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July 25th @ Jazzbones in Tacoma w/ The Missionary Position

August 2nd @ Luie G's in Fife for Rock & Rally for the Troops w/ Righteous Vendetta, Antihero, The Mothership, Amadon and more

Brandon Eisenbeis - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Mcdonald - Bass
Dan Bach - Drums
Dave Orton - Guitar

  True Holland, holding hard to distant alt-rock roots amongst the sea of tangled patch cables, hard drives and kids with high limit credit cards – staying ahull is as necessary as ever.
  The Year of September EP is due to release mid next year. It’s the first set the band has released since their conception two years prior. Heavy influence lays on the founding members, drawing inspiration for one another verses outside musical reference. With projects past ranging from pop-punk, post-rock to straight rock, they’ve melded something down to early nineties garage with thickets of modern likability and popular minded content. Pre-production took place in sweaty basements, and marked up practice rooms, producer Casey Bates helped finalize and record the songs at UberBeatz Studios in Mukilteo, WA.
  “Brandon’s voice is unusually unspecific to our genre. Hollow, sweet and with gospel-soul tonality, it captures the serenity of our lyrical content. Bate’s was able to track it down in one take at a time, I feel that allowed head room to keep our recordings clean and honest.” -Orton
“We have no egos, no one in this band has an ego – so whatever we want to do, we let out.” –Eisenbeis
  In one form another True Holland has been in work for six years, various lineup and location changes have brought the band into fruition. Setting shop in Tacoma Washington, 2011 opened up time for the first self-titled, five track release. Title tacks gained instant local notoriety and opened up featured spots on Zumiez Couch and Van’s Warped Tour.
  Every lick of what’s recorded is apparent in their live performance; you get the accents and clarity of what’s being presented. They’ve honed down a tight, high energy set with few cuts that leaves ticket holders with a sense understanding and appreciation for what’s been previously tracked.
  In the dawn of 2015 the kids are set to travel in support of The Year of September. Tours are currently being set with hopes of gaining recognition for the project as a whole and to keep options open for future engagements.