board games

Games for one

Playing board games alone can be frustrating and sad, unless you have a couple of great games with "Solo Mode" built in! I got a couple of really excellent games for Christmas, let me show you what I'll be doing when I don't feel like dealing with other people in the coming months... Video of ep 91...
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Let's play Firefly: The Game!

So, BJ and I are going to be playing A LOT of board games during our time off, and the one I'm most excited about is Firefly: The Game. We had a rough time playing it when it first came out and nobody has wanted to play it since then. Three years later, I've spent the last three weeks playing solo...
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Joey Deez Blog "Game Day"

Today is a bitter sweet Friday for most. Whether it’s drama in polictics, the rainy weather or just the sad realization that Seahawks football is over, this weekend definitely has a gloomy feeling too it. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do, it’s all about getting a kick start to your...
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