminiscing.

The dark night is a lonely time, and I hate it. My favorite time to be on the ocean was always the evening, and I would sit next to the calm sea, sun fading behind me. I would sit waiting for the ocean to erupt into a massive, raging wall of water that would be so demanding of my body and mind that I would have no time to feel alone or dread the night, and I would ride it. Ignoring it was not an option, and dying was always a possibility.

Many times my best surfing was when the ocean was calm. I would go out when the likelihood of good waves did not exist. I wanted the calmness. I could surf the universe in my mind, the dreams, the fears, and the unknown—sit on the water and barrel through the clouds in the sky. The ocean was and always will be the expression of the mysterious, especially at night. I wanted the depths of the darkness to talk to me, the ocean, the endless unknown ocean, where I could hear the splash of life. A porpoise? A fish? A shark? I knew there were no answers to the night sounds of the waters around me. I would feel a stir beneath my feet, a few small fish or a squid or maybe something larger out for an evening meal. The ocean scared me and yet lured me back again and again, especially at dusk. As the night grew darker, the ocean and its hidden mysteries grew deeper, more daring, daring me to stay a minute longer and wait to see what danger there might be. To me, life was made solid, tangible, won or lost on a quick ride. Like the mysteries of life, as I sat there alone, I could absorb the loss of certainty, almost touch it, hold it, and I could sink or swim, no longer a metaphor but a fact. If a wave came I could rise or fall, retaining some control, always a choice I liked.

What about the actual surfing? In those days most surfboards were made of Koa, a wood found in Hawaii. The original boards, called papahe'enalu in the native language, measured from 8 feet to 15 feet long and were very heavy. There is nothing like the feeling of a tube ride, hearing only the roar of the ocean as the wave breaks over your head, alone, against one of the mightiest forces ever created. You cannot control it. The best you can hope for is to ride the waves to the safety of land. Sometimes they will spin you around like a piece of cloth in a giant washer and slam your body against the bottom, knocking the breath out of you. You know at that instant that in some small way you have come face-to-face with death, but you rise to the top and let the rest of the wave carry you home.

There's more on the safe shores of Rambling Harbor. Join me there.
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BJ'S BLOG 01/16/15 "Second-Hand Present"

Nicole is a big fan of Group Therapy, but like so many of her fellow Rock-A-Holics, she never thought that she'd have to ask us for help with a problem of her own.

You came to the right place, Nicole! We'll do our best to sort this situation out for you!

Nicole's fiancee got her a beautiful diamond necklace for her birthday, much to her surprise. She couldn't believe that he had splashed out the cash for such a wonderful gift, so she wore it to work the following Monday, simply to show off her new favorite piece of jewelry…

…and that's when she got the bad news.

A co-worker who knows Nicole's man revealed that the necklace had once belonged to the ex-wife of the groom-to-be, but she lost it to him in the divorce. She even showed Nicole a picture of the ex-wife wearing the piece.

I'm sure you won't be surprised when I say that Nicole was pretty unhappy about this new bit of information. She is extremely upset, and her reactions are ranging from "refuse the second-hand gift" to "break off the relationship over it".

On the one hand, I am annoyed that Nicole's co-worker felt the need to drop this bomb, upsetting Nicole in the process; on the other hand, Nicole was flaunting it a little…but isn't that what you do with new jewelry? I suppose the information was bound to get out eventually.

Let's give this long-time-listener-first-time-writer the assistance she needs, good people! What do you think Nicole should do about her secondhand sparkly?

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