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Every Sunday we bust open the local scene, and take a listen to what's going on out there!! Thanks to everyone for sending their music, and all of the love that you've shown so far. Loud and Local is OUR local show, so let's keep the Rock a comin'. There's so much talent around here, we've only just begun to scratch the surface. Here's to local Rock!

Tune in to the BJ Shea Morning Experience every Friday morning to hear which local band we're featuring next...

You got somethin' I NEED to hear? Follow these music submission guidlines

IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR BAND ON "LOUD AND LOCAL," Send a package with the following:
1) High quality recording with a song suggestion.
2) A contact name and phone number.

You can send that to Kevin Diers at:

Kevin Diers
Loud & Local
1100 Olive Way Ste. 1650
Seattle, WA 98101

or email:

facebook myspace

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