Metal Shop Playlist - November 22nd, 2014

Metal Shop
Saturday Nights 11pm-3am
Playlist for 11/22/2014

Abominable Putridity: Victim Stuffed With Nails
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Down: The Seed
Suffocation: Infecting the Crypts
Nevermore: The Obsidian Conspiracy
Arch Enemy: War Eternal
Slipknot: Heretic Anthem
Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather
Judas Priest: Redeemer of Souls
Judas Priest: Screaming For Vengeance

From the Vault
Morpheus Descends: The Way of All Flesh

Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn
Slayer: South of Heaven
Exodus: Toxic Waltz
Electric Wizard: We Hate You
Gojira: Toxic Garbage Island

Brutal Poetry
Cannibal Corpse: Vomit The Soul

Danzig: Dirty Black Summer
Primordial: Come The Flood
Anaal Nathrakh: A Firm Foundation of Unyielding Despair

Acranius: Defaced By Hollow tips
Vomit the Soul: Overcrowd
Man is the Bastard: Prune Belly
Devour The Unborn: Compulsive Meat Cleaver Amputation
ACxDC: Sexual Fantasies of Biblical Figures
Despise You: You Can’t Fix Me So Don’t Trip

Down: Stone The Crow
Iron Maiden: Be Quick or Be Dead
Cavalera Conspiracy: The Crucible
Pentagram: Forever My Queen

The Virus Infection 
(Travis the Virus sitting in for Ryan the Beard's "Beard Pick")
Obliteration: Goat Skull Crown

Portal: Kilter The Backwards Curtain
Crowbar: Time Heals Nothing
Origin: Source of Icon O
Ensiferum: In My Sword I Trust  

The 2am Dubsack
Sub Rosa: Cosey Mo
Usnea: Empirical Evidence of a Deranged God

Exodus: Bonded By Blood
Obituary: Slowly We Rot
Six Feet Under: 420
Fear Factory: Edgecrusher
Gwar: Let Us Slay
Slayer: Seasons in the Abyss
Himsa: Wolf Child
Immortal: At The Heart of Winter