Giants in the Trees

See Giants In The Trees

Krist Novoselic is hitting the Sunset Tavern with his band Giants In The Trees this Friday or Saturday night, and we've got your hook up for tickets to the show. Just fill out the form below (21+ only, please) and you'll be in the running to win your way in! /**/ If you're not one of our lucky...
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New Blood: Giants in the Trees

Straight out of the deep, dark woods of South Western Washington. Krist Novoselic, JIllian Raye, Eric Friend and Ray Prestegard make up "Giants in the Trees." Maybe you caught Krist on the Mens Room last week? If not you can hear the interview here . Check out the new song 'Sasquatch' from Giants...
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Rock Blog: Check Out Krist Novoselic's New Band

Krist Novoselic has a brand new band called Giants in the Trees , and they've just released a video for their debut song 'Sasquatch'. Video of Giants in the Trees - Sasquatch (Official Video) The former Nirvana bassist drew inspiration for this project through his environmental work with several...
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