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playoff's 4/30/10

    What up blogger? So how you been doing of late. You are like me sitting around going well this weather is getting better but when are we going to break out. Soon my freinds soon I hope. Now look I can't sit here and tell you I am a big NBA or NHL fan because I am not and I do not watch that much regular season of eithier sport but the playoff's are great. I think in any sport the playoff's are going to be better which is true. I just think that these two sports are much differnt in playoff time but then again maybe it's just because I care now so the games seem differnt. I can't write a blog about this without mentioning how my CAPS choked and lost in the first round. They were the best team though-out the season but ran into a red hot goal-tender and could not score. Sad I know. I am also looking forward to seeing lebron James win a title which he will this year. Bank it folks i am saying he will win this years. Cavs over Lakers

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04/30/2010 9:41AM
playoff's 4/30/10
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