Metal Shop Playlist 11/15/2014

Metal Shop
Playlist for November 15th, 2014
Special guests: Perception
Warbringer – Wake Up, Destroy
Sepultura – Beneath The Remains
Onslaught – Godhead
Dying Fetus – Nocturnal Crucifixion
Lamb Of God – Ghost Walking
Perception – Perception
Perception – Violent Reality
Perception – Primal Savage
Perception – Blasted Sands
From The Vault:
Rottrevore – Unanimous Approval
from Iniquitous (1993)
Slayer – Piece By Piece
Death – Individual Thought Patterns
Obituary – Bloodsoaked
Pantera – Great Southern Trend Kill
Municipal Waste – Set To Destruct

Brutal Poetry:
Carcass – Maggot Colony
Scar Symmetry – Limits To Infinity
Cannibal Corpse – Icepick Lobotomy
Behemoth – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Crowbar – Existence Is Punishment
King Diamond – Abigail
Caught In A Mosh:
Putridity – Cannibalistic Post Climax Flesh Consummation
Cephalotripsy – Embryonic Gestronomy
Shockwave – The Insecticon Syndrome
Last Days Of Humanity – Fragrant Facial Purulence
Goretuary – Splatter Fecal Matter
Disfigured – Vehicular Vasectomy 
The Devin Townsend Project – Ziltoidian Empire
Opeth – The Lotus Eater
BTBAM – Croakies and Boat Shoes

Beard Pick Of The Week:
Die – Soul Scavenger
Megadeth – Hangar 18
Nile – Cast Down The Heretic
Black Tusk – Truth Untold
Children Of Bodom – Hatecrew Deathroll
Motorhead – White Line Fever
The Dubsack:
Cloudkicker – Push It Way Up
Windhand – Woodbine
King Diamond – No Presents For X-Mas
Dimmu Borgir – Vredesbyrd
Eyehategod – Worthless Rescue
Venom – Welcome To Hell
Black Sabbath – The Wizard
Killswitch Engage – Numbered Days
Widek – Skylight