Steve The Thrill Hills High Five Sexy Women Who Would Never Make The Rock Girl Cut


So the Rock Girl Gala is rapidly approaching and if you’re like us (in spite of your parents warning you about people like us) you’re looking very forward to seeing which of the lovely finalist makes the final cut. I’m not gonna lie to you, sex appeal goes a long way… or at least, that’s what my sexy friends tell me… but there are those women out there who ARE sexy, but in spite of that awesome attribute, they would have never made the cut as a Rock Girl. These are those women:

  1. Jennifer Tilly... once you’ve spent 30 minutes gazing at her ample chest and finally lift your eyes up to her face, you’re not gonna be blown away by her beauty. Just not gonna happen. She’s not your ‘traditional’ good- looking lady, and her voice is like a cheese grater on your soul, but there’s SOMETHING about this woman that is just dead- sexy… and no one can explain it.

  2. Gina Gershon... like her cinematic lesbian partner above, Gina is one of those people who you look at and think, ‘there’s no way this woman smells good, but I still want to bed her’. Why? In her case it’s simple… THE LIPS. I won’t elaborate, but you know what I’m saying. Nevertheless, she wouldn’t be a Rock Girl.

  3. Natalie Portman... for my money ($1.83), Natalie is one of the hottest women on the planet, BUT, while she has the face of an angel, she has the chest of a 7- year- old boy, and that, my friends, will not earn you Rock Girl status.

  4. Khloie Kardashian... let me be VERY clear; this woman has all the sex appeal of a bucket of armpits, but because she’s the sister of Kim ‘Buttsteak’ Kardashian, she’s somehow gotten a pass. I don’t WHO gave her that pass, but she keeps showing up everywhere as though we WANT to look at her… and we don’t… and that’s why she would not be a Rock Girl.

  5. Eva Longoria... good looking broad, definitely sexy … and guys like that. So why WOULDN’T she make the cut as a Rock Girl? Hate to say it, but she’s SO short. Making her a Rock Girl would just feel so, so wrong.

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