Emerald City Comicon

The Prodigy's Blog "Emerald City Comicon"

For those of you who don't know, Emerald City Comicon was over the weekend and it was crazy. Thousands of people descended upon the Washington state convention center to do all things geeky and our very own BJ Shea was one of them. ECCC is paradise to people like my dad. It's a social gathering...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog: April 8 2015

Hola, As soon as the show finishes today, I have to run over to the Emerald City ComiCon. I'll be there with Creator's Edge Press peddling a comic book I wrote. Only wrote it. Someone else (Travis Bundy) drew the thing, but yea, I wrote a comic (part one of about 4, maybe) and I'll be at the ECCC...
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