Roth, Springsteen, and Allen
On July 25, 2014, there was a death, a death not just of a person but of a vanishing period of time, a time that history books will never truly cover and that will never come again. That death likely went unnoticed even by the most devoted hippies of the 1960s. When the ...
Our Small Place in Space Is Dying
For the first time ever, California’s Governor Jerry Brown has imposed a mandatory limit on water use, this after the state’s fourth year of record-breaking drought. The mandate targets businesses and residents in cities and towns, but it will not affect the farms that use most of California's water. California, a place that you ...
I’m Possessed, and Don’t Touch the Red Phone
I’m possessed! I have tried ceremonies of self-exorcism, but nothing has worked. I considered blowing up my TV—I had a drummer friend who actually did that with a squirt seltzer bottle. It’s the John Prine solution, where he contended that the pyrotechnical disembowelment of one’s television, using your newspaper as kindling, then starting a ...

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4.18 KISW Welcomes Rob Bell & Pete Holmes: Together At Last

The Neptune Theatre

4.20 KISW Metal Shop Presents Sleep

The Showbox

4.25 BJ Shea Morning Experience at the Car Pros Super Sale

Outlet Collection in Auburn

4.25 KISW Presents Led Zeppelin Unplugged Tribute & Benefit

Feedback Lounge

4.26 KISW Presents Mastodon and Clutch

Showbox SoDo

4.29 KISW Presents Volbeat with Anthrax and Crobot

WaMu Theatre

5.1 KISW Metal Shop Presents Cavalera Conspiracy

Studio Seven

5.5 KISW Welcomes Dead Men Walking

The Crocodile

5.9 KISW Presents Helmet

The Crocodile

5.9 KISW Metal Shop Presents Ensiferum and Korpiklaani

El Corazon

5.10 KISW Metal Shop Presents Sólstafir

El Corazon

5.13 KISW Metal Shop Presents Today Is The Day

El Corazon

5.17 Great Strides Walk for CF

Seattle Center

5.29 KISW Presents Whitesnake

Emerald Queen Casino

6.7 KISW Metal Shop Presents UFOMAMMUT

Chop Suey

6.9 KISW Metal Shop Presents Crowbar

El Corazon

6.9 KISW Presents Halestorm

Showbox SoDo

6.30 Rockstar Mayhem Festival

White River Amphitheatre

7.5 KISW Presents Van Halen

White River Amphitheatre

7.24 KISW Presents Motley Crue

Tacoma Dome

7.31 KISW Presents Imagine Dragons

Tacoma Dome

8.23 KISW Presents PAIN IN THE GRASS 2015

White River Amphitheatre

8.24 KISW Metal Shop Presents Insomnium

El Corazon

9.4-6 Dave Matthews Band

The Gorge Amphitheatre

9.12 KISW Presents Foo Fighters

The Gorge

9.15 KISW Presents Heart

Washington State Fair

9.16 KISW Presents Def Leppard

White River Amphitheatre