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SHOW # 2319 FEBRUARY 9 2016
"Hola, What's shakin', bitches? A woman in England bought herself some new red bed sheets over the holidays, finding them festive and "beautiful". After a few days of sleeping on them, family members pointed out that her gray hair had turned PINK on the back of her head. She had no idea. And on the topic of having no idea, 40 'food critics' (I put it in quotes because 'food critic' is, in my opinion, one of the most ridiculous and 'jobs' you can trick people into giving you) gathered for an 'experimental' 5- course meal. A renown chef prepared the meal, including things like avocado soup, spicy meatballs, bacon- wrapped chicken and a coffee custard for dessert. Only ONE of the 40 so- called 'food critics' figured out that every single thing they ate was repurposed McDonald's food. Yep. Food critics. Happens to people; you're unaware of something until someone else points it out to you; fly was down, something in your teeth, dried booger in your nose, stain on your clothes, missed a spot shaving... today we wanted to know: WHAT DID YOU NOT REALIZE UNTIL SOMEONE POINTED IT OUT? All kinds of stories of boobs or d*cks hanging out... and all were amusing enough, but the one I remember most involved a woman who had a crush on a guy for years. When she was 13 or so she had a major crush on this guy. "Finally", as she put it, she was invited to a party that he was. Even luckier, she found her way into a Jacuzzi with him. It's when she stepped out of the Jacuzzi that she was mortified. The guy she liked pulled her aside and pointed out that her pubes were climbing out of her briefs. Apparently it looked like Buckwheat was wearing a bandana. I'll let that image sink in. Yep. I'm outta here. Until tomorrow, do what you best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
SHOW # 2318 February 8 2016
"Hola, Today is the day we do the Random Question Question... we have a bunch of different "news" stories (well, stories that made the news) which make us contemplate all sorts of different things... leaving us with many questions. Those are the questions we ask as the Randoms. Today however, I'm gonna reflect on the Super Bowl. Not the game... it was what it was. Congrats to Denver. Peyton will always be remembered as "going out on top" as a result of last night's win but, honestly, he didn't do sh*t. Not bashing the guy, just saying that history will treat him well. Don't remember any of the commercials, really. I DO remember chuckling at one, but I couldn't tell you what it was advertising. Anyway, I want to talk about Super Bowl food. It's not like ever eat that healthy or worry about it, but I still use the Super Bowl as an excuse to be more gluttonous than usual. Two Men's Room Sausage sandwiches, one meatball sub, a plate of meatballs with mac and cheese and 4 wings, plus copious amounts of chips and various dips... including Ted's sausage dip. His dip is bomb. I'm outta here, bitches. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
SHOW # 2317 FEBRUARY 5 2016
"Hola, Ever have one of 'those' days? You know how it goes; you get out of bed to start your day and everything just kinda goes off the rails for no good reason. You stub your toe, your shower goes cold just as you've lathered up, you spill coffee on your lap, get splashed by passing traffic, trapped on the elevator with a smelly person, hit your funny bone, bite your tongue, sneeze with food in your mouth... and you haven't even had lunch yet. Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself, Maggot... happens to all of us. You COULD be this guy in Melbourne, Australia. He lost his wife. Five days later he has a memorial service at his home. Plenty of mourners came by to give their respects, but after the last one left, a surprise guest showed up... his wife. You'd think that her husband would be ELATED to see her, but it was pretty awkward because he'd paid two hit men to kill her. You can see how sh*t got weird, right? Well, he inspired today's question: WHEN WERE YOU HOPING FOR A BETTER REACTION?
SHOW # 2315 FEBRUARY 3 2016
"Hola, A woman in New Jersey recently found a living, 3- inch lizard in her bag of organic spinach. I felt HORRIBLE for the lizard... spinach is disgusting. Anyway, she found it, and instead of freaking out and suing (as we LOOOOOVE to do in this country) she gave the lizard (named Green Fruit Loop... seriously) to her daughter and now Green Fruit Loop is the mascot of the kindergarten class. That led to today's question: HETHER YOU MENAT TO OR NOT, WHAT DID YOU BITE INTO? Look, I'm just gonna cut to the quick on this one; the most vile thing we heard today involved a guy who "didn't back down". So much so, that when he was challenged to eat a piece of corn out of HIS OWN TURD, he obliged. That is all. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"
SHOW # 2314 FEBRUARY 2 2016
"Hola, Everyone's familiar with Bradley Cooper and, if you're familiar with our feelings toward him, you know that we hate the guy. It's nothing personal and he's never done anything to us, but he's the kind of guy that makes the REST of us guys look bad. He's good looking, incredibly successful, won an Oscar, can speak fluent French AND he dates super models. Well, he dated super models up until recently. He broke up with "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit model Irina Shayk... because she didn't get along with his mother. Wouldn't be a big deal except that Bradly Cooper LIVES with his mother. Not only does he CURRENTLY live with her, but he's ALWAYS lived with her. He's 41- years- old. Yea, suddenly us guys don't look so bad. I can't fathom living with my parents, but Bradley, well, he's different. We know that everyone's living situation is different so today we asked: WHAT SHOCKED YOU ABOUT THE WAY SOMEONE ELSE LIVED? We heard plenty of stories of hoarders and bad roommates, but the overwhelming 'shocking' thing that resonated with most people were the folks that collect cats. It seems to be (almost) universally accepted that any individual who owns more than three cats (ONE CAT) is probably nuttier than a squirrel turd. I don't why that is (I do) but there's something about people who choose to own multitudes of these things that just rings crazy. I used to have a cat. I didn't want the cat. I inherited the cat after a break- up (which makes no sense) and me and this son- of- a- bitch enjoyed six years together... six good years... yea, I learned to love the carnivorous ninja... but the idea of owning more than one is absolutely f**king crazy. OK bitches, I'm outta here. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"