Taryn Daly

Taryn Daly, but my friends call me T-Dog or T-Money

January 19th, and shared with Janis Joplin

Four and counting... Sorry Mom and Dad!

ShuRaku in Vancouver, BC.  BEST SUSHI EVER!

One for each hand.  Hopefully a super-hoppy IPA and a shot of whiskey.


TV Show:
Ren & Stimpy

One??? How about four - RUSH, Primus, Iron Maiden, and The Beatles

That's like asking someone to pick their favorite child, man, but I guess I'll say Rush's "Moving Pictures"

Day or Night:
Both. I'm a morning person with a night owl problem. I don't sleep, I just wait...

Kevin Spacey/Juliette Lewis

Most important physical feature in the opposite sex:
A smile! Everyone looks their sexiest with a smile. :)

What annoys you most about other people:
When someone eats with their mouth open. Disgusting.

First thought when you woke up this morning:
Gotta go skiing!!!

How would you like to die:
with dignity! ...and with a good beer.

Grossest thing you ever put in your mouth:
Black licorice.  It's an automatic barf for me.

Best concert:
It's a tie... The Who at The Gorge in the summer of '02, and Paul McCartney at Safeco Field in the summer of '13. Pretty stoked to have seen a Beatle!

Anything we should know about you?
Don't ever, EVER leave time on the microwave at my house. I will lose my freaking mind, and we won't be friends anymore.

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