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OCT 24th @ Black Coffee Coop in Seattle w/ Filthy Fingers United, Sista Hailstorm and more
(Smashie Smashie plays at 11 PM)

OCT 31st @ Hendo House in White Center w/ Ice Teet, On the Ground??? and more

Smashie Smashie is a 3-piece psychedelic, space, post-punk revival band hailing from Seattle, Washington. Smashie Smashie consists of Eric Bacon (Guitar/Vox [Pod Blaster] [DQBR] [The Nunchucks]), Stefan Philips (drums), Izzy (Bass/backup Vox/Keys [Pod Blaster] [DQBR]), and Rafael Garcia (Bass, [Humble Humans]).
    Bringing a confetti, balloon, and bubble-filled spectacle, a Smashie Smashie show is not something to miss. Says Arlene Brown of Seattle Music Insider, “These confetti throwing, BIG ball bouncing 'psychedelic space post punkers' brought it BIG to the stage”. Smashie Smashie has performed at a variety of venues including The Westlake Park Stage, El Corazon, Highline, and multiple community events. One of Smashie Smashie's more recent shows was a rooftop bash for Black Zia Cantina's Anniversary Block Party. Smashie Smashie will be playing at Black Coffee Cooperative on October 24th, October 31st at Hendo House, and again at Black Zia Cantina on November 8th.
   Smashie Smashie is pleased to announce the start of their first Indiegogo campaign to bring Broken Limb onto vinyl, featuring a new track listing and a new song. The LP will be a raw, emotional soundscape reminiscent of the work of Sonic Youth, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Modest Mouse.

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