Jacked Upper Back

Try Out This Simple Exercise For Great Posture And Healthy Shoulders

What’s up Rockaholics! I’m stoked to be using this platform to spread the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years as a certified personal trainer, so that you can have an easy-to-understand guide on simple bodyweight exercises to practice from the comfort of your own home. I’ve been noticing...
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Glute Bridges

What’s up and welcome back to Down with the Fitness! I hope you’ve been working on your squats , planks , and push-ups since my last post (which wasn’t even about exercise cuz I had to give the new Van Eps album a full blog post ). If you've been practicing daily, great... You've probably come a...
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Welcome to Down With The Fitness!

Greetings Rockaholics! Welcome to my new blog, Down with the Fitness, dedicated to those of you interested in taking control of your health and fitness! If there’s one thing I love as much as rock n roll debauchery, it’s hitting the gym with some Pantera blasting through the ear buds to get me...
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