90 Something Day

The 90’s were kind of a big deal.  Rock music grew and evolved in many different ways… More than just the sound that starts with the letter “G” (shhh, don’t say it)!  Metal, rock, alt and so much more partied in our eardrums in the 1990’s: from Alice In Chains and Red Hot Chili Peppers to Metallica, Tool, and Pearl Jam… With countless bands in between! To commemorate this decade of rock music, each weekday night at 9pm we at The Rock are proud to bring you “90-SOMETHING,” which features everything from the hair bands hanging on to dear life in ‘90 to the throws of nu metal in ‘99, and everything in between!  KISW celebrates the decade that shined so brightly on our city and kept us guessing until Y2K!
This Thursday January 9th marks the return of 90-Something Day! Starting with The BJ Shea Morning Experience and continuing through to Grindhouse, let’s rediscover and celebrate the greats from the decade that was the perfect cure to the 1980’s: 90-Something Day on The Rock! Let us know here who you would like to hear!  Have a great 90-Something picture of yourself? Submit it here. We could post it via the KISW Facebook page to celebrate you in all your Doc Martin-wearing glory!
Rockaholics! Dig the playlist I made for you!!! Click here to listen.
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