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At some point, every one of us has been picked on or bullied. As adults we know how it feels and what the potential damage is, but for kids it may not seem like a big deal. 99.9 KISW is proud to carry the flag that says “Bullies Suck”. BJ Shea is leading the entire Rock staff, and invites each and every Rockaholic to join and stand up to bullies. For more information, check out the information below and join us in spreading the message that Bullies Suck! 

Here are some simple tips to share with your kids to help them deal with bullying, especially when they see it:
·         Tell a trusted adult, like a family member, teacher or coach.
·         Help the person being bullied get away from the situation.
·         Be a friend to the person being bullied.
·         Set a good example. Do not bully others.
Get more on how parents can help kids deal with bullying by clicking here

Teachers and educators are a big part of the solution:
School is one of the primary places where bullying happens, so providing a safe & supportive learning environment is key to helping change bullying behavior.  Gets more on how administrators, teachers and other educators can deal with bullying in their schools by clicking here.

Believe it or not, bullying is against the law in Washington state:
Read the details of Washington state law and policy.  And yes, cyber-bullying is against the law in our state.  Click here for the details.

Find more resources and places to get help: is a great resource with detailed information and lots of resources for not just kids, but parents, educators, school districts and more.  The site is coordinated by the U.S. Department of Education, The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the U.S. Justice Department.
StopBullyingSpeakUp is an interactive Facebook page with on going dialogue and great information for kids and adults alike.
TheBullyProject is a social campaign inspired by the movie “The Bully” and bands young people together with educators and social welfare organizations to help.
Seattle Public Schools are committed to preventing bullying and are a great resource for tips on how.
A complete guide to links on bullying and the discussion how to deal with it, stop it, and prevent it from the Ad Council.

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