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SuperNothing is:
Bad Dre ~ Vocals
Derek ~ Rhythm Guitar
Isham ~ Lead Guitar
Jerald ~ Drums
Nutz ~ Bass

Catch SuperNothing LIVE...
July 25th for The 2nd Annual Law Dogg Music Big F*ing Punk Party @ Uncle Sam's American Bar & Grill in Spanaway July 24th & 25th - with Green Jelly Raw Dogs, Offtrak and more - 21+ / $10 

SuperNothing is a thrash/punk band from the Pacific Northwest. They have been described as reminiscent of Bad Brains, NOFX, and Leftover Crack. Their sound is a mixture of old-school hardcore, fast and unnapologetic punk riffs, with heavy, infectious melody lines. Since their first official release in 2010 they've played with bands the likes of: D.R.I., Guttermouth, Agent Orange, Defiance, Toxic Halocaust, Rick Barton of Dropkick Murphys, just to name a few. In this time they've developed a very loyal fanbase, and play sold out shows consistantly.Their follow up to the highly acclaimed 2010 release "Jesus F*ing Christ, it's an EP!" is the landmark full length, "Life We Chose" (March 2014). A mixture of aggression, melody, and an outlook all independant musicians can identify with; "Life We Chose" is a call for everyone's eyes to open to the state of the world today. They make the music they love, which shines through in every track, and breathe a gust of intensity and passion into a scene riddled with the disingenuous commercialism of today.