Thrill's Big Brown Blog Dunnit

Hola, The classic "who done it?" is alive and well. Or is it "who dunnit"? Either way, a "who done it" is any situation where you know that SOMEONE is responsible for SOMETHING, but you just don't know who...done it. Take the current White House situation. About once every two days there's a new...
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The Prodigy's Blog "Punishments"

Uncle Chris here! I’ll be filling in for The Prodigy while he’s on vacation. Yesterday on the show, a Florida dad was brought up because of the interesting way he punished his son. Allan Gieger Jr. sold his teen's SUV on Craigslist for “smoking weed” and “acting all thug.” He even said he would...
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Video of Father selling son’s SUV on Craigslist over pot use, ad goes viral Video of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Debt Buyers (HBO) Video of Google's AI Gets Artsy, Composes a Song Video of Watch Adorable 4-Year-Old Boy Explain Why He Never Wants to Get Married
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